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Odd Duo...? Emiru and Ruru's Day Out (迷コンビ...?えみるとルールーのとある一日 Meikonbi...? Emiru to Rūrū no To Aru Ichinichi?) is the 15th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 699th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


While running errands for the Nono family, Ruru comes across "Cure Emiru", a younger girl who has been helping other people after being inspired by Pretty Cure. The two befriend each other and soon go over to Emiru's house.


With the Nono family too busy to take advantage of a sale they could desperately use, Ruru finds herself volunteering to go shopping for them. She expresses confusion in this after leaving and wonders why she did it, only to come across a cat walking down her path. Suddenly a younger girl leaps out of nowhere and prevents her from going any further. She introduces herself as Cure Emiru, startling Ruru as she had no idea another Cure had been discovered- until she quickly realizes this girl does not possess any Mirai Crystals.

After her headband reads the time Ruru decides to continue on, with Emiru in tow trying to keep her safe. Ruru doesn't need this but she remains persistent. As this is going on, Saaya and Homare are hanging out when Homare asks her how a recent audition went. Saaya awkwardly brings up a new spin Homare was trying to learn, which causes both girls to realize they were met with failure. They watch as Emiru clings to Ruru with Saaya fawning over her cute outfit, while Homare remains perplexed.

At Hugman, Ruru effortlessly surpasses the crowd of eager shoppers who want to partake in the big sale. In the process Emiru attempts to help various people with their own tasks; such as reaching a can on the top of a stack, which causes her to knock it down, bringing back a lotus root instead of a daikon a man wanted, and being unable to lift the heavy shopping bag of a woman outside. She sadly sits by herself feeling useless, but Ruru manages to perk her up by pointing out that everyone left with a smile, although she doesn't understand why. Emiru is surprised by this and she rushes back to Ruru's side to request she come to visit her at home, as she would like to speak to her more. Ruru agrees and recalls the large amount of power she felt during her introduction earlier.

As this is going on Saaya and Homare recall the wacky outfit Emiru was wearing to Hana as they play with Hugtan. They remark on how cure-like it was but become distracted after Hugtan attempts to say Homare's name. This is followed by Saaya's, but Hana becomes too eager to the point of frightening her before she can try to say hers.

At the park Emiru asks Ruru to wait a moment, and she takes shelter within a large octopus slide. She comes out after changing back into her casual attire and introduces herself properly to Ruru, who returns the gesture. Emiru compliments her name before asking that she keep her alternate persona a secret from her family, because she'd hate for them to worry. Ruru happens to notice that the power she saw in her appears to be fading. With that she leads Ruru to her large, castle-like home. She is surprised by how casually Ruru steps inside and sees her eccentric parents, as people are usually surprised by both of those things. Her older brother, the much more normal Masato introduces himself and welcomes her to their home. As soon as he remarks that he saw them in town earlier, Emiru quickly rushes Ruru into her bedroom.

Ruru looks around the cutesy bedroom when she spots a piano and some violin, and she asks what they are. She's never heard of music before, which shocks Emiru. She decides that she must show Ruru then, and with a snap of her finger the curtains suddenly shut and the floor shifts to reveal a guitar she keeps hidden. She picks it up and begins to casually strum it while explaining that it's her most precious possession she owns; she loves it dearly and the feeling she gets from rock music by playing it. She begins to sing for Ruru, which resounds within her and seems to cause her pain she isn't able to understand. She asks to hear more of it, and Emiru happily complies, until her brother shows up.

She frantically hides the guitar in her closet and he asks about the music he heard, and when it falls out he remarks that its ridiculous for a girl to play such an instrument. Ruru asks why after noticing how sad she looks, and he expresses that it doesn't suit a cute girl with a lineage such as hers, but Ruru asks him if he is her Master. If he isn't then Emiru has no reason to live the way he sees fit. This makes Masato back off, and Ruru becomes unusually flustered as she criticizes him for trying to keep Emiru away from something she loves so much. Emiru happily thanks Ruru for this expression of emotion, which further surprises Ruru. Just then they hear a loud sound in the distance, and Emiru looks to spot a cat-like piano Oshimaida. She hides momentarily to "transform" and rushes from her home to head to the location, a curious Ruru trailing behind her.

The girls arrive on the scene and transform into Cure Yell, Cure Ange, and Cure Etoile to fight, when the Oshimaida blasts them with overwhelming sound waves. Ruru attempts to convince Emiru to stay out of it as she isn't a real Cure and could get hurt, but Emiru refuses. It's then she sees a child crying nearby and the Oshimaida spots him and prepares to attack. Emiru rushes to his side to pull him out of harms way just in time and the distraction allows Yell to use Flower Shoot. The Cure check on Emiru and the little boy and thank her for helping out, then they ask her to leave the rest to them after giving her some encouragement. Emiru is very happy as she watches them use Trinity Concert.

Emiru gets the young boy back to his mother and watches the girls leave before she suddenly feels weakened. She asks herself how she could be so reckless to charge into danger the way she did, but when Ruru expresses that she also did this recently and doesn't understand why, Emiru grasps her hand. She's very happy they can relate and asks Ruru to become a Pretty Cure alongside her. After a moment of thought she rejects the idea as Hana and the group show up, and after Emiru mentions the eggs she bought are back at her place Hana asks how they know each other. Emiru says they are friends, and try as she might to get Ruru to agree, she refuses.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Emiru's parents and older brother are seen for the first time.


  • Hugtan learns how to say Harry and the Cures' names, but it is unknown whether or not she knows how to say "Hana" because Hana ends up making her cry before she can.
  • The song Emiru plays on her guitar would eventually become Friends With You.


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HUGっと!プリキュア 第15話予告 「迷コンビ…?えみるとルールーのとある一日」

Episode 15 Preview

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