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Big Rampage? The Pretty Cure Emiru Wants To Become! (大暴走?えみるがなりたいプリキュア! Daibōsō? Emiru ga Naritai Purikyua!?) is the 21st episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 705th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Now that they are officially Pretty Cure, Ruru and Emiru decide to get in some special training to take full advantage of their brand new forms. However, Emiru goes overboard in her attempts to become the ideal Pretty Cure.


Emiru is overflowing with excitement now that she has become a real Pretty Cure alongside Ruru. While having tea she asks the girls more about being a Pretty Cure and its meaning, taking notes as Homare and Saaya gently warn Hana not to be so impulsive. She wanted to support them so she rushed into battle alone, which could have been dangerous. But her heart was in the right place and its because of her that they did so well so all is forgiven.

Meanwhile, at the Criasu Corp, Gelos is introduced as its brand new management member. Papple is quickly berated by her fake compliments and mockery when Listol pushes a button from his keyboard. An image of President Kurai appears to scream at Papple, reminding her to gather the Mirai Crystals.

At Beauty Harry, Emiru observes everyone get to work fulfilling the customers needs. She wants to help but she isn't sure how to go about it, and after a moment of distraction -Hugtan is beginning to walk- she is spotted by Harry. She claims she is keeping surveillance over the shop for anything suspicious, and Harry plays along while commenting on her cuteness until they overhear a woman nearby. Thinking something is wrong, Emiru and Ruru grab her purse, but it turns out that she is just missing her wallet. Ruru is able to locate it in her skirt pocket as Homare holds Emiru back from doing anything rash, and once things clear up the group resumes work. Harry approaches Emiru with a shopping list and she assumes its because she's a nuisance, but he calms her down by claiming she can go on patrol while she's out. Emiru perks up  and she bursts out of the shop with her guitar and bag on hand, Ruru trailing behind in order to keep an eye on her.

In town Emiru rushes to an old man in need of help crossing the road, but Ruru stops her. The light is red so he won't get hit by the speeding car she saw. She goes on to help him cross, then they head into the market to fetch the items on the list. In the process Emiru is nearly trampled by a group of customers hurrying to a sale.

The girls take a break once they finish and Emiru begins to play her guitar. Ruru notices how sad she appears to be and Emiru brings up that although she got her wish of becoming a Pretty Cure, she sees the others chase their dreams with their full extent, and she wishes to do the same as a Cure. Ruru attempts to comfort her but Emiru refuses to hear it, putting her guitar down and running away.

Ruru returns to the shop carrying everything they had and explains what happened. The girls feel bad for Emiru, and Ruru recalls that she too felt happy about becoming a Pretty Cure. However, for as much as she loves Emiru, there is some pain behind it and she isn't sure why. She feels anger but she doesn't want them to fight, and she wonders if they aren't friends after all. Hana and Saaya quickly assure her that its because Ruru cares so deeply for her that this is why she feels the way she does now- she only wants what is best for her.

Emiru has taken shelter in the park when Homare, Hugtan, and Harry locate her and wonder what happened when they notice Ruru isn't there. Emiru sadly ducks further in her hiding sport and explains what happened, then she expresses grief over having become a Pretty Cure and thinks it was a mistake. It was only because of Ruru that she could become one. Homare asks Emiru which made her happier, becoming a Pretty Cure, or that they did it together. Homare remarks that Ruru probably feels the same way, and Harry assures her that her selfless attitude back when they had one PreHeart makes her qualified to be a Pretty Cure; along with a bunch of other things. He pulls her out and Hugtan begins speaking to Emiru, which makes the trio very happy to see how much she's growing as of late. However, Harry is concerned because they have the eight Mirai Crystals, and yet she remains a baby.

Back at the gazebo, Ruru sings while playing a guitar, and to her surprise Emiru returns. She teases her poor playing and sits down to begin singing with her. As this is going on Papple targets the prickly feelings of a man cleaning up the park garden. She summons an Oshimaida and the girls call the others back at Beauty Harry to let them know what's going on before they transform into Cure Ma Cherie and Cure Amour. They begin the fight and beat up the Oshimaida as Papple observes from nearby. Gelos appears and continues to mock Papple, who summons more prickly power to strengthen the monster. It manages to separate the girls and when Amour sees the guitar is about to be smashed she attempts to protect it until Ma Cherie dives towards her to keep her safe, causing it to get smashed.

The others arrive in time to discover the girls mid-battle and they transform into Cure Yell, Cure Ange, and Cure Etoile to lend them a hand. Together the five hit the Oshimaida, allowing Ma Cherie and Amour to use Heart Song & Dance! , followed by Yell, Ange, and Etoile using Trinity Concert to purify it.

Amour feels guilty over having caused Emiru's guitar to break like this, but she assures her its fine, because she was able to protect her. Ma Cherie goes on to insist that things would be fine if they had their own Melody Swords and asks Yell to hand them over, but she refuses as they belong to them and it doesn't work like that. Etoile asks Harry for help but he isn't sure what to do. Suddenly, Hugtan uses her magic to open a portal from another location, and to the groups alarm, two mysterious girls appear before them. 


Pretty Cure



Major Events

  • Listol controlled the fake President Kurai to torment the other Criasu workers.
  • It is revealed that the eight Mirai Crystals needed to restore Hugtan to her true form were discovered, but she hadn't changed yet.
  • After Cure Macherie asks for a weapon like the Melody Sword, Hugtan uses her powers to summon Cure Black and Cure White.


  • Big Love∞Infinite POWER played in the background as Macherie and Amour battled the Oshimaida.
  • Emiru and Ruru sing Friends With You during a scene when Emiru becomes reassured again.
  • Emiru's prized guitar is badly broken during the battle against the Oshimaida.
  • Hugtan begins to walk for the first time.


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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第21話予告 「大暴走?えみるがなりたいプリキュア!」

Episode 21 Preview

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