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For the Fresh Pretty Cure! character, see Chinen Miyuki.
For the Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure character, see Suzumura Miyuki.

Hoshizora Miyuki (星空 みゆき?) ( or Emily in the English dub, Glitter Force) is one of the five main Cures in Smile Pretty Cure! and she's the group leader. She attends Nanairogaoka Middle School in Nanairogaoka Class 2-2 along with the other Cures.

Miyuki's alter ego is Cure Happy (キュアハッピー?), or (Glitter Lucky in the Glitter Force dub) She controls the power of Holy Light. She uses her catchphrases "Ultra-Happy!!" (ウルトラハッピー ! !?) and "Happuppu" (はっぷっぷー?). In Glitter Force, her catchphrase, which she says less often, is "Another happy ending!".



Miyuki has light skin with magenta hair in cone-shaped buns tied by yellow bows. Her bangs and forelocks frame the face, and she has a curled cowlick. She has magenta eyes. She wears a pale pink long-sleeved shirt beneath a pale yellow and fuchsia vest, a layered pale pink and magenta mini skirt, white tights with pink stripes, as well as pink sneakers with white accents. For summer, she wears a ruffled short-sleeved pink shirt with a magenta ribbon on the chest, pale blue denim capri's and fuchsia sandals with ankle straps.

When Miyuki and Candy switch bodies, Candy's ears change to Miyuki's buns while her eyes become more similar to Miyuki's, while Miyuki's hair turns into spherical buns and her cheeks become blushed.

As Cure Happy, her eyes become lighter with hair reaching knee tied in low pigtails with a large curled strand of hair on each side of the head. She gains a white tiara with a dark pink gem and chibi wings to match her earrings. She wears a dark pink choker. Her short, light pink dress has dark pink detail and pearl pink ruffled trim. The sleeves have a feathered white layer with two, dark pink spheres on top, and on the chest is a magenta bow with a gold medallion in the middle. A pair of short tails hang from the back of the skirt. She also gets white and light pink boots, fuchsia shorts, as well as white and magenta wrist pieces.

In Tiara mode, her tiara becomes a gold crown and she gains gold ribbon earrings, both adorned by a heart.

As Princess Happy, her hair is tightly curled with her forelocks and cowlicks lengthening. She gains the tiara and earrings from Tiara Mode, along with gold wings and a halo. Over her outfit is a ruffled white dress with a ribbon on the back, and a pale pink and white striped ribbon on the chest, where her brooch resides.

As Ultra Cure Happy, her hair grows longer and is thicker, with her cowlicks resembling small pigtails. Her gold crown gains two pink diamond gems and gold wings, and she gets a large droplet gem earring. Her cure dress turns pale pink with light pink detail and shorts, and over her outfit is white feathery fabric covering the chest and hanging down the back like a cape. Small pink wings are attached beneath the brooch. Her choker turns white with a small pink gem, and her wrist piece becomes feathered with a pink ring and diamond on the wrist. Her boots gain a wing-like cuff, one ending at the knee while the other reaches mid-lower leg. She obtains white wings.


Miyuki is a bright, kind-hearted, and energetic girl who loves fairytales. She is always happy and optimistic, but seem occasionally naive. Miyuki is also really clumsy to the point where she sometimes ends up hurting herself when she gets overly excited, such as hitting her head after falling back. Multiple running gags in the series include Miyuki falling flat on her face after she randomly trips and her always getting hit in the face by random objects such as Candy and Pop's storybook.

During her childhood, Miyuki was quiet and timid girl who was too afraid to interact with others. She would often read storybooks to console herself until Tae, her grandmother, gave her a mirror necklace and tells her to always put a smile on her face in front of it. An encounter with a mysterious girl results in her becoming who she is now. Despite being normally cheerful, she still shows notable signs of nervousness such as her class introduction, being on stage for the fashion concert, and finding the Akanbe frightening in her first battle. However, Miyuki gains confidence in her abilities and develops courage over timee. Her enthusiasm, motivation, and determination often help her to lead the other Cures in battle.

As she loves fairytales, her favorite childhood is reading storybooks. Miyuki loves them because the happy endings to these stories always leave a warm and happy feeling inside her heart, which she summarizes as a feeling of being "ultra happy!", making her cherish happiness and smiles in high regard. She hates seeing others being sad or crying and does her best to cheer them up when they do. Miyuki eventually realizes what her own happiness is and wishes to share that kindness and feeling with others.


