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For the Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart character, see Kujou Hikaru / The boy in the mansion.

Hoshina Hikaru (星奈ひかる?) is one of the five main Cures in Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure, and she is also the group leader. She is a second-year student at Mihoshi Middle School.

Hikaru's alter ego is Cure Star (キュアスター?) and she is known as the Pretty Cure of Stars. Her catchphrase is "Twincool~☆" (「キラやば~っ☆」 "Kirayaba~☆"?), which was inherited from her father.



As a civilian, Hikaru has hot pink eyes and short-medium length slightly curled hair worn in twin-tails with a single yellow sphere at the bottom. She has a large curled lock hanging down the middle. She wears a blue headband with two spheres and a star on the side.

Casually, she wears a pale pink off-shoulder blouse with a white collar. Over this is a pair of denim short-style overalls with a hot pink belt and matching colored socks, along with white and baby pink sneakers with pale pink accent. She wears her Star Color Pendant around her neck.

In the winter, she wears an oversized hot pink hoodie with a light pink hood and star motif. She sometimes also wears a light blue scarf with matching mittens.

As a child, her hair was shorter and her twin-tails lacked the spheres. Her headband also only had one single star. At one point of her childhood, she was only seen wearing star hairclips or tied her hair into buns.

As an adult, she has cut her hair into a short bob with a streak dyed white, possibly in honor of Lala. She usually wears an overall blue astronaut uniform. For casual wear, she wears a long white overcoat, pink sweater-blouse, grey trousers and black buckle belt, with magenta shaded sunglasses, gold star earrings and a twin star necklace.

As Cure Star, her hair and eyes brighten. Her hair grows to her thighs with a large sphere at the bottom of each tail held with pale pink rings and golden stars. She wears a frilly pink headband with two more golden stars and a light blue Saturn-shaped ornament on the left. Her dress has a light pink and fuchsia bodice with two stars in the front and wing-like straps in the top and below the shoulder. On top is her Star Color Pendant. At the bottom are large fuchsia sakura petals around her waist. The left has a light pink pouch for her Star Color Pens and on the back is a pale yellow ribbon. Her skirt is light pink and magenta with a frilly white layer underneath. She also wears fuchsia and light pink shoes with a star on top of each foot. On her right leg is a fuchsia stocking that almost covers her leg with a wide yellow star. Her accessories include fluffy white bracelets with matching anklets, gold dangling hoop earrings, and a fuchsia choker with a star in the middle.

In her Twinkle Style, her hair lightens and is decorated with stars. The top star hair pieces now have a white layer, and her headband is replaced by a Twinkle Tiara while her choker turns white. Her dress is slightly lighter now with a white section in the middle of the bodice with small wings appearing on each side of the pendant. The frills below the shoulder are now puffy sleeves. The skirt now has a white layer under it with stars decorating it with a longer bright fuchsia layer over that and a yellow star-shaped layer over that. The anklets on her shoes are now slanted while her bracelets have a small frill at the top.

As Taurus Cure Star, her hair is in thick braids with a magenta ombre toward the bottom decorated with light yellow bull horns. Her top is white with golden ruffles around the top part of her arm. Her sakura petals remain, but her skirt is now white with magenta cow-like spots and splits in the right. Underneath that is a longer white skirt that reaches near her feet in the back with a fuchsia insert inside. The bow in her back turns pale pink. Her shoes and stocking are now mostly white and her earrings are now blue butterflies.

As Pisces Cure Star, her hairstyle is similar to her normal form, but is mostly light pink with a fuchsia ombre on top and decorated with stars and a seashell. Her star accessories on top also turn blue. The bodice is mostly fuchsia and light pink with the bottom layer of her sleeves turning dark magenta along with yellow straps. The sakura petals and top layer of her skirt are light pink with light blue lining on the skirt and a dark fuchsia layer under it. She also now has a fuchsia and light blue mermaid tail decorated with a yellow and blue star.


