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Energetic Splash! The Nightpool of Fascination! (元気スプラッシュ!魅惑のナイトプール! Genki Supurasshu! Miwaku no Naitopūru!?) is the 24th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 708th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Hearing about the night pool event excites the girls, but upon arrival they find old decorations and nothing the younger crowd would be into, so they step in to help the council make a splash!


At Beauty Harry, Hana spots a poster Harry hung up earlier and she becomes very excited. A night pool party is a great way to kick off summer, and its considered to be "very mature and grown-up". While she remains in high-spirits, Homare is suspicious as she and Saaya take note of the corny slogan written on the poster.

Their concerns seem accurate when the group decide to check out the location to discover its covered in old festival decorations. Hana is in complete dismay and she calls out the Chief of the council, but she perks right up when he brings up that because they have a large amount of usable funds, Beauty Harry should handle the set-up. They make a quick run to HugMan to pick up supplies and return to the pool location to get to work; they clean the area, blow up various decorations and pool floats, wire lighting for evening display, and check the water supply. Seeing Hana so happy encourages the others to keep going as they recall how much they have been put through as of late.

As evening begins to set, the Chief compliments the girls' efforts and they rip off their cleaning attire as the pool officially opens and everyone swarms in to join them in the water. The girls play with Hugtan while greeting friends, family, even their Teacher. As Hana congratulates his wife's pregnancy Homare begins to blush while observing Harry while he serves food to a bunch of girls. They are shocked when Charaleet shows up just then, but to their surprise he's only come as a means of producing a new video for his online channel. Papple comes by to collect him once she assures them that they feel better now, so they don't intend on attacking them anymore, and before they leave the girls ask that they give Daigan their hopes that he is doing better as well.

Hana is so happy to see this, but as she begins to recall what George told her the other day and how he temporarily froze time she starts to have a panic attack. She had trusted him and his ideals of a peaceful world, and even tried to protect him but her trust was broken. But as she looks at everyone smiling, she finds herself smiling as well and cheers herself on, then she sinks into the water to cover her tears and shake off the sudden depression. She doesn't notice her mom observing her from where she is.

As this is going on, Gelos appears with her butlers to spot a pair of boys being called out for running near the pool, putting their safety at risk. The boys complain and she wastes no time sucking up their prickly power, but she decides to hold onto it for now. She waits until Emiru and Ruru put on an impromptu concert that everyone loves. She summons a watermelon Oshimaida and the pool is covered in the prickly power she has left over, freaking out Hana as she thinks back to George again and gets frightened.

However, Emiru and Ruru gain enough strength through tomorrow power previously there to keep playing their lovely song, chasing away all of the prickles. Everyone remains all smiles and Hana realizes that besides protecting them, their smiles also give them the power they need to become stronger. She cheers up no longer feeling fright and they go on to compliment the musical duo- only for Gelos to appear and strengthen the Oshimaida.

The girls transform into Cure Yell, Ange, Etoile, Macherie, and Amour and a fight ensues. As the trio hold it back, Macherie and Amour make quick work of the monster by performing their brand new attacks: Macherie Poppin' and Amour Rock n' Roll, then purifying it with Twin Love Rock Beat.

Gelos complains and takes off as Charaleet and Papple approach the girls to speak with Emiru and Ruru, wanting to take them on as clients for their brand new talent agency. It's then Daigan arrives and he realizes Saaya was the girl who healed him the other day. He thanks her and she is very happy realizing he is okay, given how worried she was for him. Hana's mother observes her and her friends glad to see she feels better, and the group get together for a picture; only for Charaleet and Papple to join in and upset the floatie they were using. Despite this, Hana is all smiles as the picture takes.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • It is revealed that Papple and Daigan have both survived being purified, with the former becoming a talent agent.
  • Cure Macherie uses Macherie Poppin' and Cure Amour uses Amour Rock n' Roll for the first time.
  • Gelos' butlers are seen out of her summoning animation for the first time.
  • Gelos is promoted to the General Manager of Criasu Corporation.


  • The episode's airdate coincides with Aisaki Emiru's birthday.
  • Emiru and Ruru perform LOVE & LOVE during their show at the night pool.


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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第24話予告 「元気スプラッシュ!魅惑のナイトプール!」

Episode 24 Preview

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