Hino Akane - Akane is the first one in school to whom Miyuki attaches herself, showering her with hugs and encouragement whenever Akane feels down. Miyuki admires Akane's skill in sports, and goes to support Akane at her school volleyball team audition. Miyuki values her as a true friend, which helped Akane to gain her Smile Pact and become Pretty Cure.

Kise Yayoi - Miyuki describes Yayoi as a kind and gentle girl, and thinks that such qualities will make her a good Pretty Cure. Yayoi also shows genuine concern for Miyuki whenever she gets hurt. Out of the 5 Cures, Miyuki and Yayoi resemble each other the most in terms of personality. They often share the same opinions and get excited over similar things, for example coming up with a signature team pose and phrase.

Midorikawa Nao - Miyuki admires Nao for her bravery and skill at sports, as well as ability to look after so many siblings when her parents are not around. As such, Miyuki had a strong wish to get Nao to become Pretty Cure, and was overjoyed when she transformed into Cure March, and joined the team.

Aoki Reika - Miyuki respects Reika, and thinks of her as a responsible, clever, and gentle girl. She was thus extremely happy when Reika became a Cure, and proclaimed that she really likes Reika.

Candy - Candy lives with Miyuki and goes everywhere with her. Miyuki takes good care of Candy, often brushing and stylize her ears. Miyuki also respects Candy for always trying her best, even though things may not turn out well all the time. Candy, on the other hand, is closest to Miyuki, but gets a little worried about Cure Happy sometimes because of her clumsy nature.

Hoshizora Ikuyo - Ikuyo is Miyuki's kind mother. She loves her daughter very much and has shown to be concerned about her safety whenever she's injured. Miyuki also loves her mother to the point of being worried the necklace she made may not be a good gift for her on Mother's Day.

Hoshizora Tae - Tae is Miyuki's grandmother who told Miyuki many stories during childhood, and gave her a mirror to teach her how to smile. Miyuki cares for grandmother, even asking her to live with her parents in the city due to being worried about her health.

Nico - Nico is the protagonist of a book Miyuki read when she was young and timid, who inspired her and taught her how important smiles were. Initially hostile at Miyuki, she then loves her after she expressed how much her story meant to her.

Yoshimi - A young girl in kindergarten exclusive to the Smile Pretty Cure! novel. She often goes to the book store to hear about Miyuki read The Greatest Smile picture book. Miyuki sees Yoshimi as a younger version of herself, with her personality being described as similar to Miyuki's as a child: Shy, quiet, and doesn't talk to anyone. Yoshimi found her courage by talking to Miyuki with the two developing a bond over the picture book.


Hoshizora (星空?) means "starry sky", implying Cure Happy's powers of the "holy light".

Miyuki (みゆき?) Miyuki has many meanings and writing ways in kanji, but the one that relates to her Cure form is "happiness" (幸). In episode 19, it was revealed that her parents gave her this name so she will always find happiness no matter what.

Her name means "the starry sky of happiness".

Her English dub name, Emily, is the feminine form of Emil meaning "rival", "laborious", or "eager".[1]


First Day of School and Making Friends

Miyuki is on her way to school when she gets distracted upon realizing how nice the day is. She believes something ultra happy will occur, but runs into Candy, making her the first Cure to encounter the fairy. Miyuki is excited to meet her but Candy quickly leaves after remembering her mission. Miyuki feels depressed as she wonders if she only imagined this event, but recalls the book Candy had in her hands before realizing it couldn't be a dream.

As a new transfer student, she is nervous during her introduction until Akane speaks on her behalf and offers to help her, but her jokes end when both Nao and Reika explain that she is only worsening things. Miyuki is introduced to Reika and Nao formally, followed by Akane, who mentions coming from Osaka. After being seated Miyuki is then told by Yayoi that being around Akane gives her confidence. Akane overhears this and bluntly states that Yayoi is a big crybaby. When Yayoi cries, Miyuki feels delighted to be meeting these girls and is able to introduce herself more properly. Everyone claps for her and she is seated once more. As the class is about to start, she looked out the window to see Candy jumping from building to building, yelling out and alerting Akane for a moment. Miyuki tries to tell her what she saw but Candy is gone.

