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The Great Detective, Kotori! The Big Sister Investigation! (名探偵ことり!お姉ちゃんを調査せよ! Meitantei Kotori! Onēchan wo Chōsa Seyo!?) is the 34th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 718th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Kotori wonders if the recent monster attacks and Pretty Cure showing up are being caused or influenced by Hana, so she decides to do some investigative work.


Lately, Kotori has become suspicious of Hana. Wherever she goes, Pretty Cure shows up, and she wonders if its because Hana is causing the problems they are forced to solve. Soon everyone shows up for breakfast -including Harry and Hugtan- and Kotori observes Hana's piggish eating before Ruru catches on to her. She watches the anticts that ensue following this and critisizes her sister.

During break at school she spies on the girls as Hana and Ruru recall what happened with the omelette when Emiru approaches. They sit down and Emiru becomes anxious as Kotori expresses her concerns over how much of a hassle Hana probably is to the Cures- she especially wishes she could apologize to Cure Yell. These words cause Fumito to arrive, a member of the Cure Yell fanclub. He's more than happy to welcome Kotori into the group, and he explains how he was saved by Cure Yell and has since looked up to her for being so cute and cool, and he longs to see her again. Emiru stands behind in disbelief when he suddenly senses Cure Yell and grabs Kotori, running away with Hinase following them.

Meanwhile, Gelos has become distraught as she sits alone in a room. She waits but nobody shows up, and she sadly achnowledges how often this happens to her. She smashes the clock on the wall worrying over her fading beauty.

It turns ou that Fumito was smelling the sauce of takoyaki, not Cure Yell. But he decides that while there, he may as well treat their newest member to some food. Kotori insists on paying her part but he refuses, going on to compliment her reliability. But as he goes on to comment on how much of a scatterbrain Hana is, she shows up donning her uniform. They reveal that she's been showing up from time-to-time to lend a hand. Fumito refuses to accept anything she made, but Hinase is more than willing to try. Hana becomes embaressed realizing she has fans, but as she cannot tell them she is Cure Yell, they are led to wonder if she could be a fan too. Fumito goes on to pay when suddenly they hear a strange sound, and they run off under the belief it could be her. However, it turns out to be nearby construction work.

Gelos continues to lament in her big, lonely room. She gave everything she had and she's still been left to wallow in solitude. She becomes enraged and decides to lash out, transforming herself into a new Gelos.

As the trio eat their takoyaki, Kotori explains her reasons for wanting to meet Cure Yell. Hana has always been a scatterbrain who was clumsy and caused trouble, but because the Cures always show up wherever she is, she's been led to believe its her fault. She wishes Hana could be cool like a Pretty Cure. Hinase argues that Hana is though; she's always in a good mood and she gets involved to help others, she helps encourage them and makes them feel better. His kind words cause Kotori to wonder if he may have feelings for Hana when suddenly, her hat gets picked up by the wind. She runs after it when the small curb of rock she is standing on begins to crumble, nearly causing her to fall into the pond. Having sensed this Hana rushes to her side, only to slip on the banana peel Kotori noticed earlier and fall in herself. Hana is relieved to see she's alright. The others show up having been concerned for her since she suddenly disappeared earlier, and Kotori happily runs off to fetch her a towel. Hinase and Fumito follow behind her.

A young woman heads outside for a break and complains work. She hopes it will be finished soon, covered in prickly power that Gelos steals to summon an Oshimaida. This startles the trio as the girls sense it appear and worriedly realize Kotori left in that direction. They transform into Cure Yell, Ange, Etoile, Macherie, and Amour and rush to the location. Fumito encourages Kotori to keep running when she begins to feel weak, offering to distract the Oshimaida with the courage instilled in him by Cure Yell. It turns away from him shortly after and prepares to strike her and Hinase, but suddenly Cure Yell appears and she punches the monster away, returning her fan hat to her. She promises Kotori to always be there to keep her safe- words that cause Kotori to recall one storming day when she was hiding at the park. She cried from fright when Hana suddenly showed up, glad to see she was alright. She said those exact words to her, leading her to seemingly make an important discovery.

Just then, Ange and Etoile attack the Oshimaida to weaken it, allowing Yell to toss it high into the air. Fumito is amazed by her display of power when Gelos returns, and uses her own prickly power to strengthen her monster and send out large bursts that attack the Cures. Kotori tells her off as light begins to surround her, telling her that someday she wants to become someone strong and cool like Hana. Her words encourage the boys and their combined light causes all of the prickly power to be blown away and join the Cures' own. They rise and promise to protect everyone's features, much to the trio's relief and they transform into Cheerful Style to purify the Oshimaida. Gelos storms off swearing her revenge.

At the park the trio are surprised when Hana stumbles onto the scene. Hinase is relieved to see she's alright as Kotori happily notices his blush, and as Hana assures everyone she's alright Emiru shows up as well. Fumito critisizes her once more and they begin to bicker, but Kotori happily thinks about her adventure and how she got to meet Cure Yell as she heads home. She wonders if perhaps Cure Yell and Hana are related, and later into the evening she shows up to speak to Hana. But she becomes awkward, and Hana offers to let her share the bed. She attempts to ask Hana if she is Cure Yell, only to discover she's fallen asleep. She smiles and turns out to light to join her.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Kotori is presumably able to figure out that her sister Hana is Cure Yell.
  • Gelos' more evil side is revealed for the first time, stemming from her not being appreciated enough and the loss of her two henchmen.
  • It is also revealed that JinJin & Takumi were both revived, with one working at a food booth and the other becoming a construction worker.


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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第34話予告 「名探偵ことり!お姉ちゃんを調査せよ!」

Episode 34 Preview

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