Hikaru is an imaginative and curious second-year student who loves constellations and space. She can be rather stubborn too, in which she will investigate anything that interests her thoroughly and acts on intuition. She is also ecstatic and has a tendency to drag people into certain activities she finds intriguing, unaware that her enthusiasm can be disrespectful to others. She is also supportive and caring towards others. She does, however, have moments where she can become deeply upset. According to Sorami Ryoutarou, Hikaru used to be selfish because she would go along with things as long as she believed it was fun, but now she considers her friends much more than before.


  • Hagoromo Lala - Hikaru instantly becomes excited over meeting Lala when she first crashes onto Earth and is eager to befriend her. They gradually become close friends even though they once argued with each other in terms of personalities differences in episode 3.
  • Fuwa - Hikaru quickly befriends Fuwa upon meeting her, and even bonds with Fuwa by renaming her and teaching her some words. When Fuwa dies and later gets amnesia, she is heartbroken. She is deeply moved to tears when she is reunited with Fuwa fifteen years later.
  • Amamiya Elena - Hikaru strongly admires Elena for being popular at school because of her having a talent at sports and being responsible, optimistic and caring personality. She tends to respectfully refer Elena with the honorific "san".
  • Kaguya Madoka - Hikaru originally idolizes Madoka who excels in academics and multiple talents, and usually refers Madoka with "san". She, in turn, has an important role for helping Madoka to start stepping out from the pressure of being perfect.
  • Yuni - Hikaru first encounters Yuni who was disguised as Blue Cat, the infamous phantom thief. Although Blue Cat showed unfriendliness towards her, Hikaru had no intention of giving up and continued to reach out to Blue Cat. She soon earns friendship from Yuni, who gradually returns the favor as they begin spending more time together.
  • Sorami Ryoutarou - Hikaru has known Ryoutarou since her childhood and they share their love for astronomy.


Hoshina (星奈?) - Hoshi (?) means "star", while Na (?) has no meaning when it is by itself.

Hikaru (ひかる?) - There are two different kanji variations that elude to Hikaru's theme as a Pretty Cure, 光 and 輝. Both readings mean "light" / "brightness" [1] which match up with Cure Star's light like theme.

Cure Star is a noun that can mean to "a natural luminous body visible in the sky especially at night" [2]



As a child, Hikaru had been deeply fascinated with astrology and used to learn astrology via her father, as well as visiting Ryoutarou's observatory. She also loved watching her mother draw.

Later, when her father wanted to travel around the world to discover UMA, Hikaru fully supported him, which motivated him to do so.

Meeting Fuwa

One night, Hikaru is in her room looking at the stars and drawing them in her notebook. Suddenly, she sees a shooting star and gets a vision of a mouse-like alien. Inspired, Hikaru connects the stars she drew with lines, creating her own constellation depicting the creature. The notebook then floats into the air and glows, and the creature comes out into the real world. She's an energetic animal with the ability to fly, and she only says, "Fuwa~!". Hikaru is shocked at first, but she quickly becomes ecstatic to see a real alien. The mouse then summons a star-shaped portal in Hikaru's room, sucking them both into space. Hikaru is amazed. Plus, she's magically able to breathe since the mouse is in her arms. As Hikaru is floating along, she sees a heart-shaped planet coated in darkness. However, before Hikaru can find out what exactly the planet is, she wakes up the next morning. At first, Hikaru thinks that the encounter with the mouse was a dream. Then, she sees the creature floating around in her room. The mouse flies out of Hikaru's window, and Hikaru immediately goes to chase after her.

However, Hikaru is stopped by her stern grandfather, Harukichi, who wants to know why Hikaru isn't politely greeting him and is instead running off who knows where. To his dismay, Hikaru's mother and grandmother, Terumi and Youko respectively, are perfectly fine with Hikaru wanting to go outside, as they understand the energy that comes from having a wonderful dream. Youko even packs a lunchbox for Hikaru.

Hikaru sets off on her bike and stops by a planetarium owned by an elderly friend of hers, Sorami Ryoutarou. He was the one who gave her the notebook she was drawing in last night. She asks if the notebook is magic, and he says that it's just an ordinary notebook she got so she could draw out her huge imagination. Hikaru then leaves to continue pursuing her mouse friend and bids farewell to Ryoutarou.