Becoming Cure Happy

Once school ends, Miyuki decides to pay the Library a visit when a bright light appears behind a book. She tries to reach for the source, causing the code to the magical library to be accidentally activated and sending her through a portal that brings her to this new location. She sees a bookshelf that displays the frantic Candy and Miyuki tries reaching out to her. She activates the code again and reappears in her world to find Candy caught by a trap. Miyuki is startled to find a wolf as the sky begins to change and everyone surrounding her starts to feel weakened. Strangely, this has no effect on Miyuki due to her overwhelming feelings of happiness, and Wolfrun threatens to eat Candy. Miyuki protests handing over the fairy when he makes demands and she states her desire to protect Candy. Wolfrun decides to chase her instead but she is saved by a beam of light that forms the Smile Pact.

Delighted, Candy informs Miyuki that she is the first Pretty Cure and instructs on how to change. Miyuki agrees and she transforms into Cure Happy. She is stunned but very happy due to wearing a cute outfit. But when it comes time to fight she runs away in fear, causing Wolfrun to chase after her until she gets an idea. She hides behind a brick wall and summarizes "The Three Little Pigs" to him, but he laughs and changes the wall into an Akanbe, scaring Cure Happy even more. She tried to run away and accidentally jumps, finding herself suddenly launched way into the sky and freaking out further. The Akanbe jumps into the air to meet her, and panicked, she sends it flying back into the ground.

After she regains her bearings, Candy tells her to use Happy Shower. With relief, Happy attempts this, but nothing happens. She tries several times but nothing happens, causing her to run away again until she forces herself to stop or risk losing happiness. Suddenly the Smile Pact glows and Candy tells her to put more spirit into it. In a hurry Happy tries charging her device up and she is able to use Happy Shower for the first time, sending a large blast of energy at the Akanbe, purifying it and leaving a single Cure Decor in its place. Wolfrun fled as the sky and people return to normal. Miyuki is overflowing with joy as she sees this, and Candy tells her that she must locate the remaining four Cure and finish collecting the Decors to revive the Queen of Märchenland. Miyuki promises to help her.

Gathering the Other Cures and the Cure Decors

In episode 2, Miyuki reaches a candidate for Pretty Cure: Hino Akane, and she gets to know her and help her become Cure Sunny respectively. Together they fight against the Akanbe and collect Cure Decors like other cures.

In episode 3, Miyuki and Akane meets Kise Yayoi; she gets to know them and help them become Cure Peace respectively. Together, they fight against the Akanbe and other villians collect Cure Decors like Cure Happy and Cure Sunny.

In episode 4 and 5, Miyuki, Akane, and Yayoi met Nao Midorikawa and Reika Aoki, and they also have been picked as a candidate and finally in episode 6, all Cures were awakened. The Cures ask Candy and her brother, Pop about what they should be doing. He explains what Pretty Cure's destiny is and gives the girls the Decor Décor and tells them the story of the Bad End Kingdom.

By episode 12, Miyuki gains her Tiara mode and uses Rainbow Healing attack with other Cures. In episode 13 and 14, she and her friends go on a class trip to Kyoto and Osaka. In Kyoto, she finds her limits pushed after receiving a bad fortune. She loses her Smile Pact and blames herself and her curse for her friends' injuries, but the others claim that they are blessed to have found her, and she is able to relocate her Smile Pact to defeat the Akanbe with them. After the fight, Miyuki thanks her friends for getting her luck and happiness back, sees a couple of Maiko, and takes a picture with them, thus uplifting her mood.

Last Decor

In episode 21, Pop appears to pay Miyuki and the girls a visit to reveal that they have one final Decor to locate before they can revive the Royal Queen. When they tell him about the Tanabata festival, Pop brings up a similar holiday they celebrate in Märchenland that involves laying out candles and wished on a shooting star, hoping that Pegasus would grant their wishes. The girls keep this in mind and hang their tanzaku on the bamboo tree when Miyuki decides to use the Star Decor piece as part of the decoration. They head off to enjoy the starry sky when an Akanbe attacked. Pretty Cure easily defeats it, but before they can retrieve the final Decor, Joker swipes it and kidnaps Candy.

Going to the Bad End Kingdom and Pierrot's Revival

The girls are depressed over Candy's kidnapping until Miyuki discovers the Star Decor she used for their Tanabata decoration. They head to Märchenland to go to the Bad End Kingdom to rescue Candy and the Decor Decor.

Upon arrival, the girls are confronted by Joker and a fight breaks out. They transform but he defeats them with ease, absorbing their Bad energy to revive Pierrot. Hopeless and weakened, the Cures are left with no solutions until Miyuki suggests that they separate to determine what the most important thing is to them. Soon the girls read Candy's tanzaku to see that it was about them and this strengthens their resolve. They travel back to the Bad End Kingdom and promise to rescue Candy and everyone's safety.

