Sparkle! The Great Pretty Cure Scouting Plan (輝け!プリキュアスカウト大作戦 Kagayake! Purikyua Sukauto Daisakusen?) is the 4th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 688th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Hana and Saaya believe that Homare would make a great candidate for the third Cure on the team, so they try to talk her into joining. However, during an impromptu basketball game, a dark event in Homare's past is revealed that may prevent her from becoming one.

Major Events

  • Homare is revealed to have been a former figure skater who retired after she messed up a jump and broke her leg, traumatizing her.
  • Homare's Mirai Crystal appears, but because an attempted jump reminds her of the one she tried and failed at while figure skating, she falls to the ground, unable to retrieve it as it fades away.
  • Harry announces that he will be opening a hairstyling and fashion shop called Beauty Harry.


After announcing that he will be opening a fashion store by the name of Beauty Harry, Harry then informs Hana and Saaya that they must scout the rest of their Pretty Cure team, and both girls believe that Kagayaki Homare would be a good fit.

At school, Hana is shocked to learn that Homare is in their class, which seems to further her determination to recruit her as a Pretty Cure. However, outside at lunch some girls tell her and Saaya that Homare doesn't show up to school much and seems to lack care and determination towards her work, as shown earlier when Kagayaki blatantly ignores her coach asking her to turn in her form. They also mention that Homare has a severe figure skating accident which is apparently the cause of her frequent absence at school.

Later while walking home from school, the group runs into to Homare coming out of a vet clinic with her stray dog.


Pretty Cures



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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第4話予告 「輝け!プリキュアスカウト大作戦!」

Episode 4 Preview

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