Before long, Hikaru runs out of energy due to not eating breakfast and she has to take a break. She pulls a donut out of her lunchbox. The mouse then flies toward her, attracted by the donut. Hikaru teaches the creature some words, such as "Hikaru" and "donut", which the mouse echoes. Hikaru then feeds her the donut. She notes that the mouse is fluffy ("fuwafuwa") and decides to name her Fuwa. Fuwa is delighted by her new name.

Meeting Lala and Prunce

When Fuwa wakes up, she senses that an alien spaceship is being chased by other malevolent ships. To rescue them, Fuwa opens another portal, enabling the spaceship to land on Earth. Out of the spaceship come a humanoid alien suffering from motion sickness and a smaller, tentacled alien who speaks Japanese. At first, the two aliens are horrified to find that they've been discovered by a human, but they calm down a bit when it turns out that Hikaru is amazed by their presence rather than afraid. Hikaru tries to communicate with the aliens, but she finds that the humanoid alien speaks another language. Nonetheless, Hikaru is able to communicate her name to the alien, and she replies with her name, Lala. The other alien introduces himself as Prunce and says that he and Lala have been looking for a mouse-like creature. Hikaru shows him Fuwa and asks if she's the one they're looking for. Prunce is angered to find that Hikaru named her despite her already having a name: Spegasus Pulalan Mofpit Prinsewink. Hikaru says that Fuwa's real name is too long, and Fuwa is happy to be referred to as Fuwa. Prunce gives in.

Transforming into Cure Star

When the ships which chased Lala and Prunce appeared and Kappard came out asking for Fuwa, the two aliens get scared, grab Fuwa and run back to the ship. Hikaru decides to board the ship as well, where the two aliens finally notice her when they are up in space. Fuwa flies over to Hikaru, in which Prunce tells Hikaru to look out the window, to which fascinates Hikaru. However, the Notraiders catch up with the ship. They blow a hole in the ship's window, causing the air to be sucked out into the vacuum of space. When Fuwa is sucked out, Hikaru jumps after her despite a warning from Prunce. Prunce then inflates himself to plug the hole in the window, keeping some of the air from leaving.

Just like in her dream, Hikaru can breathe in space when she holds Fuwa. Kappard tells Hikaru to give Fuwa up because he needs her power. Hikaru protests that Fuwa is not an item and that she will protect her. This determination causes a Star Color Pen and a Star Color Pendant to appear in front of Hikaru. She inserts the pen into the pendant and finds herself transforming in an involuntary song and dance. At the end, Hikaru has transformed into a legendary Pretty Cure warrior, Cure Star.

Star is shocked at first, but she quickly gets her bearings together. As this happens, numerous suited Notraider minions, called Nottorei, charge her. Star finds that she's summon star-shaped platforms to jump from, allowing her to move in the zero-gravity environment of space. Helping matters is that Star doesn't need Fuwa to survive in space now that she's in Pretty Cure form. She is easily able to combat the Nottorei by powering up her punches with smaller versions of the star-shaped platforms. Kappard goes against her using his sword and is a bit tougher to defeat. However, Star is able to perform a powerful attack called Star Punch. Kappard is overwhelmed by this attack, so he teleports away before it defeats him.

Arguing with Lala

When Hikaru's Star Color Pendant began to light up, Prunce deduces that it has to do with finding out where the Star Princesses are, so an excited Hikaru decides to go ahead and begin looking. Lala, however, still wants to wait until the analysis is completed before doing anything, and she chases after her.

After she finds Hikaru, Lala tells her to wait until the data analysis is completed, but the pendant sends off another signal, encouraging Hikaru to continue with the search for the Star Princesses even more. The two get into a fierce argument over their methods, but Hikaru still doesn't listen and goes look again anyway.

As they head into town, Lala is soon annoyed by Hikaru wasting time by going buy some Star Donuts and telling Lala a story she learned from the vendor about a giant firefly, which eventually leads the two to have another spat over the story's relevance. Just then, Elena, a popular student from Hikaru's school, notices them and advises the two to listen to what the other has to say, using the same advice she would give to her siblings whenever they argued.