As the Cures are confronted by the Commanders of the Bad End Kingdom, Happy prepares to fight Joker until Beauty and Pop come to her aid. She runs off to rescue Candy, nearly falling into a pit of lava but avoiding serious injury with the use of Happy Shower. After getting back onto solid ground, she spots the Decor Décor, which turned into a yellow nose Akanbe and violently began to beat her up. All the Cures were almost defeated, but when they remember their promise, they all got up while unleashing a surge of power. Happy then defeats the Yellow nose Akanbe and recovers Candy and the Decor Decor.

As the Cures unite and put the last Decor in its spot, they are shocked to see the Decor Décor remain motionless. Emperor Pierrot reveals himself, but as the girls are overwhelmed by Pierrot's power, the Decor Décor glows and they are contacted by the Queen of Märchenland. She grants them the power of the Princess Candles, allowing them to evolve into their new Princess Forms and use Rainbow Burst to defeat Pierrot.

Going back to Märchenland

The Cures travel back to Märchenland and meet the Royale Queen, only to learn that she has become as still as stone. They rush from the castle to find the soldiers, who are scared of them due to them being humans. In hopes of helping them, Pop turns them into fairies like him and Candy and for a moment Miyuki gets distracted by pointing out that they should add a signature phrase behind their sentences like Candy does. As Pop researches why the Queen hasn't been revived yet, the group is given a formal tour of Märchenland. They saw characters from stories like Red Riding Hood and Ali-Baba and the Forty Thieves. Miyuki is rescued by the Puss in Boots after falling down a nearby hill and plays with the inhabitants, soon arriving at a candy house. As she attempts to repay him for his kindness by reaching for a doughnut he wanted- she suddenly sneezes and the group change back to normal.

The fairies are afraid at first, but Miyuki gives Puss the doughnut he wanted, causing the fairies to realize they are nice and quickly accept them. They hear about the Miracle Jewel from the fairies, said to grant the user any wish. Then, suddenly, Wolfrun appears for the Jewel and absorbs bad energy from the Fairies. Pretty Cures transforms and Wolfrun uses the Super Akanbe, which proves to be too strong for the girls until the fairies' despair causes them to fight against the pain.

Suddenly the Princess Candles reappear again and they transform into Princess Form. They defeat the Akanbe using Rainbow Burst and its nose releases two Cure Decor pieces. After Wolfrun retreats, the girls hear the Queen's voice and head back to the castle to find her speaking to them through telepathy. She explains how the original Cure Decor pieces that were meant to revive her were given to Pegasus so that the girls could attain Princess Form. She also informs them that Pierrot is still alive and they have to gather more Cure Decor pieces to revive her. Everyone is troubled with the thought of more battle, but Miyuki encourages everyone to work harder and revive Royale Queen. They then say goodbye to the fairies and make their leave back for their world with Candy.

Gathering the Cure Decors for the second time

Back on Earth, summer arrives as Miyuki and the girls hang out at the beach running various stalls, and participating in the upcoming summer festival. However, after visiting Hoshizora Tae, Miyuki is influenced by her grandmother's words and they lend her a hand until Wolfrun appears for a fight, putting a Bad End spell on her. Much to everyone's shock, Tae remains unaffected due to her overwhelming belief in happiness. Pretty Cure transforms and they start fighting, struggling until they are able to gain Princess form when a strong gust of wind comes to their aid.

When summer is nearly over, the girls decide to explore the school grounds in hopes of learning more about the recent rumors going around. They also dealt with finishing their summer homework, only to be distracted after Miyuki finds a strange dice and rolls it, sucking her and the others into a new world. There, the Bad End Generals inform them that if they don't win all the games in this world by 6:30, they will be stuck in there forever. Cure Happy is forced to play whack-a-mole against Majorina but struggles due to the moles cheating, until she uses Happy Shower to force them out and allow her to win. However, the girls are too tired and struggle to finish their homework after, becoming depressed after they get punished.

The girls soon realize that they weren't able to do any travel over summer and Miyuki reveals her desire to visit a real castle. They use the Magical Library to help them reach their dream locations, and in their final location, they manage to secure the final two Decors.

The Countdown of the Royal Clock

Back at the Magic Library, after the team puts the last Decors into the Decor Décor, a mysterious clock appears. They ask Candy what it was, but Candy keeps saying it was an "Awesome Object" through all their questions until she gives up, feeling hungry. Miyuki finds a cookie in her pocket and Candy asks her to share it. Miyuki suggests all of them could share, saddening Candy, but Candy cheers up once she realizes it tastes good with all her friends eating with each other.

