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The Summer Festival, Fireworks and Harry's Secret (夏祭りと花火とハリーのヒミツ Natsu Matsuri to Hanabi to Harī no Himitsu?) is the 25th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 709th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


During the summer festival Homare and Harry grow closer and with lingering feelings, he decides to discuss his past with her. Unfortunately, someone from his past returns with the intention of bringing him back to Criasu Corp.


Ruru and Emiru are approached by Charaleet, Papple, and Daigan, who once again request they join their Talent Agency. The girls refuse on the grounds they have important things to deal with at the time and head off, but they remain stubborn.

Meanwhile, Homare is being fitted with a kimono by her grandmother. She recalls wearing it back when she was younger and Homare's mom joins them having just woke up. She compliments how cute Homare looks and runs off to fetch a star hairpin, earning her more compliments. Homare finishes preparing and she meets up with everyone else; where she becomes flustered as Harry begins to compliment her. Hugtan pulls on his chain necklace and Harry gently scolds her.

At Criasu Corp, Bicine informs Doctor Traum that he will be heading out. Doctor Traum correctly guesses that he wants to pay him a visit. Bicine confirms and takes off.

At the festival the girls happen to come across Papple, who has set up a fundraising raffle for the Agency. Hana immediately spots a cute bear and decides to try for it, but after five losses she gets convinced to stop so that she doesn't spend all of her money. Papple offers a trade, in that if Ruru and Emiru were to join the agency, she would give Hana as many tries as it takes for free- just then Hinase appears with 500 yen and requests trying, even though Fumito reminds him it was all he has on hand. To Papple's surprise he manages to win, and he hands over the bear to her in hopes she would understand how he feels about her. But when he hands the bear over to Hugtan, Papple encourages him to remain hopeful. They go on to have a group picture before moving on to the shooting gallery. Saaya and Ruru step up and with their wits, manage to win the top prize, following by the girls sitting down for Katanuki. They struggle, with Homare and Harry doing the best until the accidentally brush arms, causing her to get flustered and earn him the last-second win.

It's then the girls spot Emiru's big brother and Henri. They exchange greeting as Homare agrees to face off against Harry once more, causing Henri to laugh as he observes her. He insists its nothing and takes off with Masato.

Later the group prepare for evening, but when they decide they would like to get more food before the fireworks start, Harry offers to find a spot with Hugtan and wait for them. Homare decides to stay behind also, as she is full enough for now, and they begin to walk up the stairs behind them. Harry offers to stop if Homare needs a break but she assures him its fine, then as she observes him help Hugtan with a bug bite, she remarks on how good he is with children. She assumes it has something to do with his parents, but Harry informs her that he doesn't know his parents. He only remembers being on his own, so this means he must be an orphan. He can remember the time some younger friends took him in, and because there was so many of them he usually had to look after them. Homare respects this and confesses that when she was little, her parents got a divorce. She's been with her mom since, and even when she hit her rough patch her mom was always there for her. Which is why the future her is the person she wants to become, someone for them. Harry compliments her but she insists its nothing, he goes on to recall their promise, but before he can say anything more, Bicine appears.

At Criasu Corp, Doctor Traum has decided to set up stalls reminicent of a summer festival. He offers some food to Listol, who accepts it while realizing Bicine has gone missing. He appears surprised as Doctor Traum explains what happened.

Homare is startled as she realizes Harry knows the mysterious boy who just showed up. He hands Hugtan over to her but refuses to say anything, transforming into his hamster mode and running away. Bicine gives chase and worried for his safety, Homare runs after him. Meanwhile, the girls feel the prickly power within the area and manage to meet up with the others just as Bicine hits Harry and picks him up. He expresses disappointment that Harry hasn't defeated Pretty Cure, which surprises the girls as he goes on to reveal Harry and Bicine are good friends, and Harry is a prior Criasu Corp employee. It's then Bicine sees the necklace Harry is wearing and he removes it after recalling he didn't wear it in the past. This causes Harry to transform into a monster and he attacks the girls, forcing them to transform into Pretty Cure.

Not wanting to fight Harry, the girls attempt to dodge his attacks, causing him to smash up the surrounding forest as they get thrown around. Bicine is really happy to see Harry is back to his "old self" and he instructs him to finish them off. Etoile stands against him and raises her wand to fend him off. She asks Harry if this is what he's been keeping from them, and if he thought this would be something that would make them turn their backs against him. Harry attempts to attack her, but Etoile's radiance and friendship keeps him back, and as she reaches a hand out to hm, he recalls a past moment when someone else did the same for him. This causes him pain as the two sources of power fight against one-another, and with this opening the girls purify him.

Bicine angrily tells off Etoile as she picks up the weakened Harry, but when he attempts to attack her, Harry comes to her rescue and the chain he wore on his neck is restored. Bicine expresses dismay as Harry makes it clear he won't be returning to Criasu, but he laughs it off and promises to return before taking off. The girls worriedly check on Harry and he apologizes to everyone for worrying them. The firework show begins and everyone happily watches them.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Bicine makes his first full appearance, intent on bringing Harry back to Criasu's side.
  • It is revealed that Harry was once a colleague of Bicine and used to work for the Criasu Corporation, but was saved by a mysterious person.
    • During Harry's flashback, he is seen with several other fairies, including two others whose true identity isn't revealed for some time.
  • The monster form Harry had while he was with Criasu appears for the first time and Bicine sends him to attack the Cures, but Cure Étoile is able to get him to come to his senses.
  • Homare's mother and grandparents appear for the first time.



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HUGっと!プリキュア 第25話予告 「夏祭りと花火とハリーのヒミツ」

Episode 25 Preview

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