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Dance In The Sky! Hooray Hooray! Cure Étoile! (宙を舞え!フレフレ!キュアエトワール! Sora wo Mae! Furefure! Kyua Etowāru!?) is the 5th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 689th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Despite what happened earlier, Homare still sticks around with the other girls to help them out with the opening of Beauty Harry. Hana and Saaya try to encourage her by reminding her of the things she can do that they can't. Just then, Charaleet, given one last chance, appears and kidnaps Homare, intending on harvesting her despair!


A young Homare is ice skating before a large crowd. She happily glides across the ice, spinning and leaping into the air. Then she heads into another room, where she proceeds to cut off her long ponytail.

Suddenly, Homare snaps awake to realize she was having a nightmare. Hana is nearby with Hugtan and she approaches her to ask for a favor. She brings Homare back to Harry's shop which will be opening today- the problem is that he garishly decorated it with an eccentric Asian aesthetic and now it looks too regal and uninviting. Hana and Saaya were hoping she would be able to help out and she asks to know more about the store. Harry joins them to explain that he wants it to be a fashionable shop for girls of all ages, and one that will bring it a lot of profits.

Removing all of the odd tasting objects, Homare quickly transforms the place into a natural and simple looking, but charming boutique that looks much more approachable. Homare goes on to ask if she can take a few pictures and uploads them to Curesta, which provides the shop with a big crowd of prospective customers just shortly after opening. It's so crowded that Hugtan becomes overwhelmed, so Harry gives Hana a cute heart-shaped tambourine for her to play, which not only calms her but manages to keep the customers in high spirits while they shop.

Meanwhile, Charaleet has been brought in to face Listol. He quickly determines that Ruru was the cause of it and insults her for being a snitch, but she calmly states that she was doing her job. Listol tells Charaleet for failing so many times he will be punished, so he begs for once last chance. Listol agrees on the condition that he beats Pretty Cure this time.

With the customers gone Harry happily counts all of the money he made. The girls decide to take a group picture to commemorate their success, and suddenly he returns back to hamster form, complaining when they ignore his attempt to get them to ask that he join them in the picture. Saaya and Hana freeze as Homare looks up, sure she saw something as Harry -back in human form- adjusts his seat. He assures her it was nothing and Hana distracts her by suggesting they upload the photo on Curesta. While doing so Homare is surprised to see how genuinely happy she looks, she hasn't seen this smile on her face in some time. She goes on to ask the girls why they wanted her help, since she couldn't become a Pretty Cure. But after Hana tells her that she wants to befriend Homare regardless of that, she gets up and asks to take Hugtan on a walk. They agree and express worry after she leaves. Harry understands what Homare is going through, but Hana still wants to help her. Saaya expresses how difficult it can be to know how to help someone, and taking Hana's hand she suggests they go after her.

On a swing, Homare sadly tells Hugtan that she appreciates that the others are so concerned for her, but she wants to become her past-self so much that she can't do anything. She is surprised when Hana and Saaya reveal themselves to her, and she goes on to apologize for telling Hana off the previous night when she attempted to raise her spirits. Hana apologizes also, saying that she wasn't sure what to say or do and it just came out. She wishes she could be cool, like she thinks Homare is, but for now it seems she will be stuck a little kid.

Homare states that she would rather be like Hana, the cheerful girl that everyone likes, but Hana doesn't see herself appealing in that way. She's scatterbrained and she gets too wound up, not everyone can like someone like this. But that's why she keeps trying, because she has an ideal her that she wants to become. Saaya chimes in to say that she likes Homare too, and there are things neither she or Hana can do, that Homare can. Harry joins them just then, saying that Beauty Harry was successful because of them all coming together like they did today. Hana goes on to ask her who she wants to be, flustering Homare when she addresses her as "Homare-chan".

The girls begin to discuss other possible ways of addressing her when a ring forms around Homare and she is lifted into the air by Charaleet, who transports Homare to a high location in town. He stands on the bridge opposite of it and mockingly tells her that someone like her has no future. She hasn't grown as a person, nor can she jump now to save herself. Homare acknowledges that he is correct, and that she can no longer fly. This allows Charaleet to tap into her despair and use it to make a large Oshimaida that begins to terrorize the town.

Hana and Saaya run through town and seeing the large reptile monster, they discover Homare nearby on the wall and take shelter to transform into Cure Yell and Cure Ange. As they attempt to fight it off Harry locates Homare and Hugtan begins to cry, awakening Homare from her daze. At Charaleet's command the Oshimaida's feet change into skates and it begins to spin around very fast, kicking up air and causing further damage. The girls attempt to stop it no matter how much it throws them back, and seeing this causes Homare to slowly come to her senses as she recalls earlier, when the girls encouraged her. She wants to shine again, and to learn how to fly once more. While it's still scary to her, she refuses to run away from herself any longer.

Her overflowing heart and Hugtan come together to create her Mirai Crystal again, and this time Homare doesn't hesitate. She leaps forward to grab it and uses the PreHeart to transform into Cure Etoile. She joins the girls and uses Heart Star! against the Oshimaida, which flies high up into the sky with newly formed wings. The girls leap into the air together, and Yell and Ange bring their hands together to thrust Etoile higher up, allowing her to gain enough momentum that she spirals around and collides with it, throwing it into the ground and giving Yell a chance to use Heart For You! to purify it.

Charaleet collapses with grief and disappears as Etoile's Mirai Crystal separates from the PreHeart to place itself on the spoon for Hugtan. She fawns over how cute she is again and lifts her up to cuddle her, and they return to Harry's until evening begins to approach. Hana begins to say goodbye, but she uses "Homare-chan" again and quickly corrects herself. Homare reasons that it doesn't really matter what they call each other, but when Hana insists it does, she addresses her as "Nono Hana". Hana is confused by this given that it is her full name, but she becomes very happy after Homare compliments it for being stylish. She gets so excited that while hopping around she ends up falling from the small bridge and into the nearby lake.


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Major Events

  • Homare finally obtains her Mirai Crystal and transforms into Cure Étoile for the first time.
  • Cure Étoile uses Heart Star! for the first time.
  • Harry opens Beauty Harry to major success.



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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第5話予告 「宙を舞え!フレフレ!キュアエトワール!」

Episode 5 Preview

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