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Cure Macherie and Cure Amour! Hooray hooray! The Pretty Cure of Love (キュアマシェリとキュアアムール!フレフレ!愛のプリキュア! Kyua Masheri to Kyua Amūru! Furefure! Ai no Purikyua!?) is the 20th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 704th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Both Emiru and Ruru want to become Pretty Cure, but with only one PreHeart left they try to determine how to handle this and learn the true meaning of friendship. At a desperate moment with one Cure sick, a miracle shall be granted!


Hana aggressively tugs on the PreHeart in an attempt to feebly get it to make two PreHeart's until Harry yanks it away from her. She wants both Emiru and Ruru to become Pretty Cure, but there's no helping it for now. Nothing short of a miracle could fix this. Things seem to become awkward between Emiru and Ruru as they take off and go their separate ways, while Saaya attempts to do research on the PreHeart. She reminds Hana that because Harry came from the future there wouldn't be a way to gain more of them.

As this is going on Homare runs to the store with Harry and Hugtan to do some shopping. She chews him out for being so secretive and accuses him of keeping something else from them, but as he insist he isn't Hugtan drops her toy. A mysterious man picks it up to return it, causing her to suddenly to become quiet and Harry to grow tense. He gently rubs Hugtan's head and walks away.

At the Nono household, Hana's father has just prepared some Mentai-Potato-Cheese-Toast using the leftover potato salad from the other day. Sumire and Kotori are impressed as a feverish Hana joins Ruru in the hallway. She insists she is fine but she collapses in the kitchen, so she is forced to stay home today. Ruru meets up with the others to let them know what happened, and while Aki, Junna, and Hinose are very concerned, the girls simply wonder how it happened.

They find out during break that Hana stayed up late outside to wish on a star, and she must have fallen asleep in the process. She feels terrible for being unable to make her wish, and she feels worse for letting down Homare and Saaya, as they had preliminaries and an audition this week and now she can't give them her support. The girls feel bad for Hana as they let her rest, and they decide that for the time being they can try to cheer up the girls, since they can't get a second PreHeart.

In bed, Hana is taken care of by Harry and Hugtan. She can't understand why she got sick like this suddenly and really wants to be with everyone.

Emiru is at the ice skating rink watching Homare practice. She invites her to join her on the ice but she refuses as she's never skated before. Homare grabs her hand and gently helps her get started, releasing her to encourage her to keep trying. Emiru slowly begins to get the hang of it and she brings up how she quit skating a while back; but Hana and Saaya were her miracle, and because of them she was able to do something she loved once more. Even if one can't see a miracle, it's important to keep believing in them.

As this is going on, Ruru is observing Saaya as she practices her audition piece when she brings up how they work; in that several compete against each other for one role. She loves Emiru very much and doesn't want to make her sad, but at the same time she really wants to become a Pretty Cure too, and she doesn't want to give up. She feels very bad for feeling this way, but Saaya assures her that its normal. Rivals can become good friends, and its important to go at things with everything they can.

Emiru sadly strums her guitar when Masato approaches her bedroom. He remarks that she isn't hiding it anymore before producing two concert tickets from his pocket, which he instructs she should use with Ruru. She happily thanks him and accepts.

The following day, Masato and Henri converse while Henri is busy stretching. He asks if he gave Emiru the tickets, and when Masato goes on to apologize for the other day, he advises Masato to believe in Emiru because of her talent. Before leaving, Henri then tells him that he can call him by his first name.

Emiru happily embraces Ruru before revealing the tickets, and she begins to happily cry as she brings up that this means he is supporting her love of music and the guitar. She is very happy that she never gave up, and most importantly, she wanted Ruru to know right away. Ruru happily hugs her and they sit together to talk about how much their friendship means to them. Emiru begins to play her guitar and after Ruru compliments it, she asks if she would like to write lyrics for it. Something seems to resonate within them and suddenly, Emiru stands up to proclaim she will protect Ruru's smile, because it is something very precious to her.

On the day of the audition and ice skating prelims, Hana is very disappointed she can't go out to support her friends. She isn't as sick as she was but Harry doesn't think its a good idea. She begins to eat when a news report reveals that an Oshimaida has appeared at the outdoor theater, where Ruru and Emiru were at.

With only the duo left Papple commands the musical monster to attack them, and the girls grab onto each other to avoid the large flames blasted in their direction. Papple then appears to insult Ruru for betraying the Criasu Corporation, but Emiru defends her. Before the Oshimaida can attack Cure Yell shows up, along with Harry and Hugtan, and she attempts to fight it off. Papple insults the girls for heartlessly abandoning her today but Yell assures her that she couldn't be more proud of them for following their dreams. Supporting your friends is what it means to be a Pretty Cure, words that cause Emiru and Ruru to realize that Yell is fighting for her friends' sake. Wanting to be her support, the girls encourage Yell to keep fighting when suddenly, two new Mirai Crystals appear.

The PreHeart floats over to them and at Ruru's encouragement to get it, Emiru picks it up. But to her surprise she turns it to Ruru and tells her to use it. Ruru tries to tell her to use it but Emiru refuses, reminding her of what she said earlier and how she would be capable of helping Yell out. Ruru embraces Emiru and tells her that Pretty Cure never give up, but no matter how hard she tries to find an answer to fix this problem, there isn't one. But she believes in miracles and she wants to become a Pretty Cure with Emiru, who feels the same way. They hold onto each other tighter and beg for this miracle to occur, and to everyone's surprise the PreHeart begins to glow, and from it forms an image of a glowing woman who embraces the girls and disappears to reveal a second PreHeart. Together the girls transform into Cure Macherie and Cure Amour.

Everyone stands in surprise as the duo appear, and they battle the Oshimaida while singing together until they can use Heart Song! and Heart Dance! to purify it. Yell is amazed by this display as Papple complains and storms off. Yell cries tears of joy and embraces both girls, very happy for the girls. They go on to combine their Mirai Crystals with Hugtan's power, while it's shown that Homare has won the preliminaries and Saaya got the role she auditioned for.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Emiru and Ruru transform into Cure Macherie and Cure Amour respectively for the first time.
  • Cure Macherie uses Heart Song! and Cure Amour uses Heart Dance! for the first time.


  • Big Love∞Infinite POWER played in the background as Macherie and Amour battled the Oshimaida.
  • Cure Yell's finishing pose in this episode has a more serious expression instead of her regular smile and wink.


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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第20話予告 「キュアマシェリとキュアアムール!フレフレ!愛のプリキュア!」

Episode 20 Preview

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