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Catch That Heart? Hooray Hooray! Mogumogu! (あのコのハートをキャッチ?フレフレ!もぐもぐ! Anoko no Hāto wo Kyacchi? Furefure! Mogumogu!?) is the 28th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 712th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Mogumogu develops a crush on a cat from a recent commercial, so the girls set out to help him impress during an upcoming audition to decide who will star with Lily in the next commercial. Meanwhile, Ruru worries that because she is an android, her sense of love differs from everyone else.


One day Mogumogu awakens to a cat food commercial on television as Homare comes in to bring him food. He falls head-over-heels in love with the pretty cat staring in it and when Homare reveals what happened at Beauty Harry, Hana takes it upon herself to play cupid. The girls are perplexed Mogumogu would fall in love with a cat, but they decide not to question it. However, Emiru points out that because Lily is a celeb among cats, it would be nearly impossible to reach her. But, as it turns out, Saaya discovers that there is an upcoming audition to find a pet to star alongside Lily in the next commercial. The girls begin to chatter with excitement, except for Ruru, who seems troubled by something.

Homare gets to work training Mogumogu, but while he does really well, they worry its not good enough. Saaya looks up other criteria to see what else they should work on, such as the dogs coolness. Emiru gets an idea and the group return inside, where she puts on a monster costume. Everyone is confused until she brings up how heroic it is to stand up to villians and monsters- but she looks cute, so Homare finds it hard to believe it would scare him. Somehow it does though, so Harry steps in to assist them by trying to give Mogumogu a cool image. But it clashes and the girls find the look to be un-cool; even if he still looks cute. Ruru attempts to speak up just then, but she reconsiders and remains silent.

As she plays with Emiru outside, she brings up how weird Ruru was behaving today and Ruru decides to confide in her. She expresses that because of how the love between a cat and dog seems implausible, and it reminds her that as an android, she is different from the others, who are all human. Emiru begins to sing and she assures Ruru that she likes her, and she puts these feelings into the song. She asks Ruru if she can feel it, and when she confirms that she can, Emiru tells her that a difference in species don't matter when it comes to love. This cheers her up and when Emiru suggests they cheer Moguogu on through their song, Ruru agrees.

They put on an impromptu performance at the start of the auditions that not only earns them a lot of praise, but the attention of Papple, Charaleet, and Daigan yet again. As it turns out though, they actually came to show support to Haru, Papple's pet dog. Mogumogu is intimidated, but seeing the groups support encourages him. The auditions begin with a fashion show from the entrants, with Mogumogu wearing an adorable, basketball outfit. He temporarily takes the lead in points, until Haru's beautiful eyes manages to win the judges over. Next they head outside for the sports part, where Papple immediately trips and causes Haru to be taken out of the round. Mogumogu isn't able to stay in the lead very long, until Saaya manages to give him a burst of encouragement. He manages to take first place.

During a water break, Bicine happens to spot a man concerned that his dog won't manage to win despite their efforts. Bicine comments that he knows how this feels, and this gives him a chance to summon a Mou-Oshimaida.

Next, the dogs must defend their owners from a robotic burglar. It's Mogumogu's turn and the girls are beginning to worry, but they remain confident. Mogumogu is too frightened to do anything, but just then, the robot reveals itself to be the Mou-Oshimaida. It starts throwing bombs around the area and everyone attempts to escape, with Papple being abandoned by Haru and the guys. The girls wait for everyone to run away before they transform into Pretty Cure. The fight begins while Bicine observes, and he spots Harry, then remarks on how lame the Pretty Cure are. The Oshimaida pulls out a large mallet and begins swinging it around when Mogumogu spots a crying little girl nearby. She was separated from her mother and is very frightened, as is Mogumogu. Etoile attacks it and this encourages Mogumogu to save the little girl. He barks at the monster and leads her to safety as Bicine enlarges the monster, Amour uses A to fend it off. He attempts to manipulate Harry by saying that the girls will stop being his friends sooner or later, but they argue back. Amour and Macherie purify the monster and Bicine takes off, warning Harry not to come to him when they eventually leave him.

As staff attempt to pack up things the girls are disappointed that the auditions were put on hold due to what happened. But Homare is still very proud of Mogumogu for what he did, and to their surprise, the little girl and her mom return to thank him. In an even bigger twist, it turns out that Lily belongs to them, and she came to see the audition. She was very impressed by what Mogumogu did, especially because she loves the little girl. She approaches Mogumogu and rubs her nose against him, which makes everyone very happy. Ruru goes on to tell Emiru that she loves her very much, and she embraces her as thanks. Hugtan repeats by hugging Harry, then they get together for a group picture.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Bicine summons a Mou-Oshimaida for the first time.



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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第28話予告 「あのコのハートをキャッチ♡フレフレ!もぐもぐ!」

Episode 28 Preview

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