After Elena leaves, the group continues the search, but Lala accuses Hikaru of just looking for the princesses for fun, and they soon argue again.. Lala tells Hikaru that she doesn't understand the way humans think, and that offends Hikaru to the point where she almost declares that she hates her. Fuwa then tearfully cries out to them to stop their fighting. With that, the two decide to take Elena's advice about listening to each other.

Hikaru explains the noise coming from her pendant, and after visiting the vendor again, she learns about the giant firefly that was found near a lake during the day. Lala then explained that the AI told her that the Star Princesses' power will manifest itself as a pen. Prunce then put their two theories together, suggesting that the pen would shine like a firefly.

Finding her first Princess Star Color Pen

Deciding to use the pendant's radar function, Hikaru holds it like a compass, causing it to rotate and stop on the Taurus symbol. When the two go looking for it, they then discover a glowing pen lying on the ground and are excited. Just as Hikaru is about to pick up the pen, a Nottorei suddenly swipes it up. The girls give chase and are led to a Notraider named Tenjo, who takes the pen from the Nottorei. Hikaru and Lala then transform into Cure Star and Cure Milky respectively to take the pen back.

The two Cures struggled at first because of Tenjo's use of formations for her fleet of Nottorei, thus making it difficult to target her, but after some quick thinking on Milky's part, the two Cures create a formation to get past and defeat the Nottorei, rendering Tenjo defenseless. Milky takes the pen back and gives it to Star. Then pen reveals itself to be the Taurus Princess Star Color Pen and tells Star to use the power of the constellations, and she inserts it into her Star Color Pendant. This allows her to use Taurus Star Punch, which is powerful enough to cause Tenjo to retreat.

After the battle was over, Hikaru follows the other instructions given by the pen, drawing a constellation on the star, which transforms Fuwa into a tiny cow. The group is then teleported to the Star Palace, with Fuwa freeing the first Star Princess, the Taurus Star Princess, and returning her to her throne. She thanks the Cures for rescuing her, but tells them it is important to revive the other 11 princesses and restore their powers soon before the shine of the stars goes completely out.

Back on Earth, Hikaru and Lala apologize to each other and then agree to call each other by their first names only, solidifying their friendship. They all celebrate their victory by eating donuts together.

Losing the Taurus Pen and regaining it

Sometime later, Hikaru travels to Planet Coumarin with Lala, Madoka and Elena, trying to search for the Aries Pen. During their search, Aiwarn, who is accompanied by Bakenyan, Kappard and Tenjo, appears to interrupt them. Because the Notraiders are powered up by Darknest, Hikaru and her friends struggle to retaliate even when transformed. Not only is she unable to stop Aiwarn from corrupting the Aries Pen, but the Taurus Pen is taken off her by Kappard. She and her friends have no other choice but to return to Earth after their defeat, leaving her distraught by what just happened.

After everyone lands back on Earth soon after, the group plan their escape when Prunce suggests they are more than likely seen. Hikaru does not move at first because of all the guilt she feels after the previous battle, but Madoka pulls her away in time. They all soon take cover in Ryoutarou's observatory, where Madoka's father Fuyuki arrives to question him about any mysterious activity, but Ryoutarou surprisingly tells him he had not seen anything. A still distraught Hikaru then heads to the planetarium alone, but Ryoutarou soon follows her. She then explains to him everything that had happened, with Ryoutarou then suggesting that Hikaru is perhaps lead into space to observe the Southern Cross constellation, as according to him, it inspires imagination, like Hikaru does. Just then, a giant Nottoriga with the combined powers of Kappard, Tenjo, and Aiwarn appears and starts to attack, so the Cures transform to fight it. The monster easily defeats the Cures, resisting even their upgraded attacks. Star also gets badly beaten and is sent to a mysterious space-like field. There, the three Notraiders attempt to dishearten her by telling her she has no imagination after all, and it appears to have worked until her three teammates snap her out of depression by declaring how Star's imagination has helped them all for the better. This renews her confidence, as she rejoins her teammates to defending against the Nottoriga. Star declares that she will not allow them to threaten any part of the universe, which in turn grants the Cures a new power: a weapon called the Twinkle Stick, and a new attack, Southern Cross Shot, which purifies the Nottoriga. Soon after, Star recovers the Taurus Princess Star Color Pen, but before she can get the Aries Pen, Bakenyan prevents her from doing so.