Suddenly, Pop's flying book appears, and as usual, it crashes into Miyuki's face. Pop explains that the mysterious object is the Royal Clock and that by completing it, Pretty Cure and Candy will gain a new power. After this, Joker gives Wolfrun a Super Akanbe nose coated in black paint, and Wolfrun uses it to create the first Hyper Akanbe, a new Akanbe that he can control and that is immune to all previous attacks. While Pretty Cure struggles against the Akanbe, Joker traps Candy in a crystal ball that generates a fake universe where there are no problems and everything is perfect. However, remembering the lesson about the cookie, Candy realizes that her friends are more important than a world without problems, so she escapes. In the real world, Candy uses the Royal Clock to call upon the power of the Phoenix, destroying the black paint around the Hyper Akanbe's nose and enabling Cure Happy to defeat it with a Happy Shower.

In episode 32, Joker returns and traps Akane, Yayoi, Nao, and Reika in a ball similar to the one he used on Candy, immersing them in their own fake paradise. Miyuki and Candy go in to rescue them. At first, Miyuki is determined to save her friends; however, after taking a bite of a doughnut in the fake world, she becomes brainwashed. Fortunately, Candy brings Miyuki to her senses, but the two can't do the same for the other four. Miyuki transforms into Cure Happy and tries to destroy the fake world, but Joker stops her and creates a Yellow Nose Akanbe. After a long, hard fight against the Akanbe, Happy finally manages to wake up her friends and everyone escapes from the fake realm. Joker retaliates by turning the Yellow Nose Akanbe into a Hyper Akanbe but the Pretty Cure perform their new Royal Rainbow Burst for the first time and defeat the Akanbe.

In episode 39, Miyuki finds a strange picture book of "Cinderella" and gets sucked into it. In the storybook's world, she finds herself as Cinderella. In the real world, Pop explains that this book is the origin of the fairy tale, and if changed, it affects every instance of Cinderella's story. The Bad End Generals find the book and enter it, determined to change its ending to an unhappy one, and the other girls plus Candy follow to stop them. The Bad End Generals, playing Cinderella's stepsisters and stepmother, do as much as they can to stop Cinderella from getting her happy ending. However, their plans are thwarted by Akane and Nao, who are mice; Yayoi, the fairy godmother; Reika, the prince; Candy, a lizard; and Miyuki. Their conflict culminates in a fight with an Akanbe. Since Akane, Yayoi, Nao, and Reika don't have their Smile Pacts, Miyuki transforms and fights alone. The fight ends with Cure Happy going into Princess Form alone and using Cinderella Happy Shower for the first and only time. This attack is so powerful that it sends Happy flying, but after the fight, Reika puts the glass slipper on Miyuki's foot, and the happy ending of "Cinderella" is preserved.

In episode 44, Cure Happy receives her Ultra Decor and uses Happy Shower Shining for the first time.

The Final Battle

In afternoon, Candy suddenly turns into the Miracle Jewel, after which the Bad End Generals come to get it from Pretty Cure. They unleash a Bad End spell and power themselves up into their Hyper Forms. Miyuki and her friends transform and fight relentlessly. However, after learning about how everyone hated them and discriminated against them because they were villains, Happy can't bring herself to fight them. Instead, Happy transforms into a larger and more powerful version of herself. In this form, she embraces the Bad End Generals and reverts them to their original forms: fairies from Märchenland. The team forgives them for their actions and Pop welcomes them home.

Later, Joker infuses five colored cards with Bad Energy, turning them into evil clones of Pretty Cure called Bad End Pretty Cure. He sends each Pretty Cure into an alternate universe with their evil counterpart. Cure Happy and Bad End Happy end up in a world filled with floating rocks. At first, Bad End Happy has the upper hand on her counterpart. However, Cure Happy manages to defeat her clone with Happy Shower Shining and escape into the real world.

After Happy reunites with her teammates, Pierrot revives and creates the Titans of Despair, giant monsters that devastated Märchenland before the Royale Queen defeated him. At that moment, the Miracle Jewel hatches and Royal Candy, a humanoid and more powerful version of Candy, is born. In a strange, alternate realm, Happy and her friends watch as the Royale Queen gives Candy the throne of Märchenland and the true form of the Miracle Jewel. Then, the Royale Queen dies.

