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Hitomi (ひとみ Hitomi?), sometimes referred to as Hito-Chan, is a supporting character in Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!. She is the president of the Pikarigaoka Middle School Chorus Club.



Hitomi has rounded burgundy eyes and short matching colored hair that is about neck-length and flares out. Her bangs consist of one thick lock of hair surrounded by smaller pieces on each side.

Normally she wears the school uniform.


Hitomi is shown to be serious about her work as the Chorus Club President, scolding the members when they aren't serious about a competition, but she becomes upset when they think she makes the club less fun because of how strict she is. She says that Honey's song is scary for how distracting it is, but learns to like it when she has fun singing it with the rest of the Chorus Club, allowing her to make up with them.


Hime Shirayuki - Hime befriends her as they both thought that Cure Honey's song was scary and distracting. When she gets into a fight with the Chorus Club, Hime tries to encourage her to make up with them.



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