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Emiru's Dream, Shout It From Your Soul! (えみるの夢、ソウルをシャウトするのです! Emiru no Yume, Sōru wo Shauto Suru no Desu!?) is the 41st episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 725th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Emiru is heartbroken realizing that someday Ruru will be returning to the future. Her anxiety is worsened after her Grandfather finds out her dream of becoming a rock musician and his disapproval of it. Her attempts at masking the pain brought on by all of this causes her and Ruru's Mirai Crystals to vanish!


The girls become distraught as the news of Ruru, Harry, and Hugtan begins to sink in. Emiru tries to remain optimistic, suggesting they return for visits, or just stay there, but they inform her that it requires a lot of power so it can'e be one that easily. Ruru states that they will be returning, leading Emiru to abruptly agree, reasoning that as Pretty Cure its their duty.

Emiru struggles to sleep that night as she thinks about her duties as a hero and how she feels. The following day Kotori notices something is off with her fairly quick and she confronts Hana and Saaya to let them know, and they quickly deduce it's because of Ruru. Since finding out they came from the future it's been a thought to cross their minds, but now that they have officially been told of this, it's hard not to feel down about it.

Meanwhile, Homare and Henri are making their way through the hall when he brings up how unusual she was during practice. Homare refuses to speak, instead bringing up that his jump was changed. Henri can tell she's trying to change the subject, but before he can convince her to speak they get startled by the oddly-behaved Emiru.

Later, Bicine makes a visit on Criasu's behalf to the head of the Aisaki family, Emiru's grandfather to ask for a partnership. He refuses, and Bicine seems to hardly care. Instead he reveals a poster of Emiru and Ruru, donning their stage performance outfits and guitar, causing him frustration.

At Beauty Harry everyone has become worried over the shock Emiru has been in. Henri and Masato have even shown up, and everyone makes an attempt to make her smile again- ranging from Hana dressed up as a kappa, to Homare and Saaya attempting the unusual gag Harry suggests, both of which flop. Masato attempts to make a joke but it gets an overly-icy response. By now Emiru brings up how weird everyone is acting, and when Henri asks her what happened to upset her, Ruru shows up and asks that Emiru be honest with her. Ruru reminds her of their promise to not keep secrets from each other, but Emiru struggle and the resulting stress causes both her voice and the Mirai Crystals to disappear. They let Papple and Company know what's going on and Emiru is taken back home.

Ruru takes personal blame for what happened as Emiru awakens, and she makes an attempt to apologize. But just then, her parents, Masato, and their grandfather show up very worried over her. He is quick to point blame at Ruru and reveals the poster Bicine showed him earlier -in the process scolding her parents for not talking normally- and reminds her that he explicitly forbade it. He tells Emiru to give up playing the guitar to stay away from such hardships, and asks that she remain the good girl he knows her as. This anger Hana, who attempts to speak out but gets silenced by both him and Henri, reasoning that its a family matter so outsiders shouldn't get involved. Masato steps in to accuse him of just trying to use family as an excuse to decide her future, but he yells out to Emiru that its her job to decide that. Family doesn't matter when it comes to what one truly wants or needs, and if one's heart is to be touched by another person then it must be given the freedom to decide for itself. Emiru is surprised by everyone's encouragement, and she finds her voice once more, then quickly taking Ruru's hand, she and the others run out of the Aisaki household.

Emiru leads Ruru to a secluded location and tries to speak honestly. But as this is going on, Emiru's grandfather angrily takes off, his overflowing prickly powerer allows Bicine to make a Mou-Oshimaida using their home. It goes after Emiru and Ruru but Cure Yell, Ange, and Etoile show up to defend them in order to give them time to talk. Emiru worries over burdening her but Ruru encourages her to speak openly, and Emiru confesses that she doesn't want Ruru to leave her. She asks her to stay with her, but Ruru gently explains that while it was Emiru who showed her love and passion for music, these things are non-existent in the future, so she must return to show everyone how wonderful these things are. She tells Emiru that this is her dream and promises to wait for her, and Emiru earnestly comes to accept this, allowing their Mirai Crystals to return. They transform into Cure Macherie and Amour and aid the trio in battle, working together to defeat the large octopus monster until they can use the Mother Heart to transform into their upgraded Cheerful Mode and purify it.

Emiru and Ruru go on to perform their concert before an audience. Masato comes by with his phone in an attempt to show their Grandfather, but he stubbornly refuses. Masato decides to let him be and hopes that he will one day come to be more acceptive.

After the performance, Ruru begins to cry, followed by Hana, Saaya, Emiru, and Homare. The girls embrace, deciding that for them to show everyone off with a smile, it's okay to cry for now.

That evening Henri is preparing for an upcoming show by practicing his jumps. But when he falters, he becomes frustrated and notices the Criasu Corp card Listol left him.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Emiru starts to act erratically and eventually loses her voice because of her heartbreak. The disconnect in her and Ruru's hearts causes their Mirai Crystals to disappear. However, they reappear after Ruru reassures Emiru that she'll be waiting for her in the future.
  • Emiru's grandfather Aisaki Baku appears for the first time.


  • An instrumental section of Big Love∞Infinite POWER is played during the battle against the Mou-Oshimaida and LOVE & LOVE is performed by Twin Love toward the end of the episode.
  • Emiru narrates the title, due to her importance in the episode.


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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第41話予告 「えみるの夢、ソウルがシャウトするのです!」

Episode 41 Preview

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