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Teacher Learns How To Be A Daddy! Hi There, Baby! (先生のパパ修行!こんにちは、あかちゃん! Sensei no Papa Shugyō! Kon'nichi wa, Akachan!?) is the 27th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 711th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Uchifuji-sensei is about to become a father, so he takes up a job at Hugman for advice from Shintarou. But when Charaleet arrives to drum up business he gets into a rivalry with Harry. Meanwhile, the girls look after his wife, who is due to give birth at any moment!


Hana and Ruru arrive to HugMan to find Uchifuji a flustered mess as he attempts to locate baby supplies. He becomes worse when a couple bring in their crying baby and attempts to compose himself once he realizes Shintarou is Hana's father, and because of how well she's growing up, he requests learning how to be a prepared, sturdy father from him. He explains that Yuka will be giving birth soon and he is really worried, because while she's ready for motherhood, he isn't sure he will be a good father. Shintarou attempts to explain that it isn't that hard and doesn't want to get involved, but he reconsiders after Hana asks him to. Shintarou tells Uchifuji to return the next day.

At Beauty Harry, Hana brings up what happened. The girls are very curious as to what this training entails and share some laughs, and Hana goes on to reveal that she plans on watching after Yuka in the mean time. Saaya and Homare agree to come also, and they asks Ruru and Emiru to watch after the shop in their absence.

The following day, Uchifuji returns to HugMan where Shintarou suggests they start by moving boxes- but while he effortlessly balances several on one hand, Uchifuji has trouble just holding one in both. Just then, Charaleet shows up in order to purchase a hat he needs for his video he will be doing. Shintarou points out they aren't open yet, but they will be unloading the hats soon if he would like to help them speed things along. While Uchifuji has trouble he works very hard, while Charaleet messes around while working, but he manages to charm the customers. It's then Harry shows up with Hugtan to ask about the lunches for the day. The girl customers fawn over Harry, which frustrates Charaleet and causes them to quickly form a rivalry when he confronts him.

Meanwhile, Emiru is very hungry and she complains as Harry isn't back yet.

Harry works at the shop in order to compete with Charaleet, and when another worker needs Shintarou, Uchifuji is given Hugtan to watch. He attempts to occupy her but she bursts into tears, flustering him again. Charaleet has no idea what to do but somehow, Hugtan perks right up. This confuses Uchifuji until Shintarou returns, revealing that because of Charaleet's constant dancing, his posture is capable of putting babies at ease. Charaleet plays around with Hugtan and begins to enjoy his time with her while Uchifuji takes what he can from this experience.

At their home, Saaya prepares some ice tea for everyone when Hanan opens the nearby door to discover the closet is full of diaper packs. Yuka brings up how worried her husband was over not having enough, and she brings up they went to get baby food the other day- only for labor pains to suddenly kick in.

Harry attempts to get Uchifuji to calm down by holding Hugtan, but he is too nervous. She senses this and nearly begins to cry, and when Charaleet suggests he try to dance, he falls back and collides with a tall shelf. Boxes fall from it but he guards Hugtan from getting hurt, which causes her to calm down as he looks on to see she is safe. Shintarou is glad to see he is calmed, and he goes on to express that as long as he pays attention to the baby he will learn what they need. It's okay to worry, because Yuka and their baby will too, but throw the work he did today, he showed that he is capable of handling it. Their joy is short-lived however, when the girls suddenly call to inform them that she is in labor. Saaya has gone on with Yuka while Homare and Hana remain behind, telling them they will meet up later. Saaya is worried over Yuka and she holds her hand, and when Yuka expresses that while she is in a lot of pain, their baby is trying hard to meet them, something resonates within her.

The guys attempt to get a ride for Uchifuji so that he can get to the hospital while Emiru and Ruru appear, just as Shintarou returns with a bike for Uchifuji to use. The others meet up with Homare and Hana and join him at the hospital, where the doctor assures Saaya everything will be okay and helps the couple calm down before taking them into another room. As the others wait, Saaya confides in the others that it wasn't pain she felt from Yuka, but the strength of a mother, and this is something that touched her deeply.

Just then they hear a baby crying, and the group happily celebrate. The doctor exits the room to let them know everything is okay as Saaya wipes away tears of relief. She asks the doctor if her job is hard, and she is further taken-aback as the doctor confirms that it is, but to her its also the best job. Everyone puts on masks and they head back to visit the baby, where Uchifuji begins to weep while observing his child, and he promises to keep it safe.

Doctor Traum appears to find the hospital surrounded in tomorrow power, but he finds one person with enough prickles for him to summon an Oshimaida. The group sense this and rush outside to transform into Pretty Cure, where Ange quickly shouts at everyone to be quiet for the babies sake- including the villains as the girls fight. Doctor Traum is even willing to be quiet, although he isn't very happy. Amour and Macherie quickly purify it with Twin Love Rock Beat; apologizing afterwards for the noise.

The girls return to the hospital as the babies sleep, and Doctor Traum returns to Criasu Corp. He complains over the girls breaking their rules and when Gelos brings up this odd act of consideration, he remarks that only a parent could understand. He takes a moment to observe a picture of himself with Ruru.  

Hugtan observes the babies sleeping when Uchifuji returns, very stiff from nerves getting the best of him. Everyone shares a laugh and they gather together to take a group picture with Yuka, Uchifuji, and their baby.


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Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Uchifuji-sensei's wife Yuka gives birth to a baby boy. 
  • It is implied that Doctor Traum had created Ruru.


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HUGっと!プリキュア 第27話予告 「先生のパパ修行!こんにちは、あかちゃん!」

Episode 27 Preview

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