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Let's Settle This! The Spirit of Grandma's Recipes! (ここで決めるよ!おばあちゃんの気合のレシピ! Koko de Kimeru yo! Obāchan no Kiai no Reshipi!?) is the 29th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 713th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls pay Tanpopo -Hana's grandmother- a visit and decide to bake the special manju she used to produce with her late husband after she gets hurt.


The girls arrive to a darkened, old-fashioned shop full of various sweets. The girls are curious when they spot a fluffy blob-like creature, but it turns out to be a head of hair belonging to Hana's grandmother, Tanpopo. She turns on a light and the girls admire her traditional sweets, although they find her eccentric hairstyle and Hana-esque personality a bit much. Tanpopo prepares some dorayaki for the girls and shows them the process of filling the buns with mashed red bean paste before handing over the completed sweet. Everyone fawns over the delicious taste and she heads off to prepare to open the shop, struggling a bit along the way. Hana offers the groups assistence and she runs outside to hand out dorayaki samples to passerbys while the others help inside with the shop.

However, one customer is disatisfied with the quality of the dorayaki's red bean paste and Tanpopo loses her patience with her. She tells Yone to leave if she doesn't like the taste, causing Yone to remark that Tanpopo House will close down if she continues to go produce items like this. She leaves in a huff as Tanpopo informs the girls that she has been a long-time customer of the shop. Hana is confused, considering how good the dorayaki is, and Tanpop rushes inside towork on her mega-dorayaki, a new recipe she believes will make the shop famous. But just as she goes to cook the batter and form its shape, her back suddenly gives out. The group rush her to the hospital and she sadly lays in bed. Hana attempts to speak to her but she asks them to leave, refusing to let Hana see her in such a miserable state. Hana tries to argue but Homare suggests they leave for now. Tanpopo pulls out a pocket watch to overlook a picture of her late-husband.

The mood remains heavy as the group make their way through a path, but to their surprise they find Yone nearby. She apologizes for earlier and invites them in, wanting to explain how the decline of the shop has been on her mind for some time now. Everything used to be wonderful, including the special manju that was on the menu back when Tanpopo's husband was alive. Hana is surprised to hear this, as her grandpa died when she was a baby, so she never really knew him or what they used to do in the shop. Yone explains that eversince then, Tanpopo quit making manju, but she sells many other buns in their place. This seems to inspire Hana, and she suggests they try to make these manju to raise her spirits. The others agree to give it a try- only for them to realize they don't know the recipe.

The group return to Tanpopo's and to the praying spot set up in back so that Hana can request her Grandfathers help. The others aren't sure this will help but they can't bring themselves to say anything, but suddenly, Hana spots a book on the top of the case and they discover the recipe inside. The group gather ingredients and get to work; with Hana struggling to mix the sweet potatoes into a dough. She stubbornly continues to mix after recalling the efforts Tanpopo put into preparing sweets every day all these years.

Meanwhile, Yone comes by with something for Tanpopo in order to apologize for what she said. She feels badly for it, but Tanpopo achnowledges that she wasn't wrong. She is an old woman and her body doesn't work the way it used to, she knows that, and at this rate her shop will be finished.

Just then, covered in flour, everyone returns to the hospital with the manju they worked on. She is shocked to see them and she begins to weep from joy as she recalls her late-husband presenting them to her. She goes on to remember that back when they first started the shop the several mistakes they made, and how they used sweet potato as a substitute for red beans. They were so happy with what they produced, and she loved its taste. Her husband tried one and he deemed it to be very good, and because of their efforts and determination to never give up, he decided to name them "kibou manju". Emiru goes on to ask her why she wasn't making them anymore, and Tanpopo mentions that she really wanted to- but with memories of her husband, she couldn't bare the thought of producing them if they would taste any different from how they were before. She picks up one of the ones the group made as Hana apologizes for overstepping her boundaries, but to their surprise, she remarks that its good. She begins to weep again and she thanks Hana for her help. But she goes on to remark that she still has a lot to learn about sweets making; so she thinks they should get together to make a bunch more.

As the group make their way back to Tanpopo House, Gelos sees overwhelming prickly power in a nearby man who gets critisized for slacking on the job. She asks JinJin and Takumi to handle it for her. The Oshimaida appears just as the girls are learning how to properly roll the manju dough and Harry rushes inside to alert them. They run outside to find it nearby and without hesitation transform into Cure Yell, Ange, Etoile, Macherie and Amour. The ensuing battle causes the Cures to be thrown around, and Yell rushes to her Grandmother seeing her outside of her shop. But to their shock, she wields her mixing paddle and hits the sphere it tossed in her direction back at the monster. The Oshimaida attempts to attack her directly when Yell comes to her rescue, and in this moment Tanpopo recognizes her as Hana. The girls use this moment to cast Trinity Concert to purify the Oshimaida.

Everything returns to normal and everyone sits down to enjoy the manju. Hana offers to come by to lend her grandmother help again but she assures Hana that things will be fine. But just as she rises, she hurts her back again. Yone surprises them by revealing that for an older woman she has a lot of muscle, so she can lend Tanpopo a hand too to ensure they continue to have delicious sweets. Tanpopo goes on to tell Hana that maybe growing old isn't so bad. It may have its sad moments but there are a lot of special ones too. Hana happily tells her that she hopes to become a "stylish grandma" like her when she grows up. Tanpopo has no doubts, as her stylish granddaughter. They take a picture and return the recipe notebook and a manju to the prayer spot of her late-husband.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Hana's grandmother appears for the first time.
  • JinJin and Takumi summon their first Mou Oshimaida at Gelos' request.


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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第29話予告 「ここで決めるよ!おばあちゃんの気合のレシピ!」

Episode 29 Preview

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