Encounters with Yuni

In episode 15, Hikaru and the others travel to the planet Zeni where a new Princess Star Color Pen was located. On the way there, they all overhear the singing of Mao. Hikaru asks who she is and Lala explained to her that Mao is an extremely popular space idol. They all soon learn that the pen is being auctioned off, and when they all arrive at the hall, Hikaru and Fuwa attempt to get in but are blocked from the entrance. One of the guards explains that security was tight because Blue Cat, an infamous space thief, was rumored to be running around. Just then, a train pulls up revealing Mao, who is sitting on Doramusu's tail. After some convincing from Mao, the girls are allowed into the hall. The auction begins later that night, and as it went on, they all learn a little bit about Planet Rainbow, which was destroyed and had its people turned to stone, resulting in its treasures being stole and sold across the universe. When it came time to auction off the Princess Star Color Pen, Hikaru attempts to get it by offering 500 yen, but is quickly outbid by others. They eventually get it when the group, led by Madoka, is able to convince the bidders that Star Donuts were a valuable dessert. However, the pen ends up getting stolen by Blue Cat before they even have a chance to retrieve it. They then all head to the rooftop and encounter Mao, who reveals that she stole the pen, subsequently revealing her identity as Blue Cat. She later admits that she invited them all because she has known their identities as Pretty Cures, which shocks the team. They eventually get the pen back after Blue Cat gives it to Selene to help defeat the Nottoriga, and she lets them keep it before leaving. As they all head back home, Hikaru wonders how Blue Cat knew they were Cures.

Hikaru once again meets Blue Cat in episode 17, inside Doramusu’s mansion. She notices that Blue Cat has a strong interest in Planet Rainbow's treasures.

Later in episode 19, she and the rest of the Cures arrive at the deserted Planet Rainbow and discovers that Bakenyan and Blue Cat are the same person. In the end however, all of her and her teammates' Princess Star Color Pens and Fuwa are stolen by Blue Cat. Therefore in episode 20, she and the rest follow Blue Cat to retrieve Fuwa and the pens. Blue Cat does not make it an easy task, even taking on Cure Star's form believing she could reach the Star Princesses that way. After Star tries to reason with Blue Cat, they all soon find out Blue Cat's real name is Yuni and she is the only survivor of her species. When Aiwarn attacks and all hopes seem lost, Star encourages Yuni and indirectly helps her to obtain the power to become Cure Cosmo and joining the team as a result.

Battle against Garuouga

In episode 31, Hikaru is still being pleaded by Toppa to form an alliance with the Starry Sky Association, when Garuouga, whom Darknest assigned to take their Princess Star Color Pens and Fuwa, descends from a wormhole. Hikaru transforms into Cure Star to battle against him on the moon. But even after becoming Star, she is still too weak and inexperienced compared to Garuouga and is easily defeated. Also, Garuouga is able to retrieve the Pisces Princess Star Color Pen before she had a chance to get it herself.

Just as everything seems lost, her teammates arrive to assist her. However, they too struggle against Garuouga, with even Southern Cross Shot and Rainbow Splash not affecting him at all, but Star soon gathers the determination to defend Fuwa and her friends. Eventually, as the girls are united with one another and Garuouga is too proud of his physical strength, Garuouga's bracelet is damaged, causing him to lose his ability to breathe in space, and Star also is able to take the pen back.

Running for the student council president

In episode 35, Hikaru learns that Madoka has decided to resign from being council president, and is surprised that Madoka and the others recommend her to run for the position, which she soon accepts due to her admiration for Madoka, even if this means having to reluctantly compete against Himenojou Sakurako.