In the real world, Pierrot creates several Akanbe-like monsters. Pretty Cure powers through them at first, but they reform as if nothing happened. Happy asks what Pierrot even is, and Pierrot tells her that he is the incarnation of all of humanity's negative emotions. He then pours black paint on Pretty Cure's book, plunging the girls into a literal world of despair. Happy loses sight of her mission and apathetically sinks into the sea of despair. However, Royal Candy calls to her and her friends and is able to snap them out of it. The girls try to swim up to her, but the black ink the sea is made out of pulls them down. Fortunately, Candy grasps Happy's hand and is able to pull her out of the sea. This pulls the other four out of their despair as well.

Just as this happens, Candy faints and reverts to her normal form. Pierrot tries to kill her, but Pretty Cure interferes just in time and transforms into their Ultra Forms for the first time. This allows them to completely defeat Pierrot's monsters. However, Pierrot isn't done yet, as he absorbs the energy of the Titans of Despair and turns himself into a black hole. Pretty Cure uses a new version of Royal Rainbow Burst called Ultra Rainbow Burst, but it does nothing against Pierrot, who strikes back hard enough to knock the girls out of their transformations and destroy their Smile Pacts.

Pop and Candy reveal that the girls can use the Miracle Jewel to transform once again and defeat Pierrot, but that doing so would sever the connection between Märchenland and Earth, separating Pretty Cure from the fairies forever. This greatly upsets Miyuki who refuses to say goodbye to Candy. Miyuki starts to cry, which gets the other four crying, too. However, the girls eventually realize that saving the world is the most important thing, so Pretty Cure uses the Miracle Jewel to get back into their Ultra Forms and Candy transforms into Royal Candy. The six of them use their final attack, Miracle Rainbow Burst. This turns Cure Happy into a gigantic version of herself. In this form, she embraces Pierrot, defeating him for good.


On a restored Earth, the girls celebrate their victory. Their happiness doesn't last for long, however, as Candy and Pop start glowing and floating towards Märchenland. Candy bursts into tears, but Miyuki and her friends happily tell her that they had a lot of fun together and that when Candy leaves, she should do so with a smile. Candy forces herself to smile and says that she'll make a bunch of new friends in Märchenland and love them the same way Pretty Cure has loved her. It's only once Candy and Pop have disappeared that the girls let themselves cry.

Shortly afterwards, Miyuki is still exploring the library and hanging out with her friends. She's also writing a picture book called "The Greatest Smile" about her time as a Pretty Cure. One day, she runs to school in exactly the same manner as she did on her first day in Nanairogaoka and is surprised to find Candy flying towards her. The two tearfully reunite, and Candy says that she was able to find a way back to Earth by wishing upon a star. Their story ends with Miyuki and her friends running up a hill, celebrating the continuation of their friendship.

10 Years Later

The Smile Pretty Cure! novel tells of what happened about 10 years after the end of the show. Following the return of harmony to both Märchenland and Earth, Miyuki is working a part-time job at the Nanairogaoka Station-Front Bookstore, organizing the bookshelves and reading picture books to children. One such book is personally hand-made by Miyuki herself: "The Greatest Smile", a picture book about her time as a Cure. Among the children willing to lend an ear to Miyuki's storytelling, a young kindergarten student named Yoshimi often comes to eagerly listen to her. Over and over the young girl hears the story without getting tired of it. Eventually, Miyuki finishes her storytelling, with the Smile Pretty Cure having walked their separate paths towards a twinkling, shining future. She says the story ends there, in spite of Yoshimi's anticipation to hear more. Miyuki reveals her name-tag; the name is the same as the protagonist of the "The Greatest Smile", a secret Yoshimi promises to keep. Miyuki treasures the book and hopes that Yoshimi will do the same too. However, she has no memory of her times as a Pretty Cure, or why she made the book.

Later, Miyuki endures a meeting with the "vice principal" store manager, whose nickname is based after a manga character of similar qualities. She says Miyuki's work has been sloppy despite having joined several months prior and ends their discussion with a reminder to take pride in her work at the historic bookstore. Feeling disheartened after being scolded again for the umpteenth time, Miyuki goes back to continue her work with the manager's words still ringing in her ear. She reflects on her mistakes, eventually thinking about how "The Greatest Smile" defined her existence and the strength to overcome all kinds of difficulties, even through the pain and the sadness.

