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Hoshino Kenta
星野健太 Hoshino Kenta
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart (Cameo)

Eye ColorBrown
RelativesHoshino Kengo (father), Hoshino Shizue (mother)
Japanese Voice ActorTakeuchi Junko

Hoshino Kenta (星野健太 Hoshino Kenta?) is the long time friend of Hyuuga Saki to the point of having a crush on her. He tries to do his best to cheer others up and draw attention to himself by trying to make others laugh. Only some of the time does this succeed, but most of the time, it usually fails.

His parents work at a Fish Market-like store and are co-owners. He strives to become a comedian like his father.


Most likely the class clown variant, as stated above Kenta loves to make other people laugh. He is a bottomless source of joy and happiness, and likes to see others smile. He does not mind goofing off and often does this.

He has a crush on Saki and gets very jealous when he finds out she has a crush on Mai's older brother, Kazuya. When he accidentally spilled tea on a book Saki borrowed from Kazuya, she became very angry, but eventually did get over it.


Kenta is a young male with tanned skin and somewhat-messy black/dark colored hair and eyes with thick black eyebrows. Outside of school, Kenta is normally seen in his work attire consisting of a long sleeved red shirt with a white T-shirt over it, under a blue apron. As well as blue jeans and black and white sneakers. On his head, he is typically depicted with a white rolled headband that most fish sellers wear.


  • Kenta has the same voice actor as Natsuki Rin.
  • Kenta is one of the few minor characters who speaks in his respective movie and the Pretty Cure All Stars movies. This might be due to him having the same voice actress as a Cure featured in those films.
  • Though he makes his first major speaking appearance in Splash Star, he makes a cameo during an episode of Max Heart, making him the first character from another season to appear in an alternate timeline before the events of their main season.


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