Unbelievable! A Waitress Is Very Busy! (ありえな~い!ウエイトレスさんは大忙し! Ariena~i! Uetoresu-san wa Ōisogashi!?) is the 10th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 694th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls get to work as waitresses at a food festival, but Hana is stuck working the takoyaki booth with its strict chef. Seeing Saaya and Homare being helpful toward everyone while she gets yelled at and laughed at starts to make Hana feel like she can't do anything after all...

Major Events

  • As a result of her feeling useless and inadequate compared to her friends, Hana loses the ability to transform into Cure Yell.
  • Hugtan purifies an Oshimaida for the first time, but because she has exhausted most of her Tomorrow Powerer in doing so, she falls into a deep sleep.


The three girls were invited to Hana's mother to work at the local food as waitresses. The girls use their Mirai Pad to change their outfits, but Hana was wearing an outfit more suited for the Takoyaki stall than the waitress outfits.

Meanwhile, Saaya and Homare enjoy their jobs while Hana was pressured as the Takoyaki stall owner was very grumpy and Hana was unable to get any customers for their stall. Hana feels disappointed about his and she admires the other two girls' performances. However, Hinase and the two girls told her not to worry. Hana however, tires again and the onlooker laughed at her and ran away.

Papple appears and forms an Oshimaida. Hana tried to transform, but she is unable to. Saaya and Homare transform and went to battle as Hana cheers for them. The Oshimaida overpowers them, launching an attack that heads straight toward Hana. Hugtan then ends up saving Hana, unleashing all the asu-power and purifies the Oshimaida.

After the battle, Hugtan falls unconscious.


Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters


  • More teasers for Pretty Cure Super Stars! are shown in the middle of the opening.
  • The airdate coincides with Homare's birthday.
  • Animation goof: The straw in Hugtan’s baby mug is a normal straw and yet it’s flexible like a bendy straw.


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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第10話予告 「ありえな~い!ウエイトレスさんは大忙し!」

Episode 10 Preview

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