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Sparkle! The Great Pretty Cure Scouting Plan (輝け!プリキュアスカウト大作戦 Kagayake! Purikyua Sukauto Daisakusen?) is the 4th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 688th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Hana and Saaya believe that Homare would make a great candidate for the third Cure on the team, so they try to talk her into joining. However, during an impromptu basketball game, a dark event in Homare's past is revealed that may prevent her from becoming one.


Hana feeds Hugtan while Harry is unpacking items for "Beauty Harry", a fashion and cosmetics shop. Hana excitedly offers to become a saleswoman for him but he rejects the idea, stating that she should focus on finding the other Pretty Cure. After recalling the way Homare stepped in to defend her and Saaya the other day, Hana comes to believe she would be the idea choice.

At school she tells Saaya about their discussion and how she wants to speak to Homare to ask that she join them. However, she isn't sure how to approach her, but she would like to become friends. She becomes a bundle of nerves when Homare suddenly steps into the room to sit down, as she had no idea she was actually in their class- more or less, she sits right behind her. She nervously greets Homare, and during break she tells Saaya that they were destined to come together as a group. They observe her blow off Umehashi, who once again has to yell at her for not listening to him, and Hana is surprised to find Junna and Aki nearby.

The girls lead her and Saaya outside and bring up that Homare is a troubling delinquent. She frequently skips class since she came to their side of the school a year ago, before that she was in the sporting class as a skater. They heard she hangs out with the wrong crowd, but Hana is unsure if this is accurate, pointing out that she doesn't seem to be like a bad person.

After school Homare is on her way home when she walks by the baseball field. Umehashi is there and spotting her, he suggests that she try to rejoin the skating team as her leg seems to be better. She ignores him and continues on her way.

As this is going on the girls speak to Harry -now in human form carrying Hugtan- about Homare, and while Hana is convinced it's still a good idea Saaya is concerned. She doesn't dislike the idea, but forcing someone to become a Pretty Cure doesn't sound right. Just then, the group overhear Homare and find her leaving the pet clinic with Mogumogu, a stray she looks after with the help of the clinic until they find her a home. She seems to be happy until she spots them, but she quickly melts upon seeing Hugtan for the first time, convincing her to stay and chat with the group. She recalls meeting Mogumogu by chance recently. She was walking through a tunnel and spotted her, when a big truck was approaching. Without thinking she ran forward and grabbed her. For a moment time seemed to stop, and she landed on the opposite side of the tunnel and saw the truck frozen in place. It began to move again right after.

When Saaya and Hana recall experiencing this phenomenon and she expresses confusion. Before they can explain, they overhear some boys picking up some younger children. Hana attempts to stop them but the boys ignore her, due to her short height they think she's in grade school. Saaya tries to tell them that they need to share the court, so the boys challenge them to a game to decide who stays. Hana isn't confident but Homare joins them and assures the children that everything will be fine. As they play Mogumogu, Hugtan, and Harry sit on the sidelines, with Harry complaining that this is a waste of time. While the girls have trouble playing Homare appears to be a natural, and she scores them points with ease. But when she prepares to jump for the next one, she freezes up recalling the incident in which she got hurt while skating. She stumbles and tosses the ball to Hana, who anxiously throws it and scores another point.

The girls win the game, and in her hurry to the distraught Homare, Hana trips and proclaims "mechokku", her way of saying mega shock. This perks up Homare, and seeing her bright smile causes her to be reminded of her past when one of the boys recognizes her as a prodigy ice skater. The trio of boys don't believe they can keep up with a celebrity so they make a hurried getaway. While this behavior doesn't make sense to Saaya or Hana the children are happy, which is enough for them.

Hana gushes over how cool Homare is while making their way home. But Homare tells her that she is cool as she starts heading in another direction, only to stop when Hana yells out to her. She tells Homare that she wants to be friends and waves to her before they resume leaving.

Meanwhile, Ruru has been gathering data for Charaleet's use. He guarantees this time he will have success; as long as nothing strange happens again, like a third Pretty Cure showing up. But that's very unlikely.

At Harry's, Saaya uses the Mirai Pad to look up Homare and mentions that she had been wondering what led her to quit ice skating. They look on to see that she had a career-threatening injury when a stunt went wrong and it took a long time for it to recover. Hana mentions that from how Homare acted and was moving around her leg didn't seem to hurt, leading Saaya to express that it might not be that which still hurts.

Homare is making her way home when she comes across Umehashi again. He recalls the day she first skated and how deeply touched he was by the performance. He pleadingly asks she reconsider and try again, just this once, but Homare refuses. She appreciates the offer but he should just let it go like she has. She leaves him alone until overhearing a commotion, and she turns to find Charaleet using him to summon an Oshimaida. She is joined by Hana and Saaya, who quickly pull out their PreHearts to become Cure Yell and Cure Ange. Homare is shocked as the girls stop the Oshimaida from attacking her, then they attempt to battle it as Harry shows up with Hugtan.

The girls are injured during the fight but they continue on, with Ange using Heart Feather to blast it. But the Oshimaida pulls out a baseball bat to send both the Cure and the attack flying away. The girls lay against the ground as Harry and Homare run over to check on them, and Homare is amazed as they rise again, refusing to give up or surrender. She is inspired by their persistence to keep going and she thinks about Hana earlier; she wants to become like this too. Hugtan's gem on her forehead begins to react to Homare's wish, and they both cry out, the blast of light forming a Mirai Crystal.

Yell is delighted while Charaleet is in disbelief, and he tells the Oshimaida to stop her from getting it as she begins to run towards it at Harry's urging. Yell and Ange keep it away from her, but as she leaps to catch it she recalls her accident again, and how she laid on the ice and cried from the pain and despair. The Mirai Crystal is just out of reach and disappears as she hits the ground. She begins to cry as Ange voices her concern from earlier, saying to Yell that it's not her leg still hurting, but her heart. Before Yell can do anything, the girls look on to see the Oshimaida has began to cry too, blaming itself for hurting her. It calls itself a useless teacher and becomes too distracted to fight, leading Charaleet to criticize it. The Oshimaida becomes stronger and it begins to attack the girls again.

Yell begins to fight it on her own, using each moment in between to cheer for Homare and Umehashi. She runs up the Oshimaida and throws herself into the air while telling Homare that she may not understand everything about her or what happened, but she yells out to them that neither of them can give up yet. She forces all of her power out and slams her fist down onto the head, then she uses Heart For You! to purify the Oshimaida.

Charaleet storms off and the girls lay the coach on a bench until he awakens.Homare thanks the girls for helping, then she apologizes before starting to leave. Wanting to reach her, Hana attempts to cheer her on again but Homare yells at her to stop. The her that she is right now can't do it. She leaves the group with a somber mood, but Harry assures them that Homare needs more time to recover. Before she's entirely gone, Hana tells her that she will see her tomorrow.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Homare is revealed to have been a former figure skater who retired after she messed up a jump and broke her leg, traumatizing her.
  • Homare's Mirai Crystal appears, but because an attempted jump reminds her of the one she tried and failed at while figure skating, she falls to the ground, unable to retrieve it as it fades away.
  • Harry announces that he will be opening a hairstyling and fashion shop called Beauty Harry.


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HUGっと!プリキュア 第4話予告 「輝け!プリキュアスカウト大作戦!」

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