The Pretty Cure I Want To Become! Resound! Melody Sword! (私がなりたいプリキュア!響け!メロディソード!! Watashi ga Naritai Purikyua! Hibike! Merodi Sōdo!?) is the 11th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 695th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Feeling responsible for what had happened to Hugtan, Hana now thinks she's unworthy of being a Pretty Cure because she couldn't protect her and that she's not all that special unlike her teammates. That night, her mother Sumire notices that something is wrong with Hana and tries to comfort her...

Major Events

  • Hugtan regains consciousness after they visit Nobinobi Tower.
  • Thanks to her mother and her friends, Hana is able to regain her self-confidence and regains the ability to transform into Cure Yell.
  • Charaleet forcefully becomes a gigantic Oshimaida-like monster to defeat the Cures.
  • Cure Yell's Rose Mirai Crystal appears.
  • The Cures receive their Melody Swords and perform Trinity Concert for the first time, purifying Charaleet.


Taking place from the previous episode, Hugtan is still unconscious because of all the power she used to defeat the Oshimaida. Hana says that she will no longer be a Pretty Cure, even if someone else can protect Hugtan.

Hana then talks with her Mom during the night(as Hana couldn’t sleep) telling her how that she has nothing compared to Saaya and Homare. Hana's Mom tells her that she brought a lot of joy to the family when she was born, and encourages her daughter to keep moving forward. She is certain that there will be a bright future ahead of her if she does that.

The next day, Hana discovers her friends waiting outside for her at school. Saaya lists Hana's best points, and Homare offers her a big comforting hug. Elsewhere, Harry is babysitting Hugtan. The Mirai Pad suddenly glows. When everyone gathers, they see that it is showing an picture of the Nobinobi Tower and they decided to go there.

Following a group hug, Hugtan reawakens. She then gets hungry after being unconscious, so Hana gets milk for her. As she does, she encounters a certain mysterious man she met before.

Later then, an Oshimaida shows up, the trio arrive, but Hana has some lingering doubts after she wasn't able to transform last time. However, Saaya and Homare are there to offer her encouragement, so Hana and the others transform.

The Pretty Cure fight Charaleet, and are watched by familiar faces. Their opponent proves to be tough, but the trio remain determined to defeat him. They almost get crushed by a big building, but Yell saves them. Yell then jumps in the air, and smashes Charaleet with the building. After that, she does a cheer for everyone and herself, and finally awakens the Rose Mirai Crystal.

With the Melody Sword in hand, Yell leaps straight at Charaleet. As she goes to strike, she gets a vision of Charaleet's human self. She stops her attack, declaring that is not the kind of Pretty Cure she wanted to be. Charaleet then shrinks down to human size and Yell hugs him. She says there are times that she gives up as well, but she can hug those feelings and protect her friends. Responding to Yell's feelings, the Pretty Cure do their group attack, Trinity Concert.

After Charaleet leaves, Hugtan then awakens once more says her first word "mama" to Hana.


Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters


  • Hugtan says her first word toward the end of the episode, calling Hana "mama".


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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第11話予告 「私がなりたいプリキュア!響け!メロディーソード!」

Episode 11 Preview

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