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Oh Time, Come Forth! The Memorial Cure Clock Is Born! (時よ、すすめ!メモリアルキュアクロック誕生! Toki yo, Susume! Memoriaru Kyua Kurokku Tanjō!?) is the 31st episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 715th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls return to school when Hana discovers her old classmate -Eri- will be in town for an event. Memories of her past leading to her sudden transfer come flooding back; will she be able to move past it to lend Eri a hand when trouble strikes?


It's been a fun summer, and soon school will be resuming. The group are outside overlooking some pictures from their various activities when they are joined by Kotori who brought some manju from Tanpopo to them. Their teacher also comes by with pictures of his baby boy, and some classmates and friends, who crowd the idols Emiru and Ruru.

As this is going on, a girl is taking a break from cheerleading practice to overlook a recent article featuring them. She seems concerned recognizing Hana- who happens to have found the same picture. She joyously shows the others and wonders if she could get scouted through this. But when the girl, Eri, approaches her just then she becomes uncomfortable being reminded of her past. The girl becomes anxious and runs away, Hana's attempts to stop her are futile. The girls notice right away that Hana seems off as she forces on a smile, suggesting they head to Beauty Harry. She becomes distracted, leading the others to observe her while wondering who Eri is.

The following day, Homare is leaving dance with Saaya, who expresses that she wanted to learn for an upcoming play she will be participating in. As they have some free time the girls begin to talk about Hana, worried over her odd behavior. They invited her to join in but she refused. Just then they see Eri heading in their direction, and upon being spotted she turns to run away. They manage to stop her and Eri becomes grief-stricken once more, so she asks them to listen to her.

At Beauty Harry, Hana and Harry overlook pictures of Hugtan back when they all first met. The duo agree that they feel nostalgic and sad as they think about the time passing them by, but Harry is able to smile, and he tells Hana to enjoy the time she has going on right now. She has to make the best of it, rather than linger on the past.

The girls sit down and they attempt to calm Eri enough to get her to speak with them. Eri wonders if Hana might beangry with her, and she recalls when they were in school together. She got bullied by some jealous girls due to landing the center spot on the team and Hana came to her defense. It made her feel better but everyone in class turned on Hana and she became secluded. She really wanted to reach out to her and include her again, but she risked being bullied if she tried. Hana eventually moved, and she was so worried over her own safety that she's felt terrible since. She really wants to apologize to Hana to make amends.

As this is going on, Emiru feels depressed as she thinks about how sad Hana was yesterday. Ruru agrees, but she manages to list Emiru's spirit enough that it encourages her to want to make Hana cheer up too.

At the shop Saaya and Homare return and embrace Hana. They take out a flier for the upcoming cheerleading event and they inform Hana of what happened earlier. She attempts to apologize for acting the way she did recently- but they stop her to remark that she has nothing to apologize for, all she did was help someone. She doesn't have to face Eri if she truly doesn't want to. Hana expresses her own feelings of remorse, saying that she wanted to see Eri but was worried that she thought she butt in back then when she shouldn't have. Saaya and Homare assure Hana that they will support whatever decision she comes to. Just then, Emiru and Ruru arrive with a song for Hana, and together everyone perks right up. Hana rejoices that she is happy to have met everyone.

At the competition sight the girls arrive to show Eri some support, then Hana plans on facing her to speak. However, they hear one of the staff members on the phone with someone regarding the makeup artists who are supposed to be helping the girls get ready. In order for Hana to confront Eri, the girls use a Mirai Crystal to become beauticians, allowing them inside. Eri is very surprised to see Hana and the others, along with the other cheerleaders who recognize her and her new bangs. Hana puts on a smile and keeps a cool head, opening up her makeup case to get to work. Eri becomes so overwhelmed that she begins to cry, and she apologizes to Hana. She feels terrible for abandoning her, but Hana assures Eri is okay. She just wants to be her friend again, she never expected to get an apology from her when she really didn't do anything wrong.

Just then a beam of light shoots through the room, freezing the girls in place. The group are alright because of their Mirai Crystals protection, and Harry informs them that Criasu is responsible. They transform into Cure Yell, Ange, Etoile, Macherie and Amour and rush outside to find Gelos' bodyguards are the ones causing chaos by freezing everyone using prickly power. However, it becomes too strong and overpowers them, causing them to transform into a large two-faced Mou-Oshimaida. They plead for her help due to the immense pain it causes them, but she refuses and tells them that as their friend, they should be serving her until they can't anymore. The girls force the Mou-Oshimaida in place and angrily chew her out for being so neglectful and inconsiderate. Yell tells her that its because of the other girls that she can keep fighting, and friendship is not something you take advantage of. The girls come together and their passion summons a brand new Mirai Crystal, which they insert into the Mirai Pad to awaken its true power. In a flash of light, the Cures gain the Memorial Cure Clock with some help from Hugtan, and combine their hearts to gain their Cheerful Style forms. Together they use Pretty Cure Cheerful Attack, healing JinJin and Takumi.

Everyone un-freezes and Gelos angrily storms off. The girls return to normal and they return to the audience to watch the cheerleading performance. Hana cheers loudly for Eri and both of them feel very happy. Afterwards, the girls return to Beauty Harry to add this newfound power to Hugtan. She thanks Hana and Harry explains the importance of their connections and the meaning behind the Cheerful crystal. The girls get up to share a group picture together.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • The Memorial Cure Clock and Mirai Crystal Cheerful appear for the first time.
  • The reason why Hana transferred from her previous school was because all her classmates shunned her for defending Eri.
  • The Cures change into their Cheerful Style forms for the first time and also perform Cheerful Attack for the first time.
  • Gelos' bodyguards JinJin and Takumi use a special device to freeze people in time, but because of their recklessness, they fuse into a Mou-Oshimaida. However, they are purified by Cheerful Attack.


  • Friends With You plays when Hana's friends try to cheer her up after she becomes worried.


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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第31話予告 「時よ、すすめ!メモリアルキュアクロック誕生!」

Episode 31 Preview

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