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Charged With Happiness! Happy Halloween! (幸せチャージ!ハッピーハロウィン! Shiawase Chāji! Happī Harowin!?) is the 38th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 722nd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls are delighted with Halloween approaching, especially because Harry, Ruru and Hugtan are unaware of what it is. As they prepare for the festivities Harry finds himself uneasy over Criasu Corps latest plans. Elsewhere, a frustrated Daigan is approached by Listol to rejoin Criasu.


Harry is very suspicious and confused to see pumpkin surrounding his shop, and nearby, Hana's family and some citizens from town are preparing a large pumpkin building. As he and Hugtan head inside they discover Hana cackling like a madwoman as she feverishly designs a spooky Halloween poster, causing the both of them to freak out. Hana awkwardly attempts to explain what was going on as Harry tries to calm down Hugtan and the others show up. Because both of her parents will be involved organizing the upcoming Halloween event she wanted to help out as much as she can too. She goes on to reveal her poster once more and excitedly brings up the special dance party, the main event of the holiday. The theme for this year will be "dreams" and everyone is required to don a cute costume. She encourages her friends to join in and warns them that she will play a trick on them if they don't. However, the foursome is caught off-guard after Harry and Ruru reveal they never heard of Halloween.

At Hugman, the girls try to explain Halloween to the duo but they remain confused. Homare asks about this while trying cute accessories on Hugtan and it turns out that the holiday is considered to be outdated from their time. With that, Hana suggests they completely throw themselves into this event to make it up to them. She gets to work designing all sorts of cute costumes for everyone while Homare works on props, Saaya sews -with a competitive Ruru- and Emiru accessorizes. Hana asks Hugtan what she would like to be for Halloween.

Meanwhile, Daigan is having trouble preparing some special snacks for the occasion. As everyone around him happily prepare for the big day, he gets approached by Listol, who reasons the foolishness of the occasion. Daigan tries not to listen to him, reasoning that he doesn't have a choice. But he's frustrated over how much he is struggling now, and he attempts to avoid Listol's manipulation by telling him off. Listol remains and he asks Daigan to return with a special offer. Daigan momentarily considers but he refuses, and Listol takes off after leaving behind a business card. Papple and Charaleet return and critisize him for not working harder, causing him to frantically shove the card into his pocket, unaware of the growing prickly powerer.

The next day the festivities begin, with everyone in town donning costumes of various types; some little girls even dress as Pretty Cure. Harry and Hugtan admire everything surrounding them, but while overhearing some classmates of the girls happily discuss seeing Charaleet in-person, he smiles warmly to Hugtan. It's then Hana arrives -dressed as a witch- to find him embracing her oddly, but before she can say anything he spots her. She asks him for his opinions of her outfit and she points out that the two of them still need to get dressed for the dance party. He agrees and she decides to join them, somewhat still concerned.

At the shop they find Saaya -dressed as a monster- and Homare -a cowgirl- with some costume items for them. Emiru and Ruru are revealed to be pirates, and together the girls begin to dress Hugtan up to try to find a costume she likes. They dress her up as a bee, a pea pod, an angel, and they prepared more outfits, but by this point the girls realize she is becoming a little tired of this and calm themselves to avoid making her cranky. Hana apologizes for not thinking about her and she asks what she wants to be, causing her to say "Pretty Cure". The girls are very happy, and they reason it makes a lot of sense, and they decide that they still have about an hour to make her a brand new costume.

Meanwhile, Papple distributes work for Charaleet and Daigan, who is still struggling. He remains cranky and seeing a girl nearby with prickly powerer seeping out causes him to give in to his own negativity. He uses the Negative Wave to transform her Halloween doll into an Oshimaida, which the girls sense from back at the shop. They arrive in time to discover the monster destroying the celebration and worry for the citizens fleeing, but after Hana suggests they continue to spread the fun to everyone they transform into Pretty Cure. They manage to calm everyone down, with a regretful Daigan taking shelter within the Oshimaida's hair and making it attack. The girls make quick work of it however and manage to keep it from harming anyone or destroying more of the property, and they use the Memorial Clock to change into Cheerful Mode. They manage to purify the Oshimaida and Daigan and everyone cheers for the girls' efforts. They say goodbye to everyone and return to the shop to finish Hugtan's costume.

As the party continues, Daigan is slapped by a frustrated Papple. She manages to make him feel better by bringing up how much everyone loves the snacks he made, and he promises to keep working hard, earning praise from her.

Meanwhile, Hana approaches Harry to mention how concerned she was because he seems off lately. She asks if he dislikes Halloween, but he confesses that he enjoys it and he was thinking about Criasu's goals again and how they must make sure they don't come to fruitation; or else the very thing someone loses may not be able to return to them. His words inspire Hana and she assures him things will be okay, because they're all there to support him and they all want to meet the future head on. The girls come out to reveal the dress they designed for Hugtan and Harry happily observes the girls; for a moment seeing a flash of a mysterious girl. He snaps out of it as the girls speak to him and they head back to the festival. 


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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第38話予告 「幸せチャージ!ハッピーハロウィン!」

Episode 38 Preview

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