Hoshizora Ikuyo
星空育代 Hoshizora Ikuyo
SeasonSmile Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorDark Pink
Hair ColorDark Pink
Home PlaceNanairogaoka
RelativesHoshizora Miyuki (daughter)
Hoshizora Hiroshi (husband)
Hoshizora Tae (mother-in-law)
First AppearanceSmPC15
Japanese Voice ActorKouda Mariko
English Voice ActorRobinson

Hoshizora Ikuyo (星空育代 Hoshizora Ikuyo?) is Miyuki's mother and a minor character in Smile Pretty Cure!. She made her first appearance in episode 15.



Ikuyo resembles Miyuki and has a youthful appearance. She has extremely dark pink hair worn in a curled ponytail held with a pale pink ribbon and matching eyes. She wears a white blouse with denim-blue Capri and a navy skirt apron with pockets on the back. Her shoes are gold with a small heel.


Ikuyo is shown to have a gentle personality, often speaking in a gentle and soft voice. She loves Miyuki very much and was extremely happy when Miyuki offered to help out with household chores, even when she made a mess of things. SmPC15


Ikuyo appears in Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 3: Eien no Tomodachi in Saki's dream, only to become a background cameo.


Ikuyo's name translates to "grown generation" in the Japanese language. Her name also means the phrase "let's go".


  • She is the first mother that resembles her daughter very much. The second one was Aino Kaori, the mother of Aino Megumi.
    • While most mothers of the main characters have a middle-aged appearance, she is one of a few mothers who has a notable youthful appearance.
  • Ikuyo shares her voice actress with Queen Mirage, the main villain of Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! series.


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