Hishikawa Rikka (菱川 六花 Hishikawa Rikka?) (or Rachel in the English Dub Glitter Force Doki Doki) is one of the five main Cures in the series Doki Doki! Pretty Cure. She is one of Mana's childhood friends and the secretary of Oogai First Middle School's student council. Her alter ego is Cure Diamond (キュアダイヤモンド Kyua Daiyamondo?), or Glitter Diamond in the Glitter Force Doki Doki dub.



Rikka has dark blue eyes and chest-length, dark blue hair with some of it worn in braids that go around the back and held by a ribbon. She wears a white long sleeved blouse worn beneath a light blue pleated dress with a buttoned band beneath the chest. At the neck is a blue ribbon. She also wears black socks with brown boots. For summer she wears a white and blue dress with a sailor collar and a light blue layer under it along with dark blue shoes and white socks. She sometimes wears red glasses.

As Cure Diamond, her eyes turn bright blue and her turns light indigo, styled in a high curled ponytail with two long curls sticking out the sides. On her head is a blue hairpiece with white frills on top. Her dress is white and light blue, with a puffy right sleeve and a feather-like left sleeve. The skirt is also feathery and fans out with shorter layers under it. On the left is a blue heart brooch with a diamond-shaped ribbon at the bottom. On the right side of the chest is a short blue ribbon attached to a white and blue sash worn diagonally, with her Lovely Commune on the left. Her boots are short and white with light blue flaps. Her accessories include a gold choker with matching bracelets and diamond-shaped earrings. 


Rikka is an intelligent girl who is often quiet, but she is blunt and not afraid to speak her mind. She loves to study and is one of the top ten scoring students in the national trial exams. As noted by Mana in episode 9, Rikka is at the top of the class and constantly placed as the first place in her school, however, her scores started to drop as she was in second place because of starting to play competitive karuta, as it was seen in episode 14.

Rikka is childhood friends with Mana since they live near each other. Ever since they were children, Rikka has been taking on the responsibility of looking after the troublemaker Mana, sometimes being taken advantage of. Despite that, she also was always protected by Mana which makes Rikka trust her. She strives to lead a quiet school life but is often dragged into various things by Mana.


Aida Mana: Mana is one of Rikka's very close childhood friends and current schoolmate. Rikka is her secretary as well. They always protect each other. Every time Mana exaggerates helping others, she always tries to stop her which she never succeeded in doing.

Yotsuba Alice: Alice is another one of Rikka's childhood friends, as they met in elementary school.

Kenzaki Makoto: Makoto is one of her Pretty Cure teammates. Rikka used to be jealous of Makoto spending time with Mana, but Makoto comforts her, telling not to worry, making her feel much better. They are shown to be good friends.

Raquel: Raquel is Rikka's transformation partner who helps her transform into Cure Diamond.

Hishikawa Ryoko: Rikka's mother, who appears as a doctor who is always late.

Hishikawa Yuuzou: Rikka's father, who appears as a professional photographer, and often travels a lot.

Aguri Madoka: She and other Cures met her during the battle with Regina. 

Ira: They are rivals. She took him in and looked after him in episode 26 and went against Cure Ace to protect him.


Hishikawa (菱川?)Hishi (菱) means "a diamond shape", while kawa (川) means "river".

Rikka (六花?): The kanji Rikka (六花) means "snow". Individually, Ri (六) means "six" while ka (花) means "flower".

Her dub name Rachel comes from the Hebrew and means "ewe" or "one with purity".[1]



How She Discovered Her Dream

Rikka and her parents went on a trip to a landscape full of flowers. When Rikka's father took photos, he asked Rikka what she wanted to be in the future, to which she responded with wanting to become a doctor to help sick people just like her mother. Her dad suggested she become a travelling photographer, but she remained stubborn. Rikka's mother was happy to hear her daughter's dream, while Yuuzou told Rikka she had a lot to learn, but Rikka didn't care.

Meeting Mana

When Rikka's parents were talking to Mana's parents at Pig Tail, Mana ran straight to Rikka. They introduced each other and shook hands. Since then, they have been friends with each other for roughly 12 years, where they have looked out for each other. DDPC03

Finding out that Mana is Cure Heart

Upon returning from her first battle, Mana is greeted by her worried classmates and teacher. On the way home, Rikka suspects Mana is hiding something and tries to get her to spill the beans. But when Mana tells her she became a Pretty Cure, Rikka doesn't believe her. The next day at school, another Jikochuu appears and freezes anyone it came across. With no other choice, Mana transforms into Cure Heart, to which Rikka realizes Mana was telling the truth the whole time. During the battle, Mana is hit by the red beam and turns to stone, so Rikka steps in to try and help. In that moment, she notices a button on the back of the Jikochuu. As she reaches out to press said button, the Jikochuu notices her but as she turns to stone, her finger presses the button, freezing it. This allowed Heart to turn back to normal and cleanse the Jikochuu. On the way home, Rikka forces Mana to carry her school bag but forgives her for everything.DDPC02

