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Is This Magic? Homare Is A Mermaid Princess! (これって魔法?ほまれは人魚のプリンセス! Kore tte Mahō? Homare wa Ningyo no Purinsesu!?) is the 32nd episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 716th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


As Homare searches for ideas for her ice skating music, she comes upon the story of The Little Mermaid. However, an Oshimaida is requested from Bicine that traps Cure Étoile and Harry in the story of The Little Mermaid. The other Cures desperately try to find a way to help their friends escape from this crazy situation.


Homare celebrates her consecutive success in figure skating at Beauty Harry. The group is very happy as they hold a small party for her, and they hold a pretend interview with her. She earnestly answers and brings up her ambitions to enter Internationals one day, but for now she must focus on overcoming the hurdles she still faces. Just then, the girls are surprised to watch her get flustered as Harry brings in some sorbet for her.

Meanwhile, at Criasu, Bicine is distraught over Harry and his refusal to return so he has decided to confide in Doctor Traum. Traum takes out a VR device he's invented and he hands it over to Bicine, which will grant him to peek into ones heart in the form of virtual reality. It runs on prickly power.

Homare informs the skating coach of her intentions to alter her routine. He reasons it could be risky but she still wants to go for it, so he decides to give her a chance. Then, while in the library Homare decides to look through various fairytales in hopes of finding inspirtation. She begins with the Little Mermaid, but she thinks about Harry and gets distraced. She shuts the book in time to hear a loud sound outside and runs out to find the others, and they hurriedly transform into Pretty Cure. They try fighting off the Oshimaida until suddenly, it breaks apart to form over Harry, who pushes Hugtan out of the way in time for her to avoid getting hurt or trapped. But Etoile comes to his rescue, pulling her into the virtual world with him.

Homare floats through the sea and awakens to find two mermaid nearby who address her as the "Mermaid Princess". She is shocked to discover she's become a mermaid too, but before she can get answers her friends swim away, after warning her to stay away from the shore to avoid being caught. They swim away before she can get answers and suddenly, a young man is plunged into the water, and to her alarm she discovers its Harry. She brings him back onto the shore and waits for him to awaken, and when he does, he doesn't recognize her. He falls back to sleep and she spots a boat in the distance, forcing her to make a hasty retreat as someone rushes to Harry's side. Homare goes on to realize that she has somehow been transported into a fairytale world.

Bicine complains over Homare's inclusion, considering he was only after Harry. The girls want to fight, but Amour stops them to point out that as this dome connects to Harry and Homare's hearts any sort of attack could cause them pain. They react with dismay as Bicine opens the Oshimaida to join them inside.

Homare is saddened to have been forgotten by Harry, but she is determined to help return them both back home. She heads deeper into the sea kingdom to speak to her mermaid friends, where she tells them what happened. She wants to turn into a human so that she can get to him again, causing her friends to ask if she is in love with Harry. Homare denies it and they begin to tease her until she loses her temper. They reveal a special drink she can use that will turn her human, but they warn her that unless she becomes first in the Prince's heart she will turn into foam when she returns to the sea. Homare refuses to give up and she accepts the drink. She then feels sleepy and awakens back on the surface to find Harry. She looks to see she has legs and he picks her up to lead her back. Bicine stands on a nearby hill and decides to observe for a while.

Inside, Harry asks for Homare's name and she remains frustrated over being forgotten. But she recalls the words of her mermaid friends and decides to try to hurry up and get him to remember her. Harry then goes on to offer her a fashionable makeover, but the cute pink dress doesn't suit her, nor does the cool blue. Then he tries a yellow dress that compliments her wonderfully.

Outside, the Cures worry over their friends and they try to hit the Oshimaida with their firsts to try to get through to them. Amour worries over this until Ange suggests that making some noise may wake them up and help them escape. However, the girls end up irritating the large dome-like monster and he zaps them, causing them to transform into various characters from fairytales; Amour becomes red-riding hood, Macherie is Alice, Ange is Cinderella; but for some reason Yell has become an old man.

Homare observes the extravaggent party that has been set up and Harry approaches her to dance. He becomes fond of Homare's unique personality as she keeps up with him during the dance, but as she thinks back to the time spent together with him, she attempts to say something. She finds it hard and struggles, but just as she gains the courage to speak, the beautiful hall begins to change; the people disappear and the background becomes horrific. A mysterious girl wearing a veil shows up and Harry runs to her side, very happy to see her again. Bicine also arrives to remind Homare about how the Little Mermaid ended, and he points out that Harry already has someone very special in his heart. He was very disappointed about it too. Homare is doubtful that this is real, until Bicine points out that this world was made from both of their hearts. Even though Homare thought he could be her Prince, Harry wasn't even able to remember her. Bicine attempts to manipulate Homare into despair but she tries very hard to ignore him, and the ground beneath her breaks apart, causing her to fall back into the ocean. Her mermaid friends latch onto her and pull her further down as Bicine looks beneath the mysterious girls veil. He isn't surprised to see who it is, remarking that even though she's gone Harry still thinks about her. He prepares to attack her frozen form but he sees the girls attempting to break through.

Homare falls to the bottom of the sea floor as Yell beats on the Oshimaida to try to reach out to her. Even though she hurts herself -being an old man now- she continues to hit it, and Homare comes to a realization. A tiny star appears and in a flash of light, she returns from the sea as Cure Etoile. She gains ice skates and Bicine angrily attacks her, distraught that he failed to get rid of her. Etoile remarks on how alike they are as she smashes his VR set, causing the world around them to slowly collapse. Seeing the frozen Harry and how happy he looks with the mysterious girl causes her pain, but she decides its only fair not to say anything to him. She decides that for now her feelings for him will remain a secret, then she leaps out from the Oshimaida dome breaks apart, holding the hamster Harry again. The girls return to normal Cures as she happily thanks them for their help. The monster returns to its normal form and the girls use this moment to change into Cheerful Style and use Cheerful Attack to purify it.

Bicine takes off for Criasu again and begins to cry as he changes back into his hamster form. Listol appears and transforms into his own to comfort him.

Harry awakens from his slumber to find the girls observing him. He doesn't remember anything that happened, and Homare claims she also forgot. She speaks to Harry and gets up, deciding to focus on her upcoming meet for now.


Pretty Cure



Major Events

  • Bicine's and Listol's original hamster forms are seen for the first time.


  • Cheerful Attack's full sequence is shown for the first time, showing all the Cures' hearts impacting the Oshimaida and Hugtan attacking too.


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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第32話予告 「これって魔法?ほまれは人魚のプリンセス!」

Episode 32 Preview

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