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To The Future! Pretty Cure・All・For・You! (未来へ!プリキュア・オール・フォー・ユー! Mirai e! Purikyua・Ōru・Fō・Yū!?) is the 37th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and the 721st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The battle between the Cures and Doctor Traum continues when both groups reunite, but they still prove no match to Traum's time-manipulating machine until Cure Black and Cure White, along with Shiny Luminous arrive. However, the high amounts of Prickly Powerer cause Doctor Traum to turn into a powerful Oshimaida that traps all the Cures inside a dark void, rendering them immobile and powerless!


The Hugtto Cures, Maho Cures, Kirakira Cures, Cure Dream, and Cure Peach continue to fight Dr. Traum and his Oshimaidas. The two groups work together to defeat the monsters and Chiffon uses her magic to teleport the group so that they can reunite into one large group, but Doctor Traum uses his reverse time abilities to return his mechanism back to the way it was. The Hugtto Cure waste no time transforming into Cheerful Mode to destroy time-reversing mechanism on Traum's mech.

However, he refuses to give up, transforming his mech and causing it to gain several arms to attack the girls and Mascots. They are forced to flee until Hugtan trips, causing Yell to dive in to save her. He grabs her and begins to squeeze the power out of her when suddenly, Cure Black, Cure White, and Shiny Luminous appear to save her. The Hugtto girls are happy to see them again and meet Shiny Luminous for the first time, and everyone comes together once more to formally meet the strangers. Their meeting is cut short by Traum's mech rising once more, and Amour realizes that he has gone berserk, the overflowing prickly powerer overtaking him and causing him to become an Oshimaida himself. He traps everyone within a dark voice after warping the world around him.

The girls become still and lifeless within this void, transformed back to normal and feeling hopeless. Hana observes the light of her bracelet she made with the others and she attempts to encourage the others with her cheer. They slowly awaken to her voice and attempt to free themselves as the Mascots realize they are within that void. Together they all begin to cheer the girls on, encouraging them to do the same and restore their light, bursting the void around them and allowing them to transform once more. Doctor Traum changes form and summons several monsters, causing the girls to worry as they realize there's too many of them to fight against. But Yell remains encouraged, and in a burst of light the Princess Pretty Cure appear to destroy some of the monsters and relight their world. This followed by the Happiness Charge and the remaining Cure teams.

Together everyone works to defeat the several monsters, breaking up into groups to take them on. Some with brute strengh, while others rely on their similiar abilities to strengthen their attacks while some of them struggle, leading them to need help. They manage to impress each other with their amazing techniques, alternate transformations and cool dispositions. They continue to fight off the monsters despite the odds stacked against them, until they eventually manage rid of all the monsters. But when Doctor Traum refuses to give up an strengthens himself, Yell begins to feel hopeless. But the other Cures manage to encourage them to believe in themselves and each other, releasing a new light from the Hugtto Cure and allowing them to gain the Mirai Brace.

They go on to use All・For・You! to purify him with the help of the suddenly transformed Cure Pekorin and Cure Mofurun, Cure Candy, Michirou and Kaoru, Cure Flower, Tender, Echo, Sunset and Wave, Rio and Bibury and several of their friends. Suddenly, Doctor Traum is overtaken by their light and he awakens to see he's been returned to the past, when he created Ruru and she awoke. He wishes to return to this time, but Ruru assures him that its impossible. He apologizes for what he's done and she forgives him, expressing that someday they can reunite.

With time returned to normal, everyone reverts back to their normal selves and the Hugtto Cure return to Beauty Harry. They were astounded to have met so many other Pretty Cure and wonder if there will be more following them, and Hana happily remarks that she wants to see them again.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Every single Cure unites to help the HUGtto! Cures fight against Doctor Traum and his army of different monsters.
  • The HUGtto! Cures perform All・For・You! for the first and only time.
  • Doctor Traum turns into an Oshimaida to try and defeat the Cures, but they defeat and purify him. As a result, time is restored in all the Cures' respective hometowns.


  • The opening features scenes from the then-upcoming movie HUGtto! Pretty Cure♡Futari wa Pretty Cure: All Stars Memories. An additional trailer is featured right at the end.
  • In addition to the movie version being used as the ending, the original version of DANZEN! Futari wa Pretty Cure was played during the fight scene between the Pretty Cures and Traum’s monsters.
  • The episode's airdate coincides with Hugtan's birthday.
  • This episode marks the first time, in any All Stars 2D animated media, that Cure Blossom and Cure Marine appear but Mizuki Nana and Mizusawa Fumie do not return to reprise those roles.
  • The Nakewameke that appears among Traum’s forces was not one featured within a previous episode of Fresh Pretty Cure!; rather, it is the one that appears in the opening credits sequence. Peach, Melody, and Heart’s fight against it reuses the animation of them fighting from the opening of their respective series.
  • As of this episode, every single Cure from the first 12 seasons (with the exception of Cure Lovely and Cure Flora) has had at least one non-speaking appearance in the All Stars animated media.
  • This episode marks the first non-movie appearance of Cure Mofurun and Cure Echo.
    • Reportedly, copyright issues prevented Cure Mofurun from being completely onscreen, which is why she is only partially seen from the legs and her face and body is omitted. Cure Echo, however, appeared without issue.


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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第37話予告 「未来へ!プリキュア・オール・フォー・ユー!」

Episode 37 Preview

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