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The Biggest Pinch! President Kurai Appears! (最大のピンチ!プレジデント・クライあらわる! Saidai no Pinchi! Purejidento・Kurai Arawaru!?) is the 23rd episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 707th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


With Papple gone, Daigan takes over attacking Pretty Cure. Meanwhile, the girls attempt to enjoy the start of their summer vacation but Hana is concerned as she still lacks a goal for her future like everyone else. Its then she runs into George again, who she later discovers has been keeping something from her.


With their new Mirai Crystals, Ruru and Emiru add their powers to Hugtan while discussing its importance. They don't entirely understand but assume it has something to do with her growing up healthy. They go on to feed her an take into account that she's began to eat more than usual. They also discover that she's taken some photo's of her own and look back to see how much she's grown. As he goes off to help Ruru and Emiru stop the popcorn machine, Homare notices Harry seems to be in a poor mood.

At school the girls overhear their male classmates discussing Pretty Cure. Hana is delighted as she hears them compliment her and how Cure Yell takes down any and all foes who stand before her, but for a second this causes Hana to recall a past event. She snaps out of it and soon school comes to an end. She suggests they chat about their summer plans, but with everyone so busy she decides to head off on her own. She heads out to the forest and begins to draw, but as she thinks about everyone working so hard for their own goals, she herself has none yet.

A heavy downpour begins, forcing Hana to seek shelter at the nearby gazebo, where she runs into the mysterious man again. He helps her dry off and they begin to chat when he sees her drawings from earlier. Hana admits she doesn't have a dream just yet, and he surprises her as he goes on to mention his own: the dream of creating the perfect world. He wants everyone to be happy and for everything to freely grow. He compliments Hana after she comments on his inspiring dream and takes off when she becomes distracted observing a rainbow form as the rain stops. She gets up to leave and hopes to come by the mysterious man again as a girl nearby gets targeted by one of the Criasu Corp workers. He summons a large skeleton monster using her cellphone strap.

The girls transform into Cure Yell, Ange, Etoile, Macherie, and Amour and arrive on scene. They don't recognize Daigan though, and before he can fully introduce himself he gets attacked by another man. The girls take pity on him and Ange uses her power to soothe his pain, but before she can fully help him, Doctor Traum forces him away. The girls are appalled by his behavior but he couldn't care, since they weren't friends. He goes on to power-up the Oshimaida that Daigan summoned, alarming the girls as a battle ensues. They quickly find themselves struggling to keep up with it and Hugtan begins to cry as the girls lay helpless. However, Yell turns to find George and she runs to his side to protect him. He compliments her once more, but his conversation with Doctor Traum causes her to realize he's part of Criasu Corp. Harry recognizes him and he warns her to get away as the book he was holding begins to glow, and with it, he summons all of their Mirai Crystals. The girls return to normal and with the crystals now by his side, he seals away their power as Hana begins to despair.

George freezes time and the girls, but to his confusion Hugtan remains moving. He uses his magic to bring her closer and she cries out for the girls; hearing her scream out "mama" causes Hana to recall the past, back when she used to be bullied for sticking up for others in school. Her mother comforted her after discovering why she was so sad, and to George's shock Hana snaps out of the frozen time, and her CureHeart reacts, allowing her to become Cure Yell once more to save Hugtan. George is only momentarily caught off-guard, and he watches as everything returns to normal, and the girls become Pretty Cure once more. George decides to take off, leaving Doctor Traum to resume the fight. This time the girls manage to beat up the Oshimaida as Doctor Traum recognizes Harry for a moment. With their strength increased, the girls quickly make work of the monster to purify it with Twin Love Rock Beat. The girls reunite but Harry seems perturbed by something.

Meanwhile, George returns to Criasu Corp to take his proper spot as the head, with Gelos welcoming him back. He brings up that because of how much tomorrow power this world still possesses, they must keep on fighting for now. As this is going on, Listol heads into another room to pay a strange person in a locked room a visit, telling them that they will be coming out soon to help them. The person asks if they are sure.

At Beauty Harry, Harry is troubled over the white Mirai Crystal not working properly. Criasu Corp still hasn't found it because its lacking power, but he wishes they could restore it. It's then Homare shows up and expresses her suspicion with him as of late, so she asks that he not keep anything secret from them anymore, and to confide in her if he feels upset. He agrees and they return inside to find the girls momentarily concerned over Criasu Corp and its new change as of late. Hana gets up and manages to raise everyone's spirits; Harry is unaware of the white crystal reacting to this sudden joy.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Daigan attacks the Cures and summons an Oshimaida for the first time.
  • Doctor Traum appears for the first time, attacking and destroying Daigan, and also upgrades the Oshimaida.
  • The mysterious man named George is revealed to be President Kurai.
  • Kurai steals all the Cures' Mirai Crystals and PreHearts and then corrupts the crystals and devices, causing the Cures to lose their powers and for him to freeze time forever to achieve his vision of eternal happiness.
  • It is revealed that Hana transferred school after being bullied by her peers.
  • Hana breaks free from Kurai's spell to rescue Hugtan and restore her friends' powers.
  • Harry appears to have possession of the white Mirai Crystal.
  • Bicine is also seen briefly.
  • The new ED, HUGtto! YELL FOR YOU, is used for the first time.


  • In addition to the ending song changing, the opening was updated to include Emiru and the purified Ruru along with their respective Cure forms, as well as the newest members of the Criasu Corporation.


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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第23話予告 「最大のピンチ!プレジデント・クライあらわる!」

Episode 23 Preview

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