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The Transfer Student Is Fresh & Mysterious! (転校生はフレッシュ&ミステリアス! Tenkōsei wa Furesshu & Misuteriasu!?) is the 13th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 697th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


To learn more about Hana, Ruru takes up residence in the Nono household and begins attending her class. The Nono's decide to through a party in her honor but she doesn't seem interested. Later, Hana worries about her when she goes missing and she attempts to track her down.


Hana attempts to welcome Ruru Amour to her home, but she frantically tries to remember how she knows her after Ruru claims they have met before. Because of her being new, Hana decides to make her home-stay a pleasant one and brings her to school, where she gets transferred into her class. Ruru makes an impression during her plain introduction -with Hana getting a laugh from everyone- and flawlessly wins over everyone's attention; from remembering an entire textbook to playing tennis with supreme skill, to the point the ball explodes. She gets asked out by several boys but misunderstands them and smashes her fist into the nearby pillar, which frightens them away.

During dinner Hana gushes over how amazing Ruru is as she silently eats. Hana brings up that she was scouted by several teams but she turned them all down, which seems like a waste to her. Ruru finishes eating when Kotori asks her what hobbies she has, then she excuses herself from the table to return to her room.

With that Hana heads to Harry's to reveal to her friends that she's come up with a plan to throw a surprise party for Ruru. She hasn't been able to help her with anything because of her prowess, so she thought that this was the least she could do. She also wants her to make some more friends, since everyone is so interested in her, but all she does is hang around her. Saaya and Homare offer to help out, and Harry agrees to provide decorations.

Ruru adds more to her report about Hana when she overhears the sisters plotting in the hallway. She joins them and Hana nearly spoils the surprise until realizing this, but as they can't cover it up anymore, they bring Ruru into the room to reveal the party for her. Ruru is very confused by this "lack of insufficiency" and she gives her opinion on it before leaving again, which brings in a sour mood. Hana attempts to apologize, which is met with rejection once more and she attempts to fix this by suggesting everyone put together some sushi they can eat and take home, which seems to work.

As this is going on Papple brings up how six more Mirai Crystal have appeared since before; Pink, Blue, Yellow, Navy, Orange, and Rose. She is very disappointed since it means less time with a special someone, who happens to be in the nearby room. She tells them not to do anything behind her back.

The girls feel bad for springing a party on Ruru suddenly, but this has inspired Hana to try even harder. So as they make their way home she discusses class until Ruru brings up that nearly everyone has stopped communicating with her. She doesn't really care though, since it's unrelated to her research. As they get home she notes that even Hana is beginning to grow more quiet, so she wonders if she messed up somewhere.

As dinner gets called Hana suddenly gets an idea. She asks her dad if they could take Ruru to a theme park soon, as the party was a big flop. However, her dad doesn't believe this is the proper way to go about things, bringing up that Hana has been treating her like a host trying to please a guest. Hana realizes this and she begins to smile, deciding that she should be trying to be a friend to Ruru. She runs back upstairs to tell her about dinner, but when she doesn't answer she speaks with Kotori, who reveals Ruru went into town to get stationery. She returns to her room and just then, Hana gets a call alerting her to an Oshimaida attack.

Upon arrival they discover its heading towards the shopping district and Hana worries as she recalls Ruru is there. The girls transform into Cure Yell, Ange, and Etoile and a fight ensues as Ruru observes them from her space ship. She had no choice but to do this since her plans to study Hana and Cure Yell and her strength didn't give much results. Yell angrily beats up the Oshimaida and brings out her Melody Sword to use Flower Shoot and purify it, but this only temporarily works, and it changes into a flying saucer. She grabs onto it and is demands it stops so that she can locate Ruru, who she is very worried about.

This confuses Ruru, and she instructs it to toss her aside, and when it does she returns to her human disguise to confront Yell. Yell asks if she passed out and is speaking to Ruru through her consciousness, but she is very happy since she was hoping to find her. Ruru can't make sense of this and asks her why this is, and Yell explains that she's learned that by trying to treat her special, she put up walls between them and made things awkward. She's going to stop, so that she can treat her like another family member instead. When she tells Ruru this is because she likes her, Ruru feels something within her and flees, causing Yell to snap out of it as Ange and Etoile show up. They check on her before using Trinity Concert to purify the monster.

The trio watch as the girl the monster came from awakens nearby and happily return home once Ruru shows up. At the Nono household they sit down for sushi bowls, and she is startled, overcome with an unusual feeling. Hana helps her express that its delicious and the family is very happy.

That evening, she works on her report while thinking about the pain she felt earlier when Yell spoke to her. She returns to her room to find Hana waiting beneath the blanket, and Hana asks that they stay up to chat, going on to admit that she forgot how she knows her. Ruru attempts to think of an answer, but as she tries to do so she realizes Hana is sleeping. She wonders how Hana would react to know who she really is, then she gets up to turn off the light and wishes her a good evening before getting into bed next to her.


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Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Ruru transfers to Hana's school as a new student named Ruru Amour.
  • Ruru figures out that Hana is Cure Yell without revealing to her.


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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第13話予告 「転校生はフレッシュ&ミステリアス!」

Episode 13 Preview

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