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Unbelievable! A Waitress Is Very Busy! (ありえな~い!ウエイトレスさんは大忙し! Ariena~i! Uetoresu-san wa Ōisogashi!?) is the 10th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 694th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls get to work as waitresses at a food festival, but Hana is stuck working the takoyaki booth with its strict chef. Seeing Saaya and Homare being helpful toward everyone while she gets yelled at and laughed at starts to make Hana feel like she can't do anything after all...


The Hugkumi food festival is approaching and this year, Sumire Nono requests the girls' help while she's working on the article featuring the waitresses working it. The girls head off to change using the Mirai Pad, but for some reason Hana is the only one not wearing the cute, frilly waitress uniform. Instead she's dressed as a Takoyaki shop worker, so she gets sent to work there.

As the event begins Harry brings Hugtan to see how everything is going. The girls radiate with confidence and charm, except for Hana, who is very disappointed. Not only that but the man who runs the stall isn't very friendly, so he doesn't get much business even though his takoyaki is delicious. After serving Harry and Hugtan, Homare brings up that she asked her crystal specifically for these uniforms, so they can't determine why Hana's was different. Harry explains that the Mirai Pad may think something about Hana is different from them, and it might have something special in mind. The girls are surprised as they never thought it was that complex.

Hana watches as Saaya assists some girls determining what they could get as they are in a hurry, and Homare comes up with the idea to wear roller-skates to speed food delivery along. It's then Hinose and some friends approach her to say hello, and he explains that every year the concert band comes by to perform. He suggests she come to listen later and Hana assures him that she will, but he goes on to notice the uniforms the girls are wearing. After they explain that they are helping out Hana feels disappointment once more as he takes off.

She returns to the takoyaki shop to find the stands surrounding them are full of customers, while his has none. She attempts to drum up some business by yelling out to everyone, but she indirectly offends the owner and he tells her to be quiet because a barker isn't necessary. Hana rushes off to help another stand serving food but she ends up tripping, but luckily Homare catches the food and is able to get it to the customer. She looks on to see Saaya assist someone out with sight-seeing advice, and overhearing some nearby staff compliment the effect they are having on the atmosphere of the festival makes her begin to doubt herself. They are the same age, but she's the only one who is different. She hasn't been able to get her Crystal to change like theirs have either.

Meanwhile, Papple gets chewed out for her repeated failures to defeat Pretty Cure. She insults Charaleet and blames his improper ways of working but they fail to see the reasoning behind this and threaten to send her to expulsion, like they have done with him. But she manages to convince them to give her another chance.

Worried over Hana, the girls stop by the office to visit Sumire and explain what happened. She feels badly for her daughter, but she knows work doesn't always come easy. It's an important lesson to learn. She asks the girls how they are fairing, and they express what they have been learning so far; Homare learned that besides doing what she is told, sometimes taking the initiative is important too. Saaya has also been very happy to help people out. Sumire tells the girls to keep up the good work.

After the performance, Hana is making conversation with Hinase, but she becomes distracted seeing Saaya and Homare return to work. Hinase takes notice and gives her some words of encouragement, explaining how the concert group comes together to create beautiful music, so Hana needs to focus on trying to bring in her entire uniqueness as Hana to do something only she can do. She isn't very convinced but she still wants to try to do something to help the shop. She tries yelling out to get customers again, but she still gets yelled at. But this time the shop owner has her try out the takoyaki, which she hasn't done before. Nono slips it into her mouth and though very hot, it's extremely yummy.

Her wild gushing gets the attention of the nearby customers and they end up laughing with amusement- but she mistakenly thinks they are making fun of her and the shop. She apologizes to the owner and begins to cry, and she runs away before he can calm her. However, a customer has come by to request some of the takoyaki.

Hana sits by herself until Harry and Hugtan join her to try to cheer her up. Hana isn't in the mood though, and she tells Hugtan that up until now she convinced herself that she would be capable of doing everything and anything- but it turns out she is useless. She cries again as Harry attempts to explain to her that she is still in the process of growing up, but this doesn't help anything.

As this is going on Papple has shown up. The takoyaki shop owner attempts to figure out why Hana got so upset as he looks on to see several customers now eating the takoyaki. Hana doesn't realize that she has plenty of potential to do whatever she wants. He feels concerned for her, leaving him the perfect target for Papple, who has come across the stall and uses the Negative Wave on him to summon an Oshimaida.

As destruction begins to unfold around them, Hana and Harry arrive on the scene to put a stop to it. But for some reason Hana can't transform, leading her to start crying again and feel further useless. Harry is unable to convince her to keep trying as Homare and Saaya show up, and they quickly transform into Cure Ange and Cure Etoile to try to stop the Oshimaida. They struggle to fight against it but keep going, encouraging Hana not to give up either. Instead of giving up she has to believe she can do something, words Hana takes to heart. She begins to cheer for the girls to show her support for them, and while this makes them feel better, Papple instructs the Oshimaida to target her instead. It blows a large sphere and throws it at her, and Hana trips in the process of trying to outrun it when Ange and Etoile fail to entirely stop it.

Suddenly, a large blast of magic appears and Hugtan is shining. A large heart-shaped shield appears to protect Hana from the sphere, and despite Harry's warnings to stop, Hugtan summons a heart beam that strikes through the sphere and purifies the Oshimaida. But after Papple rushes off, the girls are frightened to find Hugtan has fallen into a deep sleep.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • As a result of her feeling useless and inadequate compared to her friends, Hana loses the ability to transform into Cure Yell.
  • Hugtan purifies an Oshimaida for the first time, but because she has exhausted most of her Tomorrow Powerer in doing so, she falls into a deep sleep.


  • More teasers for Pretty Cure Super Stars! are shown in the middle of the opening.
  • The airdate coincides with Homare's birthday.
  • Animation goof: The straw in Hugtan’s baby mug is a normal straw and yet it’s flexible like a bendy straw.


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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第10話予告 「ありえな~い!ウエイトレスさんは大忙し!」

Episode 10 Preview

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