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The Pretty Cure I Want To Become! Resound! Melody Sword! (私がなりたいプリキュア!響け!メロディソード!! Watashi ga Naritai Purikyua! Hibike! Merodi Sōdo!?) is the 11th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 695th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Feeling responsible for Hugtan's illness, Hana thinks she's unworthy of being a Pretty Cure because she couldn't protect her. She attempts to figure out that special thing she lacks as the others attempt to show her how special she is to them.


Hugtan remains unconscious from the recent Oshimaida attack. Her fever has gone down but seeing the pain she is in causes Hana to cry. She indirectly caused her to use her powers because she couldn't transform into Cure Yell to fight, so she takes full responsibility for what happened. Because of this, she will no longer be a Pretty Cure. The others ask her if this is truly what she wants, but Hana reasons that she is lacking whatever it is that makes her friends so great, anyone can cheer for others. There has to be a better Pretty Cure out there, so she will let them find her. She forces a smile and apologizes before taking off.

Unable to sleep that evening, Hana is caught by her mother, Sumire, who steps into her bedroom to chat with her. She asks her why she can't be like her friends, and Sumire explains that when Hana was born she brought so much happiness to her and her dad. Hana begins to cry and embraces her mom to express her disappointment in being unable to mature into the young lady she wanted to become, and now it feels like she has nothing. She doesn't like this her at all, but she doesn't know how to change it or what to do with herself now. Sumire manages to encourage Hana to keep going forward, and she cheers her on. She is certain that there will be a bright future ahead of her if she continues to remain hopeful.

The next morning, Hana attempts to encourage herself and is about to head to school when she finds Saaya and Homare waiting for her. Saaya begins to list Hana's best points, going on to say that there are many wonderful things about Hana that she admires, and Homare gives her a big, comforting hug. Hana sheds tears of joy to see her friends giving her this support.

Meanwhile, Harry quietly watches over Hugtan in hamster form while he thinks about what they went through to get to this point. He pleads with her to wake up, and just then the Mirai Pad begins to glow. He alerts the girls as a picture of NobiNobi Tower appears, and they decide to head up there as it could be important.

As the group makes their way over to the tower, Charaleet has been reduced to a whimpering mess on the floor. The group decide to make use of him by surrounding him in darkness and transforming him into a monster.

At the tower, the girls observe Hinose's band putting on a performance. As she quietly holds Hugtan, Hana leads her over to the nearby window and keeps her close to relax her. She recalls what Hinose told her the other day and she is joined by Saaya and Homare, who get closer to them to share a group hug. This is enough to awaken Hugtan much to their relief, and noticing she is really hungry, Hana gets milk for her. In the process Hana bumps into the mysterious man she has run into before, and his cryptic words cause her some confusion until a nearby sound alerts her to the destruction outside.

Running outside to find the monstrous Charaleet, Hana pulls out her PreHeart to transform, but after failing last time she begins to worry until the others show up to offer encouragement. She cheers herself on and to her surprise, she manages to transform alongside them to become Cure Yell once more. A battle begins, with Cure Etoile using Heart Star against Charaleet, but he easily deflects it and tells them to hand over the Mirai Crystals. He continues his destruction as Ange attempts to use Heart Feather! to buy them some time but his overwhelming strength catches them off guard. He easily kicks them around as Papple and Ruru watch from the sidelines, and Yell is forced to come to the aid of her sister and Emiru when part of a building threatens to crush them. She warns the girls to run away and leaps high into the air, unknowingly causing something within Emiru to stir.

With the large chunk of building in her hands, Harry and Hugtan arrive to find a brilliant glow within Yell. She throws it down onto Charaleet and cheers herself and everyone else on while the glow spreads, expressing how much joy it brings to her to see them so happy. She wants to keep everyone smiling. The glow lifts away from Yell to transform into a brand new Mirai Crystal, which then summons a shining sword. She takes hold of it and feels power flowing within her, but when Charaleet prepares to attack them again he is surrounded by its light and falls to the ground in pain. Yell angrily she leaps at him with the sword, which greatly shocks everyone until she comes close enough to realize on the inside that Charaleet is very frightened.

She panics and pulls back, bumping into him with her body instead. She is joined by the others as she makes a hasty retreat, going on to express that this isn't the Pretty Cure she wants to be. She looks on to see Charaleet has been feeling turmoil over his failures, and his negativity causes his monster form to slowly shrink down and weaken, and she feels immense sadness realizing he felt the same way she did. She drops the sword to embrace him, and while Charaleet desperately attempts to claw her off of him, she remains persistent and begins to glow once more. She relates to him by saying that there are plenty of times that she wants to give up, and she has times of self-doubt, but she has come to hug these negative feelings she has, because she has come to accept them. The sword responds to her feelings and returns to Yell's side, but she says she does not need a sword to get her point across. It then transforms into a wand, along with the Mirai Crystals that Etoile and Ange possess, allowing them to use their group purification, Trinity Concert.

Papple and Ruru take off as everything begins to return to normal. Emiru is amazed by the dazzling heroines while Henri remarks that they aren't "too shabby". The mysterious man also expresses joy to see things have worked out. Hana and the girls return to Hugtan and Harry, and Hana embraces Hugtan. She promises that for her sake she can accomplish anything, because of how much she loves her. To everyone's surprise, Hugtan goes on to speak her first word, mama.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Hugtan regains consciousness after they visit Nobinobi Tower.
  • Thanks to her mother and her friends, Hana is able to regain her self-confidence and regains the ability to transform into Cure Yell.
  • Charaleet forcefully becomes a gigantic Oshimaida-like monster to defeat the Cures.
  • Cure Yell's Rose Mirai Crystal appears.
  • The Cures receive their Melody Swords and perform Trinity Concert for the first time, purifying Charaleet.
  • Hugtan speaks her first word.



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HUGっと!プリキュア 第11話予告 「私がなりたいプリキュア!響け!メロディーソード!」

Episode 11 Preview

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