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Everyone's Idol!? Master Homare's Troubles (みんなのカリスマ!?ほまれ師匠はつらいよ Min'na no Karisuma!? Homare Shishō wa Tsurai yo?) is the 16th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 700th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Aki, one of the girls' classmates wants to learn how to skate from Homare, but a rift is caused between her and her best friend Junna, who thinks Homare is a bad influence because of her delinquent history. Homare feels conflicted and loses her concentration; and her PreHeart.


In the morning, Homare is greeted by Hana and Saaya. Suddenly, they see that Aki is having trouble balancing in her roller skates who gets stopped by Junna, which sends Aki spiraling out of control. After being saved by Homare, Aki decides to call Homare her master, much to her friends' surprise.

The girls later read a magazine article with Homare being the central focus. Aki admits that she picked skating because she admires Homare. Junna then gets into an argument with Aki as Junna believes that Homare is still a delinquent. Things only go downhill as Junna and Aki continue to argue, even refusing to cooperate in PE. As that happens, Ruru is busy observing the Cures.

Later that day, Aki excitedly meets up with Homare. Homare tells Aki there is no need to refer her with a title. Aki then admits that she admires Homare for being a mature and independent person but Homare denies this by saying that Junna is better than her and advises Aki to patch things up with Junna. Aki tells Homare that she has known Junna since kindergarten and nothing will go wrong between them before leaving for class.

Meanwhile, Ruru meets up with Papple who was dressed up as a student. Ruru promises to submit a full report once she has completed her investigation but Papple convinces her to steal the Cures' items.

That evening, Aki refuses to walk with Junna after school. Homare approaches Junna, only for Aki to tell her not to. Junna then runs off. Upset, Homare walks off on her own and arrives at Beauty Harry where she gushes over Hugtan. Harry figures out that something is wrong even when Homare tries to deny it and attempts to bribe her with mint chocolate chip ice cream, but she had already left.

Meanwhile, Hana notices George among a field of azaleas where George explains the meaning of azaleas to her before disappearing. Aki and Junna come across each other and Aki explains to Junna her reason for admiring Homare which causes them to argue again. Papple uses this chance to grab their Prickly Powerer and summon an Oshimaida. As for Homare, she meets Harry who is worried about her and tells her that the ice cream is going to melt before giving her an umbrella. Due to Homare letting down her guard, Ruru takes Homare's PreHeart but questions whether she should have or not.

Yell and Ange then have to face the Oshimaida created from Junna and Aki's negativity but have difficulty fighting against it. Not long after Homare arrives at the scene with Harry and Hugtan, she realizes that her PreHeart is gone. Homare is desperate but she can't do anything as Harry reminds her that she has no item to transform until Ruru appears and returns the PreHeart. Papple then gets furious at Ruru for going against her commands.

Etoile almost loses the fight but her feelings still manage to reach the unconscious Junna and Aki, so they apologize and make up with each other. Together, the Cures purify the Oshimaida. After the fight, the Cures and Harry question Ruru's motivation but Ruru pushes Yell away before being struck by Papple's beam and shuts down. Papple then teleports away with the broken Ruru while Hugtan cries.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Ruru figures out Saaya and Homare as Pretty Cure.
  • As punishment for returning Homare's PreHeart after stealing it from her, Ruru is struck by a beam that immediately damages and shuts her down, much to the Cures' shock, and she and Papple retreat before they can do anything.


  • This episode marks the 700th episode of the franchise.


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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第16話予告 「みんなのカリスマ!?ほまれ師匠はつらいよ」

Episode 16 Preview

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