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Hooray Hooray! The Big Gathering of the Legendary Pretty Cure!! (フレフレ!伝説のプリキュア大集合!! Furefure! Densetsu no Purikyua Daishūgō!!?) is the 36th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 720th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Doctor Traum attempts to attack the KiraKira and Mahou Tsukai Cures when Hugtan saves them with the use of her mysterious powers. But realizing he has stopped time across their worlds and plans on attacking other Pretty Cure, the three groups come together in a desperate attempt to gather as many as they can before he can!


Doctor Traum appears before the older KiraKira Cures and apologizes for ruining their nostalgic get-together. He brings up his unique invention he has brought along with him and prepares to use it.

At Beauty Harry it's an average day for the girls, who have made matching friendship bracelets. Hugtan is enjoying her meal when she suddenly senses something, and she cries out. She flashes and the girls notice the grey clouds within the sky, rushing out just in time to discover the KiraKira Cures falling out from a sphere of light, now younger. Hana and Ichika embrace while the others are perplexed by the strangers before them but their reunion is short-lived when Doctor Traum reappears with his creation. Ichika and Hana are pulled to safety before he can hurt them by Mirai's magic, leading the girls to express more confusion when she and Riko show up riding brooms.

Doctor Traum assures them their magic can't protect them, and he blasts the girls with his time monster, causing Mofurun to fall out of their bag. They are aged down as Ha-chan arrives to hit the monster, and he complains as his plans were to turn them into babies in order to steal away their magic. The girls decide to transform- only for Yukari to remark on their sudden baggy, oversized clothing. Ha-chan offers to help and she uses her magic to make everyone regain their younger selves more comfortable, fitting clothing. Yukari compliments her and the trio of Pretty Cure groups transform. Becoming Cure Whip, Custard, Gelato, Macaron, Chocolat, and Parfait. This is followed by Mirai, Riko, and Ha-chan becoming Miracle, Magical, and Felice, and lastly the Hugtto Cure transform.

Doctor Traum prepares his attack as the girls fight him off, leaving the mascots to watch with concern and try to make sense of what is suddenly going on. Hugtto Cures summon the Memorial Clock and transform into Cheerful Style in an attempt to stop Traum, with Ruru attempting to convince him to stop. He refuses, and he uses the time monster to reverse time. He assures them he is invinsible because he can keep going back, but suddenly it dons on him how unstable his monster is- because he accidentally went back too far and it reverts to its unfinished state. He complains and storms off to finish it, and while the girls are glad to have defeated it they achnowledge they must still save their worlds, which have been affected by his horrible time stopping power.

The Cures decide to split up into two groups, with Emiru, Ruru, and Homare paired with the Mahou Cure. Emiru worries over this idea but Homare is delighted to be hugging all of the adorable mascots as they fly through the air. Mofurun chats with the girls and uses her sense of smell to detect other Cures, leading the group to find Love and Tarte.

Meanwhile, Hana and Saaya walk through town with the KiraKira Cure. Hana and Ichika complain over having to walk and have becom tired, but as they recall the other Pretty Cure they have spotted, they are confronted by a starving Bunbee. Summoning the sweets shop, the girls bring him inside to treat him to some tea and food and he explains what caused him to be in such a state. To their surprise, he also reveals his time as an opponent of Pretty Cure 5 and realizing more Cures due exist cause the girls to resume their search.

Love dances with Ruru and they chat about the robot dance she learned from Papple. Tarte and Harry are able to relate over how hard they have it babysitting Hugtan and Chiffon, leading Riko and Mofurun to recall their time with the younger Ha-cha and Mirai also. Emiru is very happy that everyone is able to get along so well, but she suddenly recalls their mission and everyone realizes how easily they got caught up. However, Love is able to ease her concerns.

Hana eagerly continues to search for Pretty Cure 5 as Saaya, Yukari, Akira and Aoi observe her. Just then Nozomi appears, recognizing Saaya from a drink commercial as Urara sung for the commercial. The girls happily remark on their admiration of Urara as Hana returns to their side, and after Nozomi mentions having been cheering her on since they met, they quickly achnowledge how similiar she is to Hana after they bump heads during their introduction.  

At the cafe, Ichika, Ciel and Himari have finally filled Bunbee. He wishes to have more but realizes that they must be getting a move on now as he recalls that for the short time he was working with Criasu, he was forced to help Traum.

In town the girls are confronted by Doctor Traum, who has two Oshimaida to attack both groups, along with his time robot working again. After Riko and Mirai accidentally grab Hugtan to transform into Diamond mode, Nozomi and Love use this moment to transform into Cure Dream and Cure Peach. Dream lends Yell a hand in fighting off one monster but Doctor Traum assures them its pointless, going on to unleash his time stopping powers. The KiraKira Cures summon a shield of protection to keep their group safe, while Felice does the same for her group. The barries disolve and Doctor Traum reveals the power of his creation and how it has stopped time across all of the Pretty Cure worlds, and now they are the only two groups left. Yell isn't convinced that this is the truth, and some distance away, Cure Black, White and Shiny Luminous are revealed to be okay.


Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • The KiraKira and Mahou Tsukai Cures appear before the HUGtto! Cures.
    • Both groups had been de-aged back to their original ages thanks to Doctor Traum's robot.
  • The above groups split into two groups and encounter Nozomi/Cure Dream and Love/Cure Peach in their respective hometowns.
  • Bunbee also appears in this series for the first time.
  • Most of the other Cures’ settings (Splash Star, Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! and Go! Princess Pretty Cure were shown) have now been frozen in time thanks to the Oshimaidas' attacks so no one else can interfere with Doctor Traum's plans.
  • Shiny Luminous appears in the series for the first time along with Cure Black and Cure White.


  • H@ppy Together!!! is played during a scene where Love shows Ruru how to dance.
  • Cure Black and Cure White’s appearance in episodes 21 and 22 was previously speculated by the characters to be the result of Hugtan summoning them from another universe. With this episode and the next, the notion seems to have been quietly dropped and replaced with the implication that all seasons are set in different towns in the same universe.
  • Cure Peach's pose has an alternate sound than the one from Fresh.
  • Hana's entrance at the beginning of the episode is different. Rather than running to the audience, she awkwardly arrives to explain that the show is still Hugtto Pretty Cure.
    • At the end of the episode, Cure Yell introduces the past generation teams that appeared in the episode, then she wonders who will appear next time.


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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第36話予告 「フレフレ!伝説のプリキュア大集合!!」

Episode 36 Preview

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