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Hearts Racing! Pajama Party With Everyone! (ドキドキ!みんなでパジャマパーティー! Dokidoki! Minna de Pajama Pātī!?) is the 12th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 696th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Hana decides to hold a pajama party at Beauty Harry complete with popcorn and scary movies. Later that night, they learn more about where Harry and Hugtan came from. Meanwhile, as Papple has a tough time finding energy to summon an Oshimaida, Ruru attempts to gather more data on the Pretty Cure.


Everyone is busy shopping in preparation for the slumber party they felt was very important to have due to how tough things have been lately. Hana runs off to buy some candy, although Homare attempts to talk her out of it due to the strict diet she's on. Hana refuses to talk of it, for tonight everything is allowed.

After changing and admiring each other's pajamas the party begins, with Homare having brought along the puppy she takes care of and fawning over how adorable Hugtan is. Harry complains and mentions that it's only four pm, so it's too early to be dressed up; but Hana reasons that is untrue. The girls are surprised to learn that he's never heard of a pajama party before, and Hana quickly educates him before expressing how vital it is for maturing young women. He goes on to point out they never asked for permission, but she brushes this off by thanking him for letting them be in his care for tonight.

Hana prepares some takoyaki and mixes in all sorts of things to make each one special, like chocolate instead of octopus, a little curry mix, even pork and cabbage to taste like okonomiyaki. Hugtan goes on to call each girl her mama, along with the takoyaki, and it dons on the girls that with her being capable of speech she isn't able to distinguish what is correct just yet. She hasn't touched her milk yet, and she seems to really want some food, and as she turns to Hana they realize she's developing her baby teeth.

The girls quickly puree some carrots to try baby food, but Hugtan refuses to eat for Hana. She does for Harry though, and they begin to reminisce how cute it was watching her drink from her bottle. They know Hugtan will grow over time, and while she will stop doing some things, she'll have plenty of new things to look forward to. They go on to tuck Hugtan in as evening begins to approach, and Hana insists that now they can begin "grown-ups night", which is basically watching movies with popcorn. However, in all the excitement Hana forgot to buy popcorn. Harry insists it's fine because they bought plenty of other goodies, but when Hana insists it has to be popcorn -because that is how adults do it- he comes up with an idea. He brings the girls into the other room to a cute looking machine and suggests they use it to make popcorn.

Harry and Hana are very frightened by "The Dread Visitor" movie they popped in, while Homare silently eats popcorn and Saaya coolly analyzes various details. Harry begs that they watch something else, but as they only rented different movies of the same horror series they decide to find something else to do.

As this is going on Ruru has been trying to come up with a new idea on how to gather more information on Pretty Cure. Papple demands she be given another chance, working through her holiday to ensure she finally defeats Pretty Cure.

A woman in the neighborhood is doing her laundry when the "Chara-Chara Channel" begins, an online video program run by Charaleet. She remarks that he is pretty attractive, and she becomes so distracted that she stubs her toe on the door frame. The prickly feelings coming from her pain reaches Papple, who collects it and the tiny feelings of a man who is frustrated over a vending machine giving him problems. She complains and curses Pretty Cure for being stuck working such a meager position.

With Hugtan being awake, Harry picks her up and everyone steps outside to admire the night sky. Hugtan is so happy that the Navy, Orange, and Rose Mirai Crystals suddenly appear, so the girls take turns using the spoon to interact with her and grant both parties more power. Afterwards, Homare goes on to ask Harry where it is he truly comes from. Up until now, he's only said "another world". She apologizes for being so blunt, and he explains how he was worried something could be altered if he spoke upon it, so he held back, but he believes the girls are owed this much. He surprises the girls while explaining that he and Hugtan came from a future ruined by the Criasu Corporation. They were forced to flee and barely managed escape. He then goes on to express his own surprise by the transformation the Melody Sword took, but it's because of this that he is confident Pretty Cure will be able to prevent the dark future he comes from. He also learned that strength doesn't come from numbers, but the characteristics, individuality, and differences each person has.

Suddenly, the group witness a powerful explosion in town. Papple has summoned an Oshimaida as the girls transform into Cure Yell, Ange, and Etoile and arrive on the scene, being promptly attacked by large drink missiles which proceed to explode. Papple teases the girls and points out how all the different prickly power comes together to create something, allowing the girls to remember what Harry said earlier and realize its their own differences that come together to create something wonderful too. Summoning their Melody Swords, the girls proceed to use their new attacks: Flower Shoot, Feather Blast, and Star Slash to get rid of the drinks, until the machine runs out completely. Papple instructs it to just try beating up the girls, but they quickly put a stop to it using Trinity Concert.

Back at Harry's the girls are unable to sleep, so Homare suggests they spend the rest of the night chatting. Hana brings up her stuffed bunny and asks about it while Harry is tucking Hugtan back into bed.

The following morning the girls prepare to leave for home. As this is going on, Ruru approaches the Nono household, and she casts a spell on Sumire as she makes food. Hana returns a while later to find the door unlocked, and she chastises her mom's forgetfulness as she comes along to inform her of some big news. Her friend's daughter will be staying with them for a while; and just then a mysterious young woman with long purple hair steps out. Hana is very surprised to see her.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Harry reveals that he and Hugtan are from the future and that their home was destroyed by the Criasu Corporation.
  • Cure Yell, Ange, and Étoile use Flower Shoot, Feather Blast, and Star Slash for the first time.
  • Ruru attacks Hana's mother, casting a spell on her to make her believe that she's her friend's daughter, and assumes a different civilian form.


  • Hugtan's teeth start to come in, and she starts to eat baby food.


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HUGっと!プリキュア 第12話予告 「ドキドキ!みんなでパジャマパーティー!」

Episode 12 Preview

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