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For Tomorrow...! Tomorrow With Everyone! (明日のために...!みんなでトゥモロー! Ashita no Tame ni...! Min'na de Tumorō!?) is the 39th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 723rd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Everyone finds themselves transported into the future to Harry's old village and they are confronted by Listol, who sends the Cures to a strange dimension and later, Criasu's ideal future, with everything frozen in time. Can they find a way to save it and return home?


The girls are delighted by Hugtan's growth, watching her dance when Ruru and Emiru show up with some pancakes. While they look unusual Hana delightfully takes a bite- only for the world around them to begin glitching. Suddenly, the girls discover they have been taken into the future, and Harry spots "HariHari Township" nearby, his old home with his friends. The hamster-like rodents appear to greet the girls, who swoon over their cuteness as more and more begin to appear to surround them. It proceeds to don on them that if they have been propelled in time, then Criasu must have succeeded in freezing time. But before they can really discuss what happened, several of the children rodents cling to Harry and ask that he play with them.

Suddenly, several of the rodents become sickly and fall over. Harry attempts to assure them that everything will be okay when Bicine brings up Doctor Traum. A strong tornado of wind begins swirling around everyone and the girls use this moment to transform into Cure Yell, Ange, Etoile, Macherie, and Amour. This causes Harry to suddenly have a flashback, when he was running away from an attack holding the hand of a girl and a Mirai Crystal. By the time Hugtan is able to awaken him, he discovers that Listol has transported them elsewhere. He tells Harry to stop defying Criasu and transforms back into his rodent form, then with his power he makes the other rodents disappear. He demands Harry return the Mirai Crystal but he refuses as Hugtan spots the dropped tamborine from earlier. The two of them fight and return to human form, where Listol effortlessly grabs Harry.

The Cure find themselves in a very strange world full of strange mazes and puzzles. They are able to decude Hugtan's location when she begins to play the tambourine to make noise and the girls attempt to attack the surface to break free. They arrive in time to protect Hugtan and free Harry, and they tell him off. Listol claims he has come to show them the truth of this world built around them, and with his abilities he reveals the bleak future that they were actually transported to. The girls are alarmed by the frozen time surrounding them; no sound or movement, nothing changes, everything is completely still. They begin to worry for Hugtan realizing she's become weakened from the overwhelming prickly powerer and Listol uses this time to summon a Mou-Oshimaida.

Because of how strong the prickly powerer is, the Oshimaida is much too strong for the girls, and Listol attempts to convince them to give up. This causes Harry to recall the past once more, when Listol brought up the Criasu corps offer to help the sick children of their village. They would turn them into humans as well, and live a happy life. But it turned out to be a lie, and their village was completely destroyed. Doctor Traum reasoned that the happiness and world they dreamt of being a part of was impossible, words that Listol took to heart. Their world wouldn't have been lost if the hope they held in their tiny hands was enough to break through the harsh reality laid before them- but it happened.

Harry is griefstricken by his words, but Yell cheers for him to snap out of his momentary meltdown. She tells him that Pretty Cure never give up and inspires him to do the same before the fight resumes. The girls manage to pull the monster down while assuring Harry that even if things turned out badly, it doesn't mean they have to stay that way. Harry realizes they are right as he overlooks the white Mirai Crystal. He chose to believe in the future, and by believing in friendship and giving everyone support, miracles can still happen. Harry cheers for Pretty Cure, giving the girls more strength, and Yell uses Heart For You to purify the monster. Suddenly, Listol grabs onto Harry and teleports him and Hugtan to a high tower. He uses the prickly powerer to hold them in place, but with some quick thinking from Ange and Etoile, they help Yell reach the trio at the very top.

Listol once again tries convincing them to give up but Yell tells him the importance of trying. He directly attacks her childish ways of thinking and tells her that he has no use for a future filled with despair. Yell achnowledges that he has a point, but they must work harder to ensure that doesn't happen. She refuses to give up, and her passion for the future she loves so much causes something miraculous to happen when Hugtan releases the power of the white Mirai Crystal. A large, golden figure appears to cover the town, the magic entirely erasing the dark future within George's book back at Criasu Corp, creating a brand new one. Yell uses the new crystal to summon the Mother Heart feature of the Memorial Cure Clock, and the Mirai Pad opens to change the girls into an upgraded Cheerful Mode. WIth that they go on to use Tomorrow With Everyone to restore the world around them and purify Listol. As Yell is taken back to the current time she sees the mysterious girl once more. The girl quietly asks her to protect the future and embraces her.

Listol returns to Criasu Corp as George happily takes note of the discovery regarding the white Mirai Crystal. Listol attempts to tell him of his anger towards him but he becomes too weakened and falls unconcious.

At Beauty Harry the girls are happy to have returned, but Harry wishes to tell them something. Before he can however, Doctor Traum appears having come to visit; he wanted to see Ruru, and he announces to her that he is her dad.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • It is revealed that Harry, along with Listol and Bicine, joined Criasu because they were promised that the corporation will help their sick friends, but they were betrayed.
  • The Mirai Crystal White turns into the Mirai Crystal Mother Heart.
  • The Cures gain new forms and perform Tomorrow With Everyone for the first time.
  • A mysterious Cure is shown in a flashback with Harry as well as in Cure Yell's vision, when she tells her she must protect the future.
  • Doctor Traum is revealed to be purified and claims that he is Ruru's father.
  • The sequence of Listol summoning a Mou-Oshimaida is fully shown for the first time.



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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第39話予告 「明日のために…!みんなでトゥモロー!」

Episode 39 Preview

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