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So Exciting! The Long Awaited Runway Debut!? (ワクワク!憧れのランウェイデビュー!? Wakuwaku! Akogare no Ranwei Debyū!??) is the 19th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 703rd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Ruru and Emiru are invited to model in a fashion show by Henri, but Masato does not approve and attempts to stop Emiru. Meanwhile, Hana, Saaya, and Homare lend a hand in making the set.


Henri has come by to visit with some big news, a show for Rita Yoshimi's fashions will be held soon, and he wants Ruru and Emiru to participate. They have something unexpected and fresh with their contrasting personalities that work together to form a wonderful bond.

Emiru is unsure of herself though, and she isn't very convinced that she's suited for something like this and can't picture herself standing on a model's stage. At her home, she attempts to get into it but isn't capable of it. She compliments Ruru and how she would do fine there and begins to wonder if she could convince Saaya or Homare to switch with her. Ruru explains that she only agreed to doing this because she can stand alongside Emiru though, and she thinks she will do well. If she sets her mind to it then she can do anything; words that seem to convince her it will be fine.

The following day at school Henri is approached by Hana, who attempts to convince him to let her help out. She would really like to participate in wearing the fashions, and he agrees to it because he likes how upfront she is. He goes on to bring up Pretty Cure and teases her in a way that causes her to wonder if he really knows their secret or if he's only theorizing. Just then, Masato approaches to remark on how un-manly Henri is dressed, with his uniform done up in a way a girl might do hers. Henri stops Hana from getting involved and heads outside, with her angrily following after him. He manages to calm Hana by telling her that people unable to understand aren't worth the time.

After school everyone heads out to the studio, where Rita appears to reveal she's come up with the name for her upcoming autumn-winter fashion show: Girls can be Heroes too!. Henri points out that the girls have come to help out, so after Hana, Homare, and Saaya change into painters costumes using a Mirai Crystal, they get to work painting a large banner with Emiru and Ruru's assistance. Hugtan begins to play in the paint and dunks her hands into it, and after realizing the shape left on the paper resembles that of a flower, the girls like the design and join her. With some help from Hugtan they encourage the other two to join them as Henri observes with approval.

That night, Ruru is working on her poses before the mirror in her bedroom. She was given some tips and advice so she is sure she can manage, but she really wants to encourage Emiru and help her; not only with this but to become a Pretty Cure. As this is going on, Emiru attempts to pose and do greetings before her own mirror but she becomes too flustered. Unknown to her, Masato watches and pulls up the advertisement for the fashion show.

The next day everyone is preparing for the show to begin. Rita has brought Henri back to reveal a beautiful dress she would like to see him wear for it, while the girls are standing in the hallway. Emiru is very nervous and Ruru offers her a hug of support, when Masato suddenly shows up to demand an explanation. He attempts to remain all smiles and grabs her wrist, saying that girls are meant to be protected, they can't be the heroes that men are. Ruru challenges this but freezes up as she recalls Papple's insult from the other day, and Hana shows up to tell him off. But Masato refuses to listen, instead insulting the girls before he continues to leave with Emiru.

Just then, Henri shows up donning the gown Rita gave him and Masato is very bewildered. He finds the display to be amusing and points this out to Henri, saying that as a guy he shouldn't be wearing it. Henri rejects this explanation by saying that he thinks it is very lovely, and it's a waste of a life to let restrictions weigh one down, words that shock Masato greatly. With that Henri leads everyone away to finish getting ready, and Masato angrily storms out of the performance hall. He angrily complains and is spotted by a mysterious woman, who shows up to compliment his appearance before using his anger to summon an Oshimaida.

The performance is about to begin, and Emiru and Ruru step onto the stage. But before they can perform their song, the lights suddenly go out and the Oshimaida appears in the large room. Hana, Saaya, and Homare can tell something is amiss so they transform into Pretty Cure and rush to the scene. Henri pushes Emiru and Ruru out of the way of falling debris from the ceiling hole it made and it grabs onto him. As Cure Yell uses Flower Shoot -only for them to realize the Oshimaida is overflowing with prickly power- Henri happens to realize the victim is Masato, whose cast away body is nearby.

Everyone is shocked when he pulls himself free from its grasp to realize it too is in pain, and he embraces it. He feels badly for what he may have done, but he won't change himself for him, because he loves his heart and who he is, and he thinks Masato could learn to do the same. It grasps him again but Cure Yell comes to his defense when it decides to release him, and she places him down safely before the girls cast Trinity Concert to purify it. The mysterious woman from before appears and introduces herself as Gelos to the group, but she takes off before they can attempt to battle her. Ruru is concerned because she doesn't remember her from her time working there.

The fashion show begins, and Harry sits with Hugtan when he happens to see Masato is next to him. They make small conversation as Henri steps out on stage, and Masato remarks that he had a nightmare; but it was still beautiful in its own way.

Afterwards everyone returns to Beauty Harry, where Emiru and Ruru have come to a decision. They have both decided to try to become Pretty Cure. The group encourage this aspiration, but Harry points out that there is only one PreHeart left.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Henri implies that he knows that Hana, Saaya and Homare are Pretty Cure.
  • Gelos attacks the Cures for the first time.
  • Emiru and Ruru announce that they want to become Pretty Cure as well, but it is revealed that there is only one PreHeart left.


  • The episode's air date coincides with Saaya's birthday.
  • The Cures switch into their summer school uniforms.


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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第19話予告 「ワクワク!憧れのランウェイデビュー!?」

Episode 19 Preview

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