When running for her position, however, she gets obsessed about becoming as flawless as Madoka, and this makes her being out of place, which concerns Madoka. Even her grandmother notices her unnatural behavior and advises her to be her natural self, rather than forcing herself to become a person from an unrealistic expectation.

Later, Hikaru and Lala come across a notepad that Sakurako had dropped, coincidentally finding out that Sakurako has been diligently planning to improve the school. But Sakurako does not appreciate this.

When Sakurako has her imagination snatched away by Kappard, Star vows to rescue her and unlocks a new power which is identified as early fragments of Twinkle Imagination.

After the election resumes, Hikaru actively gives up her position and voluntarily gives a speech to support Sakurako.

Confrontation with Kappard and Unlocking her Twinkle Imagination

In episode 45, although originally delighted to know that her friends have grasped their directions in life, Hikaru begins to feel she is lagging behind. This feeling grows stronger after Lala has been passionately begged by their classmates to visit the rocket.

After excusing herself, Hikaru visits the observatory and honestly admits her uncertainty on herself. Ryoutarou empathizes with her by telling his own story about his friendship with her grandmother and grandfather, and reminds her that she has grown up into a more caring person as well as she will discover her own direction sooner or later.

On her way home, Hikaru comes across Kappard. Upon listening to Kappard who has a dark past of losing his planet heavily impacts her, and her lack of confidence provides Kappard the upper hand, as he has darkened his own heart for a boosted staff and trident and is benefited by the pouring rain. Just as the situation seems bleak for Hikaru, Milky defends her and argues with Kappard on befriending humans. Realizing how she has positively influenced Milky to grow as a person, Hikaru restores her confidence and courage to not only retransform into Star, but also ultimately unlocks her Twinkle Imagination during the process.

After the rain stops, Star reaches out to Kappard with acceptance. Nonetheless, before Kappard has a change of heart, he gets sucked into a wormhole and Star is left alone in confusion.

Discovery of Darknest's identity, Losing Fuwa and the Final Battle

In episode 46, Hikaru and the others arrives at the Star Palace to meet up with the Princesses. But before the ritual can be performed, Darknest emerges with the power-boosted Notraiders to attack them. During the intense battle, Hikaru as Cure Star declares her dream of everyone being called as universal people no matter what planet they are from, but it falls on deaf ears when Darknest reveals who has been concealed under the cloak: the long missing Ophiuchus Princess. Star and her friends can only watch Ophiuchus kidnap Fuwa and the twelve other Princesses, as the Twinkle Imagination has been used up to purify the generals.

In episode 47, Cure Star and her team lands on the Notraiders headquarters to rescue Fuwa from Ophiuchus. But even when Fuwa has been saved, the 12 Princesses admit to the Cures that part of their imagination power is stored inside Fuwa. Star can't stop a determined Fuwa from retrieving their transformation powers and later can only watch helplessly as Fuwa destroys Ophiuchus' black hole with every single bit of imagination. De-transformed and heartbroken, Hikaru cries out in tremendous pain as Fuwa disappears as a result.

However, the battle with Ophiuchus continues as Ophiuchus survives and goes on to erase the universe, except the girls who survived thanks to their Star Color Pendants. Hikaru is originally discouraged, but upon being told by her friends that Fuwa is still within their hearts, she regains courage to fight on and transforms into a Cure with the others. When Ophiuchus ridicules the value of imagination, Star stays true to her faith in imagination, and with the rest of the Cures, she is finally able to defeat Ophiuchus once and for all. STPC48


After the final battle with Ophiuchus, Hikaru reunites with Fuwa who is resurrected by the imagination she shares with her friends. But she is upset to know that Fuwa is suffering memory loss. As Fuwa is handed back to Prunce and the Princesses, it is time for Hikaru to part ways with Lala and Yuni. She and Lala have an emotional farewell to which Hikaru touches Lala's antennae for the last time. STPC48

In episode 49, Hikaru is an astronaut and goes into space again. Not long after the rocket launched, she looks out the window and sees Fuwa returning to her. Moved, she responds with tears of joy.

