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Hoshina Youichi
星奈陽一 Hoshina Yōichi
Hoshina Youichi Profile
SeasonStar☆Twinkle Pretty Cure
Eye ColorDark Red
Hair ColorDark Brown
RelativesHoshina Terumi (wife)
Hoshina Hikaru (daughter)
Hoshina Harukichi (father)
Hoshina Youko (mother)
First AppearanceSTPC22
Japanese Voice ActorOotsuka Akio

Hoshina Youichi (星奈陽一?) is the father of Hoshina Hikaru, husband of Hoshina Terumi and son of Hoshina Harukichi and Hoshina Youko. He has been studying UMA abroad, which is known as the Unidentified Mysterious Animals. His job is to travel around the world and can only meet his family once a year.


Youichi has dark brown hair, dark brown beard and his eye color is dark red. As a tourist, he wears a sky blue shirt with large white "UMA" text on the front, and beige army trousers. He has a pair of sunglasses and wears a backpack. He also wears a black belt and olive colored boots.


A biologist who is studying unidentified mysterious animals and aliens and also a teacher at a university, Youichi is always enthusiastic about intergalactic beings, namely aliens. Because he can only meet his family once a year, he loves his family very much. Just like his daughter, Youichi also has the catchphrase "Glitterific~☆" (「キラやば~っ☆」 "Kira Yaba~☆"?), complete with the sparkling eyes when he sees something exciting.


In episode 22, Youichi returned home from work for Japan's Star Festival, Tanabata. His daughter, Hikaru decided to organize a barbecue party to celebrate both his return and Lala's birthday. On this only day, Youichi wanted to spend his time with his family. He also discovered Fuwa and Prunce but promised he'd keep their existence a secret. After the Cures' battle, the relationship between him and his father was strengthened. At night, Youichi and the others enjoyed the barbecue, which included his father and seeing the stars with his wife and daughter. The next day, he left home again to continue working.


  • Hoshina Hikaru - His daughter. When Hikaru was child, he usually took care of her and read science books to her before they went to sleep. It was because of this that Hikaru started to love all things space related. This time also became precious memories between them since he had to work abroad. He still sends letters to his daughter.
  • Hoshina Terumi - His wife. As he returns home every Tanabata, their relationship is related to Hikoboshi and Orihime's love story.
  • Hoshina Harukichi - His father, who has a contrast opinion to him. Youichi wants to travel around the world while his father wants family who is always together which is why Harukichi did not support his son's choice of  working abroad.
  • Hoshina Youko - His mother.


Hoshina (星奈?) - Hoshi (?) means "star", while Na (?) has no meaning when it is by itself.

Youichi (陽一?) - (?) means sun" or "sunlight, while Ichi (?) means one.[1]



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