Walking home at night along with her parents, Miyuki reminisces on her past. With a dream of becoming an author for children, she became a member of the book committee in middle school and later entered into a vocational college for a novel-writing course. Over time, Miyuki wrote various picture books, with "The Secret of Smile-chan" being selected as an honorable mention for the Tōdō Izumi Fairytale Grand Prize. Friends and family celebrated the occasion, seemingly a dream come true. But the path to being a children's writer was still a long and unreachable dream, and Miyuki's life became swamped with busy work. The only thing she could do for now was to work at the Nanairogaoka Station-Front Bookstore, an easy job where she could occasionally read "The Greatest Smile" to children.

On the next workday, smiling in anticipation for a positive day, Miyuki meets up with the staff members along with the Store Manager, who immediately gives Miyuki an earful for being late yet again. The staff then has a meeting, which Miyuki notices is ominously silent. She is later informed of a tragedy: the Nanairogaoka Station-Front Bookstore will close in less than a month. A sad Miyuki along with her co-workers struggle to put any positive energy into their work. They simply go through the motions. She laments over the changes happening to Nanairogaoka, about how some shops such as an overly popular retro café were recently forced to close down, and how major bookstores and movie theaters, restaurants and even a giant shopping mall were taking their place, gradually building over the old with the new.

Yoshimi comes into the store with Miyuki happily waiting, and she asks for another storytelling of "The Greatest Smile". Upon finishing and wrapping their pleasant conversation, Yoshimi's mother returns. Miyuki lies to Yoshimi by promising that she'll always be waiting at the bookstore to read to her. With a radiant smile, Yoshimi says that she loves the book store as well as Miyuki herself, a confession that briefly leaves Miyuki at a loss for words.

Yoshimi later finds out from her mother that this was a lie and gets mad at Miyuki, so Miyuki heads to her house to apologize. On the way there, she meets a girl who looks strangely familiar. It takes her a while to remember that it's her old friend, Akane, and she wonders how she forgot her so easily. Akane is happy-go-lucky as usual, and her restaurant is doing very well. Her sunny disposition cheers Miyuki up, and she goes to Yoshimi's house in high spirits. Miyuki apologizes to Yoshimi and tells her that she should write the sequel to "The Greatest Smile".

Miyuki then returns home, only to find a mysterious voice calling to her for help. She realizes that it's Candy speaking to her. Unsure of whether or not "The Greatest Smile" actually happened, she tries to help anyway and opens the book portal into the Magical Library.

As she enters the Library, however, it turns out her life of ten years later is only part of a trap set up by Joker to force her and her friends to drown in despair, as she realizes that Joker has managed to kidnap Candy and hold the young fairy queen hostage. There is almost no way for Miyuki to defeat him, even when the other Cures join her side. But just as all hope seems lost, Miyuki and her friends regain their courage and resolve, and finally they all unlock a special form to disintegrate and purify Joker once and for all.

After the intense battle, Miyuki, Candy and their friends leave the library, and Pop is relieved that they are okay. It is also revealed that only one year has passed since the events of Smile. They later attend their own middle school graduation ceremony, and Miyuki vows to continue being friends with and bring smiles to everyone she loves.

Cure Happy

Cure Happy

"Twinkling and shining, the light of the future! Cure Happy!"
Kirakira kagayaku mirai no hikari! Kyua Happī!

Cure Happy (キュアハッピー?) is the alter Pretty Cure ego of Hoshizora Miyuki. Cure Happy has the power of Holy Light, which enables her create bursts of light around herself and enhances her leaping capabilities. She can jump very high to the sky with the ability of flight, but has troubles landing. In Glitter Force, her introduction is "A fabulous shimmer, a glow in your heart! I'm Glitter Lucky!"

Her basic attack is Happy Shower. In the episode 12, she gains the Miracle Jewel Decors to transform her into Tiara Mode and combine her power with the other Smile Cures to use their group attack, Rainbow Healing. In episode 23, Happy gained a Decor to transform into her Princess Form and have the Princess Candle to combine her power with the other Cures to perform their second group attack, Rainbow Burst. Along with the other four Smile! Cures, Cure Happy can summon a huge rainbow shield or barrier in the movie Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage: Mirai no Tomodachi. This is further enhanced by Fu-chan's last bit of power. In episode 32, she performs the third group attack, Royal Rainbow Burst with the four other Princess Cures through the Princess Candles and the Royal Clock. In episode 39, Happy is able to transform to Princess Form on her own and can use the Cinderella Happy Shower. In episode 45 and episode 48, Happy has shown to be able to transform into a gigantic powerful angelic figure.

