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Attention! Criasu's Recruitment Activities!? (要注意!クライアス社の採用活動!? Yōchūi! Kuraiasu Sha no Saiyō Katsudō!??) is the 33rd episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 717th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


On the day that she and Ruru are supposed to interview Wakamiya Henri, Emiru becomes depressed when a TV host criticize Twin Love's music. She is able to pull herself together for the interview, but can she help Henri after discovering he was approached by Listol and is going through some problems of his own?


At Beauty Harry the girls are watching a review of Emiru and Ruru's group, Twin Love. But after a reviewer dismisses them as being sloppy for their idol-rock mix Emiru begins to feel discouraged. She and Ruru have a job working as interviewers who will be speaking to Henri during his upcoming performance on ice, but she struggles to perk up, leading Papple and the others to try to raise her spirits.

Meanwhile, at Criasu Corp, Bicine remains in a foul mood over Harry's unwillingness to return. He tells off Listol, resulting in him seaking out the President to request they look for new hire.

Homare beautifully practices her routine on the ice as she thinks back to her short-lived romance with Prince Harry. Seeing him in the audience gives her confidence, but even when she realizes he was too busy playing with Hugtan and is oblivious to her feelings, she feels comfortable accepting them herself. As this is going on Hana and Saaya have taken over Twin Love's job interviewing Henri, along with Homare as its a joint practice. Emiru is still down and Ruru wants to help her, but she isn't sure how to do it; and Masato's visit of support doesn't help her. However, Emiru seems to perk up after she hears Henri speaking about how much the competition and success means to him. She wants everyone to hear Twin Love's music and enjoy it, which is why she must try even harder to be tough enough to handle critisisms. The girls change back into their reporter clothing and they finish the session with Henri while the others watch from the seating area. They notice something still seems to be wrong.

Henri is preparing to leave the rink to change clothes when he notices Hugtan nearby. He picks her up and cuddles with her as Rita arrives to passionately "explain" his appeal to the girls, a fantastic beauty that transcends masculine and feminine borders. With everyone officially taking a break, Ruru approaches Henri to ask him if wanting to pursue strength is necessary. She really wants Twin Love to soar but it seems like that also means hiding away ones heart to avoid being hurt, which she doesn't like. They converse momentarily until Ruru realizes some of her hair is caught uncomfortably, so he gets up to help her. But in the process a reporter shows up to record the event; a major scoop their boss would love. This gets witnessed by Emiru and Masato and they call attention to them, leading Henri to put a smile and gently try to diffuse the situation by joining them. As much as people would like to get to know him more, he doesn't want them recordering falsehoods like that as a means of boosting their ratings. They can't get the kind of stories they really want from someone like him. He takes off and they turn to Masato after Henri tells him that he would like some time alone. They go on to remark that there are plenty of rumors about him as of late.

Henri observes the twilight sky when suddenly Listol approaches him for recruitment. He hands over a Criasu card and expresses that Henri would be perfect for the job, considering his inner-feelings. He takes off after telling Henri about their goals of bringing a timeless, tranquil future, and how he will come by again to see if he's made a decision. After Henri remarks that he was hoping Pretty Cure would be the ones to invite him to join them, a flustered Emiru gives away her hiding spot and falls over. He gently chastises her for eavesdropping and helps her up.

Meanwhile, Hana approaches Ruru to see how everything is going. Ruru expresses that because Emiru is so talented, she feels like she can't truly understand her feelings. Hana assures her that she can relate, because she remains goal-less while Saaya and Homare seem to sure of their own futures- but she won't let go of their hands anytime soon. She wants to be their support when they need it.  

Emiru tries to tell Henri to ignore Criasu, offering to let him confide in her if he feels troubled. Henri asks her how one could categorize him through rumors, none that are true. He isn't sure who he is as of late, when he's dealing with his body changing in ways he doesn't like. But with everyone so preoccupied with other people and their opinions, he wonders if being alone is the only way to live with a peaceful heart. Emiru begins by thanking him for accepting her brother, then she goes on to say that with so many expectations placed upon her, her heart hurts sometimes. But she has someone that she wants to be with and sing for, which gives her the courage to yell out a cheer for everyone and herself. On top of that, Henri also taught her the importance of loving herself. Henri seems to feel a little better, and he teases Emiru on having helped herself with her problem rather than his. She agrees when suddenly, Ruru and Masato appear, having come to look for them. Ruru embraces Emiru, who expresses that Ruru's words of love are what make her feel invincible.

The following day Henri's performance is about to begin. Before he steps out on the ice he is shocked to feel Masato take his hand, but he feels confidence from the gesture. He beautifully skates out on the ice, but just when he feels pain in his ankle, the music of his performance cuts out; a desperate move brought on by the reporter from earlier. But after a moment of panic, Emiru rises from her seat to sing and begins playing music with her guitar. Ruru joins her and the skating performance resumes, with Henri encouraging the audience to applaud the girls. He confidentally blows a kiss to the audience and wraps up his routine, with everyone being unaware of the overflowing prickly power Listol has come to steal from the greedy reporter. He remarks that he can't stand people like him and summons an Oshimaida that breaks through the rink and grabs Henri.

The girls transform into Pretty Cure to follow the monster, which has lept high into the air. As they attack it Etoile checks on Henri, who remarks that he's been in this position before. He manages to get loose when its forced to land, but Listol appears to join in the attack. Harry arrives just in time to see him and he is very surprised. However, he gives him a momentary glance before turning to Henri to ask him if he thought about his offer. Henri refuses, explaining to Listol that he isn't the type of person to work because someone tells him to, he also isn't cooperative, and even though times can be hard he knows everything will work out. He goes on to encourage Pretty Cure, and the girls use this moment to strike. Amour attacks the Oshimaida while Macherie Poppin' disposes of the bars Listol attacked Henri with. The group go on to summon the Memorial Cure Clock and change into Cheerful Style to use Cheerful Attack to purify the Oshimaida.

Back at the skating rink Henri is asked if he has any closing words. He goes on to mention that he is anticipating a time when everyone is free to live as they wish. He is counting on Pretty Cure to ensure everyone gets their support to keep going, much like he has; but the girls begin to freak out and try to stop him before he can finish saying it, and he laughs at their behavior.

On their way home Emiru is in higher spirits, and Hana remarks that Twin Love isn't about being idol or rock and they can't be defined by that. Emiru agrees and she claspes Ruru's hand into her own, and they promise to stay by each others sides forever.

Back at the skating rink Henri struggles to walk down the corridor, feeling pain in his ankle again. He momentarily begins to think about Criasu again and the card he still has, until Masato snaps him out of it to tell him the after-party is ready. Henri puts on a smile again and promises to be there soon; the prickly power slowly begins to emerge.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Listol attempts to recruit Henri to join Criasu. Though Henri initially refuses to join him, it is hinted that something might happen to him in the future.
  • Listol summons a Mou-Oshimaida for the first time, though the sequence is not shown.


  • Emiru and Ruru sing Big Love∞Infinite POWER to help Henri complete his skating performance after a saboteur cuts his music.
    • Henri's original music was Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker.
  • The airdate coincides with Ruru Amour's birthday.
  • When Hana is happily shouting, the camera zooms into her mouth where it shows off a figure of herself inside her mouth. This is a reference to Shirayuki Hime's running gag in Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!.


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HUGっと!プリキュア 第33話予告 「要注意!クライアス社の採用活動!?」

Episode 33 Preview

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