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Being Related To A Famous Actress! Saaya And Her Mother (大女優に密着!さあやとおかあさん Dai Joyū ni Micchaku! Sāya to Okāsan?) is the 26th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 710th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


As of late Saaya has been questioning her decision to follow in her mothers footsteps as an actress. The girls encourage her to speak to her mother so they pay the studio she works at a visit.


Having done a drink commercial recently, Saaya has become popular as of late and has a group of fans line up to visit her at HugMan one day. She's exhausted as they return to Beauty Harry later and Hana attempts to figure out her future as she realizes everyone seems to have their own determined. As hard as she tries she stays the same old Hana. Saaya argues that she isn't entirely sure being an actress is what she wants though, and they wonder what her mom thinks about her following her in her footsteps. Saaya confesses that she isn't sure, since they rarely speak lately due to how busy she is. Ruru and Harry suggest she find out now rather then keep her feelings to herself, and to give her courage Hana suggests they go with her.

At the Ohei studio the girls observe a poster of Saaya's mom in a popular cooking show she's been working on. They are joined by Saaya's father, who was coming by to bring Reira her lunch and to handle some business, and he leads them inside. The girls decide to look around as he goes to locate his wife and Hana is excited to find some celebrities to get autographs; which indirectly summons Ranze to show up. Hana admits to not really remembering her, which irritates her to no end but she agrees to give her an autograph anyway- despite Hana not asking. Saaya seems happy when she learns that Ranze will be making a guest appearance on the program, but when Ranze gets too loud Hugtan begins to cry. They are joined by Reira, who manages to gently calm her down and impress the girls. Harry apologizes for the commotion and they take off in order to avoid causing further problems. The girls feel bad but she holds no ill-will against them and leaves, impressing the girls with her dignity, along with her passion during acting, to the point of biting into a raw leek. As soon as the practice shoot ends she complains over the flavor being too strong for her, but the Director loved her ad-libing so she is happy with how the scene went.

Eventually a lunch break is called and Saaya approaches her mom. She asks if she saw the commercial and worries she could be troubling her after noticing she hasn't touched lunch yet. Saaya worries she may be bothering her mom, but her mom sees through this and challenges her daughter by asking her if she feels bothered by the criticism she will have to face as an actress. There will always be people accusing her of riding on her coat-tails by being an actress, and when Saaya confesses not to knowing, her mom gets up while informing her that she has other options. Saaya sadly heads out to take a walk while wondering if she was bothering her mom.

Just then, an older man approaches Saaya and embraces her. She is too startled to respond when a few older people show up and they realize she doesn't remember them. They recall watching her and assisting her mom back when she was a little girl, changing her diapers and feeding her, and how desperately she was to get a part in the show they were preparing for. He was worried that as a young mother with a child, it might be too much for her to handle both jobs at once, but because he too had a child, he could understand. He agreed to take her mother on as an actress because he saw something special in Reira, saying that they could all work together to make it work. Everyone was so happy, and Reira worked very hard to be both a good actress and mother. He is very happy to see how Saaya has grown and they bring her and the girls inside as her dad joins them. He suggests to him that he should show the girls what her mom is doing, and he leads them outside to another area of the studio.

To the girls surprise they find Reira diligently cutting up food in the kitchen. She's never been that great of a cook, but for every role she obtains she's been working very hard to improve her skills to further herself as an actress. This causes Saaya to recall how hard her mom worked to raise her. Even though she was busy, she was always supporting her on television when she would watch her; she wanted to see this world she was a part of, which is why she sought out being an actress too.

As this is going on, Ranze is in dismay over having to eat leek. She really detests them and can't stand the concept after her trauma involving them, and this little bit of prickle power is enough for Gelos to seek her out. She takes it away and strengthens it to summon an Oshimaida from the nearby camera. The girls sense this and rush to the location in time to see Gelos suck away the overflowing prickles she senses in Reira. The girls transform into Pretty Cure and a fight begins, with Ange quickly making quick work of it with her abilities. She slams the Oshimaida into the ground, allowing Macherie and Amour use Twin Love Rock Beat to purify it.

The shoot resumes and soon comes to an end once the entire meal course has been prepared. Emiru gets closer to look at it and curiously asks where it came from, and to their surprise they learn that Saaya's father is the actual chef. Everyone is then invited to sit down to enjoy the meal, and Saaya gets up to approach her parents. She informs her mom that while she still isn't sure if she wants to be an actress right now, she does know that at some point she would like to act alongside her.


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HUGっと!プリキュア 第26話予告 「大女優に密着!さあやとおかあさん」

Episode 26 Preview

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