Princess Happy

Princess Happy

After receiving the Pink Cherry Blossom Princess Decor and Princess Candle, Miyuki can transform into her princess form named "Princess Happy!" She transforms by putting the Pink Cherry Blossom Princess Decor in the Princess Candle and yelling out "Pegasus, Grant Us The Power!" With the other Smile Cures in their Princess Form, they can perform the group attack Rainbow Burst.

Ultra Cure Happy

Ultra Cure Happy's Pose

The Light of Love Full of Smiles! Ultra Cure Happy!
Egao no tsutsumu Ai no Hikari! Urutora Kyua Happī!

Ultra Cure Happy is the ultimate form of Cure Happy achieved using the power of the Miracle Wing Lights. They materialize the Miracle Wing Decor and the Miracle Wing Puff, which she uses to transform. It is movie-exclusive, and she is shown to be mature and calm in this form.

Eternal Cure Happy

As an adult, Miyuki used her circumstance to transform into a Pretty Cure. The form is said to be stronger than her regular form, bestowing a massive power boost to her attacks and even defence. It is exclusive to the Smile Pretty Cure Novel.

Transformation Sequence

Cure Happy

The Smile Pact opens, and Miyuki sets the ribbon Cure Decor piece into the recess. This causes their individual light to light up first, followed by the seven lights inside the Smile Pact in sequence. A background voice asks, "Ready?", and in response, Miyuki shouts out the transformation phrase "Pretty Cure! Smile Charge!". The Smile Pact produces a powder puff, which Miyuki taps on the Smile Pact to collect up magic powder. Miyuki taps her puff once on her hand to produce arm protectors, twice on her legs to produce boots, and thrice on her body to produce her dress. Finally, she pats the powder puff onto her cheeks to give a rosy glow. After transforming, Cure Happy flies down from the sky, landing on her feet. She introduces herself and declares her battle cry, before striking a final pose.

Ultra Cure Happy

Cure Happy flies to the sky and shines brightly. Her dress turns into light and her accessories, arm protectors and shoes vanish as her hair is shown flowing elegantly. The Miracle Wing Puff and Miracle Wing Decor appear as one and she pats the puff onto her cheeks before raising it to make a light come out. First, her left arm protector forms, then her emblem and her clothes. Her right arm protector is formed, followed by the shoes and her skirt. The angel-wing skirt appears, and her accessories come out followed by giant angel wings in her back. She flies and her emblem shines brightly. Finally, she creates a flower field before she strikes her final pose.


  • Happy Shower (ハッピーシャワー?): It is her main attack that requires the Smile Pact and debuts in the first episode. In Glitter Force, the attack is renamed Sparkle Storm.
    • Cinderella Happy Shower (シンデレラハッピーシャワー?): It is a larger version of Happy Shower that she only uses in her Princess Form in episode 39. In Glitter Force, the attack is renamed Cinderella Sparkle Storm.
    • Happy Shower Shining (ハッピーシャワーシャイニング?): It is an upgraded version of Happy Shower that she first used in episode 44. In Glitter Force, the attack is renamed Sparkle Storm Shining.
  • Rainbow Healing (レインボーヒーリング?): It is the first group attack that she first used with Sunny, Peace, March and Beauty in episode 12. To perform it, they need the Tiara Mode and the Jewel Decors. In Glitter Force, the attack is renamed Tiara Mode Torrent.
  • Rainbow Burst (レインボーバースト?): is the second group attack, which appears in episode 23 and requires the use of the Princess Candle while in Princess Mode.
    • Royal Rainbow Burst (ロイヤルレインボーバースト?): It is an upgraded version of Rainbow Burst, which appears in episode 32. This one requires the Princess Candle and the Royal Clock while in Princess Mode.
    • Ultra Rainbow Burst (ウルトラレインボーバースト?): It is another upgrade version of Rainbow Burst, which she only used with her teammates Sunny, Peace, March and Beauty in their Ultra Forms in episode 48. In Glitter Force, the attack is just called Royal Rainbow Burst.
    • Miracle Rainbow Burst (ミラクルレインボーバースト?): It is the final and most powerful group attack, which appears only once in episode 48. The She performed it with Sunny, Peace, March and Beauty in their Ultra Form alongside Royal Candy and the Miracle Jewel.
  • In Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage, she and her teammates perform an unnamed attack where they summon a huge rainbow shield.


Miyuki's voice actor, Fukuen Misato, has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include duets with Tano Asami, who voices Hino Akane, Kanemoto Hisako, who voices Kise Yayoi, Inoue Marina, who voices Midorikawa Nao, Nishimura Chinami, who voices Aoki Reika.




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