Homare Withdraws!? The Skating Prince's Fast Approach! (ほまれ脱退!? スケート王子が急接近! Homare Dattai!? Sukēto Ōji ga Kyūsekkin!?) is the 8th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 692nd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


A boy from Homare's past named Wakamiya Henri returns to Japan upon learning about her taking up ice skating again. He wants to bring her back to Moscow to help bring her back up to her full potential after being away for some time, believing her current friends are holding her back. With her friends worried, Homare continues to practice normally.

Major Events

  • Wakamiya Henri appears for the first time, intent on forcing Homare to come with him to Moscow.
  • Cure Étoile receives the Orange Mirai Crystal, which strengthens her Heart Star! attack.
  • A mysterious man named George appears for the first time.


The man from the last episode was Henri Wakamiya, who used to train with Homare for figure skating. Hearing that Homare has gone back to it, he wants her to Moscow to pursue the sport further. He also says to Hana and Saaya's faces that they are holding Homare back.

Later, Hana decides to call Homare whilst she is training. Hana doesn't exactly know what to say, but Homare finds comfort in hearing her friend's voice. Homare then invites Hana and Saaya to go out with her the following day.

The trio go out as promised. Saaya talks a little with Homare, and says that her first memories of them sparkle more and more when she is together with them. Harry suggests that the girls may a little bit too nice, and should be honest with their own hearts as well. Homare then approaches Henri when she is alone and says that she can only have a top level coach of she goes to Moscow with him. Hana overhears this and says that she cheer Homare on. Henri reports that she is just adding extra pressure to Homare, and that Hana can cheer her on. He then accepts that Homare will go with him.

Homare has something that she wants to show Henri, and she brings Hana as well. The thing she wants to show is her ice skating, and how Hana and Saaya introduce her to a brand new world. Homare astounds her friends with her ice skating. It doesn't go quite well, but however; Homare tries to do the same jump that she injured her before and falls.

Homare stands up for herself and shines like a star. Saaya and Hana rush onto the ice and they were proud of her. Papple then summons an Oshimaida and the trio transform. Papple then mentions something about wasting time and Cure Étoile states that there is no thing as wasting time. This causes her to earn the Orange Mirai Crystal and upgrades her main attack.

After Papple retreats, Henri then gives up on trying to get Homare to go to Moscow. Hana then offers to continue supporting Homare however she can. Hana then encounters a mysterious man, who holds a mysterious book. He then flashbacks about where people looked forward to the future, full of hope. Henri then shows up at the school, revealing that Homare is a Pretty Cure.


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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第8話予告 「ほまれ脱退!?スケート王子が急接近!」

Episode 8 Preview

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