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Our Song Of Love! Let It Reach! Twin Love Guitar! (ふたりの愛の歌!届け!ツインラブギター! Futari no Ai no Uta! Todoke! Tsuin Rabu Gitā?) is the 22nd episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 706th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Emiru and Ruru get into another dispute when they are unable to see eye-to-eye. But with some help from Nagisa and Honoka, their love for each other shines through; will it be enough to stop the despairing Papple?


The dust clears as the mysterious duo become aware of their surroundings, startled upon spotting the Hugtto Cure before them. Cure Black and Cure Yell begin to panic until Macherie wonders if they could be the delivery service for their Melody Swords. White suggests they calm down for a moment as Ange and the others take in the fact they resemble Pretty Cure. Realizing both teams are Pretty Cure shocks everyone.

Back at Beauty Harry, the girls enjoy some snacks and have a chat while Emiru observes her broken guitar. Ruru feels guilty over having been the cause, but when Emiru claims it isn't a big deal because she was kept safe, Ruru has trouble understanding. She attempts to convey this to Emiru but she's met with frustration. Hugtan begins to get upset and after realizing she could use a diaper change, Emiru volunteers to do it. Ruru joins the others as Nagisa and Honoka observe the feuding friends part, and Ruru expresses her confusion to everyone. They believe that Emiru lied to her in order to keep Ruru from worrying, but she still is, which doesn't help anything.

Meanwhile, Hugtan and Emiru bond after she changes her diaper. She doesn't want to fight with Ruru, but she doesn't want to hurt her either or make her upset, so she has to pretend to be okay, even though she is really sad. Nagisa asks her if this is really okay, joining the younger girls in Hugtan's bedroom. She goes on to remind Emiru that even best friends are likely to argue now and then, and holding back honest feelings won't solve anything. Emiru acknowledges this and decides to make amends, returning to another room in the shop to make some matching bracelets for her and Ruru. She points out to Hana that it was her bracelets with Homare and Saaya that gave her the idea, and she's been thinking about it for some time.

As this is going on, Ruru, Saaya, and Honoka have gotten together. Ruru would like to try to remake Emiru's guitar and she's enlisted their help. Honoka is excited to spend time with Ruru due to her being a cyborg and the scientific aspects behind it, and the trio happily get started after Ruru makes one last request.

At Criasu Corp, Papple is making her way to her bedroom to see her beloved. Recalling the earlier assessment she was given has put her in a terrible mood- one that worsens when she realizes that her boyfriend has been seeing Gelos behind her back. She runs from the room in dismay.

Ruru and Emiru come together as the girls spy on them from a distance. Ruru asks for an explanation regarding Emiru's earlier words, but when Emiru argues that she doesn't like to feel bad because she can't be understood, Ruru tells her that she never tells her anything, so she can't help it. Emiru explains that she doesn't regret what happened, because it kept Ruru safe, and as her best friend she would save her as many times as it takes. Ruru expresses to Emiru that she wants to be able to help her deal with her feelings, and this causes the girls to remember how cherished they are by the other person. Their emotional moment causes Nagisa to recall the argument she and Honoka got into a while after becoming Pretty Cure and Ruru goes on to reveal the guitar's she worked so hard to make. She longs to be able to play by Emiru's side, so with some help from Honoka and Saaya she was able to produce two guitars. Emiru happily puts the bracelets she made for the both of them.

Atop the tower, Papple wields the Prickly Powerer and walks towars the edge as she thinks about her lover. She longingly hopes he will come to her rescue and stop her, but she is further put into despair realizing she was never loved and pierces herself with it, transforming into a large Oshimaida. The tower begins to crumble and the terrified citizens around it flee as the group take notice. They transform into Cure Yell, Ange, Etoile, Macherie, and Amour. The battle begins but the group quickly find themselves struggling against her until Cure Black and Cure White reappear to lend a hand. As she rises from the water they managed to toss her into, Amour is startled upon realizing the Oshimaida is Papple. She takes a moment to remind the girls of who she is after they express confusion, and she wonders what could have happened as they realize she is weeping. Feeling her pain, Amour asks that she go to see her, along with Macherie, and the others give them encouragement.

They enter the Oshimaida to find a grieving Papple, an when they attempt to speak to her, she tells them off and some of the prickly powerer assaults the duo, but they stand firm as she accuses them of not being able to understand her- especially a heartless doll. Amour agrees that initially felt the same, but she's learned that this is far from the truth. Papple becomes angry and more prickly powerer appears, but this time Macherie stops it from reaching Amour. She yells out to Papple and admits that while she hasn't felt like her and everything might feel hopeless now, its not the end for her. She can do and be anything as long as she keeps trying. Papple argues against her and a large swirl of prickly powerer kicks up against Macherie. Amour comes to her side and explains that while she still doesn't understand things like truths and lies, she does understand the agonizing pain behind loving someone so much. These words resonate with Papple and the prickly powerer slowly begins to dissipate around them as they reach her. They encourage her that she can still love with her heart, even if it might end in failure, one day she can truly find the person who returns her love as long as she keeps holding onto it. Papple begins to cry, but by now she feels much better, having found the beauty in their words. The girls embrace Papple and are surrounded by a beautiful light.

Returning outside of the pacified Oshimaida, Macherie and Amour are surprised to see their newly formed Mirai Crystals. They insert them into their newly formed Twin Love Guitars and perform Twin Love Rock Beat to purify it and Papple.

Back to normal, the girls happily congratulate Ruru and Emiru for their efforts. With everyone in such high spirits Hugtan uses her magic to summon the portal again, pulling away Nagisa and Honoka and returning them home. The girls say their farewells as Ruru and Emiru admire their new guitars and bracelets. 

Major Events

  • Picking up from the last episode, Cure Black and Cure White have arrived in front of the HUGtto! teamthanks to Hugtan's powers.
  • Overcome with despair after seeing Gelos with her boyfriend, Papple uses some of her Prickly Powerer to turn herself into an Oshimaida.
  • The Cures pose as a group for the first time.
  • Cure Macherie and Cure Amour receive their Twin Love Guitars and perform Twin Love Rock Beat for the first time.
  • Papple is purified by the attack after Macherie and Amour tell her that she still has love.


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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第22話予告 「ふたりの愛の歌!届け!ツインラブギター!」

Episode 22 Preview

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