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Hagyuu~! Full of Baby's Smiles! (はぎゅう~!赤ちゃんスマイルめいっぱい! Hagyū~! Akachan Sumairu Meippai!?) is the 14th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 698th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Major Events


The episode starts with a recap from the previous episode, including Hana saying that she wasn't sure whether Ruru actually knows that she is a member of the Pretty Cure or not. The day of Hana and company's work experience at the daycare has arrived, and Hana is sleeping in. Kotori couldn't get her sister out of bed, and Ruru has more success.

After the arrival at daycare, the girls introduce themselves and get ready. Whilst Hana, Saaya, and Homare go off somewhere, Ruru is left to look after Hugtan for a few minutes. She also decides to flick through a book that Saaya was studying in preparation for daycare work. She was then interrupted by Hugtan.

While this happens, the three girls have gone somewhere quiet in order to use the Mirai Pad to change into attire more suitable for working at a daycare. The trio will be babysitting the infants for their work experience. Turns out that each child has their own quirks to be considered when tending to their needs. Saaya and Homare seem to manage them, except for Hana, who was picked on by the babies' antics.

Ruru is able to get Hana out of her predicament by distracting the babies, and this seems to set something off of Saaya. It turns out that Saaya has a fiercely competitive side, and she has mo intention of losing to Ruru. Somehow, babysitting ended up turning into a competition. Saaya's competitive side is something that Hana hasn't experienced before, Homare says it is because Hana could never keep up with Saaya. Either way, that fierce competitiveness seems like it is something that should be feared.

Harry shows up, and sees Ruru jumping around with the baby. He says he wants a turn, and Ruru complies. Moving on, Saaya ended up tripping in her eagerness to outdo Ruru. While that is sorted out, Homare says to Saaya she is surprised to discover her competitiveness.

Meanwhile, all the babies, especially Hugtan, started crying, so one of the caregivers sang them a lullaby to put them down for a nap.


Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters


  • Hugtan stands completely on her own for the first time after attempting to in episode 8.
  • The girls discovered that Ruru is inhumanly strong when she threw Harry in the air.


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Episode Preview

HUGっと!プリキュア 第14話予告 「はぎゅ~!赤ちゃんスマイルめいっぱい!」

HUGっと!プリキュア 第14話予告 「はぎゅ~!赤ちゃんスマイルめいっぱい!」

Episode 14 Preview

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