Cure Star

Cure Star

"The twinkling star that shines throughout the universe! Cure Star!"
Sora ni Kagayaku Kirakira Boshi! Kyua Sutā!

Cure Star (キュアスター?) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Hikaru. In order to transform, she needs the Star Color Pendant and her Star Color Pen. During the battles, Star tends to use star platforms to propel herself forward. She can also summon star shields to protect herself against attacks or when she's punching the enemy.


  • Color Charge!: Hikaru's pendant's top pops off, allowing Hikaru to insert her Star Color Pen. She shouts the phrase and draws a star in front of her to start the transformation. Pressing her pen against the pendant, Hikaru begins to sing and dance, drawing a circle around her as she goes to create her cuffs. She once again presses her pen to her pendant to draw a wave pattern which she skips in between to create her shoes. She then starts hopping from star to star, twirling the extra red wave to create her dress. She then proceeds to create her choker, earrings and have her hair grow longer and change its style. One last time, she presses her pen to her pendant to have it fuse with her dress before twirling the pen in the air and having it fly into its pouch. She stops singing and continues to introduce herself before striking a pose.


  • Star Punch (スターパンチ?): Cure Star's first attack, which she uses by punching a star towards her enemy. It requires the Star Color Pendant.
    • Taurus Star Punch (おうし座スターパンチ?): An upgraded version of the attack, which she uses by punching a powered-up pink star towards her enemy. It requires the Star Color Pendant and the Taurus Star Princess Color Pen.
    • Aries Star Punch (おひつじ座スターパンチ?): Another upgraded version of the attack, which she uses by punching a powered-up red star of energy towards her enemy. It requires the Star Color Pendant and the Aries Star Princess Color Pen.
    • Pisces Star Punch (うお座スターパンチ?): Another upgraded version of the attack, which she uses by punching a powered-up light pink star of energy towards her enemy. It requires the Star Color Pendant and the Pisces Star Princess Color Pen.
  • Southern Cross Shot (サザンクロスショット?): An attack Star performs alongside Cure Milky, Cure Soleil and Cure Selene. To perform it, she needs the Twinkle Stick.
  • Star Twinkle Imagination (スタートゥインクルイマジネーション?): An attack Star performs alongside Cure Milky, Cure Soleil, Cure Selene and Cure Cosmo. To perform it, she needs Unicorn Fuwa and her Twinkle Style.


Hikaru's voice actor, Naruse Eimi has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include duets with Kohara Konomi, who voices Hagoromo Lala, Yasuno Kiyono, who voices Amamiya Elena, Komatsu Mikako, who voices Kaguya Madoka, and Uesaka Sumire, who voices Yuni.



  • Hikaru's birthday is on April 12th, making her star sign Aries. Relating to Star☆Twinkle's outer space motif, Hikaru's birthday happens to fall on Cosmonautics Day, the anniversary of the first human space flight by Yuri Gagarin, adopted as the International Day of Human Space Flight by the United Nations General Assembly in 2011.
  • She appears to love eating shaved ice, as seen in episode 24.
  • Episode 25 reveals that she is skilled at scooping goldfish.
  • Hikaru shares her given name with Kujou Hikaru / The boy in the mansion from Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart.
  • Along with Cure Yell and Cure Grace, Hikaru and her team are among the few Pretty Cure guests starring in the dance ending sequence featured at the end of the movie, Super Sentai Movie Party. This marks the first live action appearance of the Pretty Cures in the Super Sentai series. Prior to the dance number, Hikaru talks with Koh a.k.a Ryusoul Red and Atsuta Juru a.k.a Kiramai Red, with the latter referring to her as his "senpai".
  • According to Kamikita Futago, Hikaru grows up to be 175 cm during the 15 years time skip.[3]
  • The translation of Hikaru’s catchphrase as Twincool—a portmanteau of twinkle and cool—began in unofficial English fanmade subtitles before being officially getting recognized in merchandise.
  • Revealed in the Animage January 2020 issue, Hikaru's name was almost "Akari" as a staff member in Toei suggested that "Hikaru" was too strong of a name for her.


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