Becoming Cure Diamond

After investigating Mana's Lovead, Rikka and Mana head to Pig Tail for dinner. As they part ways, Mana asks Rikka to join her as a Cure, with Raquel thinking she'd be perfect as Mana's partner but she declines the offer. The next day, Mana and Rikka find Joe. Rikka tries to question him, but he forcibly gives Rikka a Lovead and leaves. The two fairies then realize a Jikochuu had appeared, so the girls rush over to its location. Mana transforms but as she struggles to fight the Jikochuu, Rikka remembers when she first met Mana. Her Lovead shines, and with Raquel as a Lovely Commune, Rikka manages to transform into Cure Diamond. She quickly cleanses the Jikochuu with Twinkle Diamond, and accepts her duty as a Cure. DDPC03

Discovering Her "True Feelings"

When her class discussed their dream job, Rikka started questioning her reasonings for wanting to become a doctor. At the Anmitsu shop, she tells her friends about her doubts when Aguri walks up to them and tells Rikka she doesn't know her "true feelings". Confused, Rikka tries asking Aguri what she means, but is told to figure it out herself. That evening, she finds out her parents won't be able to come home for the weekend, so she decides to go on a "date" to the beach with Raquel. There, they come across an unconscious Ira. As he wakes up, she learns he has amnesia. She then takes it upon herself to look after him, even taking him to her house to cook him a meal.

Later, she meets her friends at a nearby river, where she tells them about Ira. However, Aguri doesn't approve and transform to fight Ira. As Rikka moves to protects him, Gula appears while Ace quickly disappears. The girls transform to fight Gula but are quickly wounded. Meanwhile, Ira regains his memories but still protects the Cures from Gula's attack. Thrilled, Diamond awakens her powers once realizes she had to believe in herself and not regret anything she does. So she and Ace team up to fight Gula, with Diamond giving Gula a brain freeze with Diamond Shower. DDPC26

Cure Diamond

Love Link Diamond's finishing pose
"The light of Wisdom! Cure Diamond!!"
Eichi no Hikari! Kyua Daiyamondo!!

Cure Diamond (キュアダイヤモンド Kyua Daiyamondo?) is Rikka's Pretty Cure alter ego. She represents wisdom and controls the power of ice.


Raquel cries out his name before Rikka first places her transformation Cure Lovead onto Raquel's silver heart medallion object and shouts "Pretty Cure Love Link!". She then spells "L-O-V-E" on her Lovely Commune and the transformation begins. She is seen floating around with her body, except for her head, glowing with blue light.  First, her hair glows blue and grows into a long ponytail. Her hair then turns to a lighter blue and her hair accessories and diamond shaped earrings start to appear. Her dress then appears and her Lovely Commune attaches itself to it. Next is her heart brooch, bracelets, and boots. Finally, her dress ribbon appears on her pelvis and Cure Diamond poses saying her introduction speech.


Twinkle Diamond - is Cure Diamond's main attack, with the incantation "Sparkle! Twinkle Diamond!" (煌めきなさい!トゥインクルダイヤモンド! "Kirameki nasai! Tuinkuru Daiyamondo!"?). In Glitter Force Doki Doki, the incantation is instead "Shine on! Twinkle Diamond!" Cure Diamond activates her attack with the Lovely Commune. It then blinks twice and she points her finger towards the foe, releasing a flurry of blue diamond-shaped energy beams. With this attack, she can also freeze enemies.

Diamond Shower - is Cure Diamond secondary individual attack that appears in episode 11, firstly, she summons the Love Heart Arrow and sets the Diamond Arrow Lovead within the middle of the heart, then it shines, she takes the arrow and she taps her arrow a couple of times releasing, a big wave a diamonds.

Diamond Swirkle - is Cure Diamond's third individual attack performed with Magical Lovely Pad.

Diamond Blizzard - is Cure Diamond's fourth individual attack. It looks like an upgraded version of Diamond Shower and Raquel says the incantation with her. After she uses this attack, she is encased in a diamond-shaped block of ice.


Like her team mates, she can use power ups when she becomes serious in the battles. When this happens, a blue light surrounds her body.


Rikka's voice actor, Kotobuki Minako, has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include duets with Nabatame Hitomi, who voices Aida Mana, Fuchigami Mai, who voices Yotsuba Alice, Miyamoto Kanako, who voices Kenzaki Makoto, and Kugimiya Rie, who voices Madoka Aguri.


  • Summer's Meteor Shower (Along with Nabatame Hitomi)
  • Treasure (Along with Nabatame Hitomi and Fuchigami Mai)
  • Beyond The Sky (Along with Nabatame Hitomi, Fuchigami Mai, Miyamoto Kanako, Kugimiya Rie, Yoshida Hitomi, and Kurosawa Tomoyo)



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