The Transfer Student Is Fresh & Mysterious! (転校生はフレッシュ&ミステリアス! Tenkōsei wa Furesshu & Misuteriasu!?) is the 13th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 697th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


A new girl named Ruru transfers into Hana's class so that she can observe more about Hana. Hana and her family throw Ruru a welcome party, but Ruru wasn’t interested. Later on, Hana was searching for Ruru because she wasn’t in the house and Oshimaida suddenly attacks. Hana was worried because she didn’t know if Ruru was okay. Ruru had appeared to asked why Hana need to look for her and Hana wanted her to be in her family.

Major Events

  • Ruru transfers to Hana's school as a new student named Ruru Amour.
  • Ruru figures out that Hana is Cure Yell without revealing to her.


Taking place from the events of the previous episode, Ruru shows up at Hana's house and says that she would be staying there. She claims that they met before, and Hana hugs her. Hana doesn't know where Ruru is from, so she lets her transfer into her classroom.

Ruru makes quite an impression to her clasmates, and is mastered at everything she does. Male students give up on her for that. Hana absolutely adores her, and prepares a suprise party for her. Ruru is not impressed to the party and finds it pointless, not even Harry and Hugtan's entertainment changes her mind on that.

Hana asks her Dad if they can take Ruru to the amusement park. Her dad offers some advice. After that, Hana invites Ruru for dinner, but Kotori reveals that Ruru has gone to town. Hana then gets a call, an Oshimaida gets summoned by Ruru.

Hana then transforms into Cure Yell and confronts the Oshimaida while calling out Ruru. She purifies it with Flower Shoot, but that Oshimaida has tricks up its sleeve. The Oshimaida forms UFO form. Yell clings into it and she gets thrown off. Following that, Yell ends up having a talk Ruru. Yell tells Ruru she wants to be a family member, they may be different, they'll be able work it out. When Ruru asks on what basis, Yell gives one: She likes Ruru.

The other Pretty Cure take out Oshimaida and find Ruru is safe and sound. That night, Hana sneaks into Ruru's room and is eager to know more about her. She ends up falling asleep quickly, and Ruru is left wondering what Hana would think if she knew her true identity. She quickly casts that thought aside, and then falls asleep alongside with Hana.


Pretty Cures



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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第13話予告 「転校生はフレッシュ&ミステリアス!」

Episode 13 Preview

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