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Hagyuu~! Full of Baby's Smiles! (はぎゅう~!赤ちゃんスマイルめいっぱい! Hagyū~! Akachan Sumairu Meippai!?) is the 14th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 698th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls, along with Ruru, visit a nursery to get work experience as teachers. While they prepare, Ruru sees Saaya's textbook on taking care of babies and quickly skims through it. She uses her newfound knowledge to gain the affections of the babies in the nursery, igniting Saaya's competitive side.


Saaya has been studying overnight and making notes in a 'Foundations of Child Care' textbook. As this is going on, Ruru is hard at work typing research notes involving her unfamiliarity with human nature and her inference on the source of the Pretty Cure's power. Hana is having a dream about Hugtan.

The day of Hana and co.'s work experience at the daycare has arrived, and Hana is sleeping in. Kotori couldn't get her sister out of bed, so Sumire asks Ruru to try, stating that she is free to drag her out of bed if need be, to which she does.

The girls arrive at the daycare and introduce themselves and get ready. Whilst Hana, Saaya, and Homare go off to be unseen as they utilize the Mirai Pad to change into attire more suitable for working at a daycare, Ruru is left to look after Hugtan for a few minutes. While she was alone with her, she decides to obtain more knowledge by looking through Saaya's textbook, flicking through each page with escalating speed. She is however stopped by Hugtan, who proceeds to then slowly turn each page as Ruru remains idle.

The trio will be babysitting the infants for their work experience. Turns out that each child has their own quirks to be considered when tending to their needs. Saaya and Homare seem to manage them, except for Hana, who was picked on by the babies' antics. Ruru is able to get Hana out of her predicament by distracting them, utilizing the compiled knowledge from the textbook, and Saaya seems to note this, ultimately escalating to the two comparing their understanding of the textbook. Somehow, babysitting ended up turning into a competition.

Later, Harry shows up and sees Ruru jumping around with the baby. He says he wants a turn, and Ruru complies, casually tossing Harry into the exosphere, which shocks him and everyone else. During snack-time, Saaya attempts to garner attention but ends up tripping and dropping the milk and baby food she carried. While that is sorted out, Homare confronts Saaya, stating she is surprised to discover her competitiveness. Saaya feels embarrassed, but Homare assures her that her competitiveness is a good thing.

Meanwhile, all the babies, especially Hugtan, started crying and not even Ruru could console them, so one of the caregivers sang them a lullaby to put them down for a nap, which attracts the attention of Yoshimi Rita. As the babies all fall asleep, the caretakers bring up that caretaking never really goes by the book. Ruru questions them on why they would care so much about babies, as from a logical viewpoint, they just fuss and cry most of the time, to which Hana responds with the fact that they're cute, though this doesn't convince Ruru, though when asked if she doesn't think babies are cute by Saaya, she says nothing, being assured by her that she indeed does find them cute.

Outside, Rita is looking to enter the daycare but is told by the caretakers that they've already fallen asleep, which troubles her more as she finds that her ideas for a fashion design have disappeared, which stresses her out even more, and she blames it on the crying children. Ruru overhears this and uses the opportunity to corrupt the Tomorrow Powerer within Rita and the caretakers to create an Oshimaida.

In response, Hana and co. transform to deal with the Oshimaida, but soon the battle rouses the babies awake, and they begin to cry, initiating a response from Yell and the others to console the children, but this leaves the Cures at a tactical disadvantage, as they focus on protecting the daycare instead of battling the Oshimaida, allowing it to keep pushing them back, which impresses Papple. Regardless, the Cures continue to care for and defend the children from the Oshimaida and calming them down, with Hugtan cheering them on. With the babies back in high spirits, resulting in Tomorrow Powerer being created, Yell returns to the fight, but the Oshimaida immediately occupies Etoile and her and makes a mad dash to the daycare. Before Ange can block its path, Ruru, back in her civilian form, blocks the Oshimaida's path, bringing it to a stop completely, allowing the Cures to perform Trinity Concert and purifying the Oshimaida.

Evening comes, and the babies are reunited with their parents. Saaya hands Hugtan to Ruru, and she reacts to her positively, moving something in Ruru. Meanwhile, Papple saw the encounter and begins to have suspicions of Ruru from thereafter. The episode ends with Hana being put to sleep by Ruru in 12 seconds, supposedly "faster than a baby."


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  • Hugtan stands completely on her own for the first time after attempting to in episode 8.


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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第14話予告 「はぎゅ~!赤ちゃんスマイルめいっぱい!」

Episode 14 Preview

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