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One Yell For Another! This Is My Cheer! (エールの交換!これが私の応援だ! Ēru no Kōkan! Kore ga Watashi no Ōen da!?) is the 42nd episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 726th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Despite his injury worsening Henri wants to compete in an upcoming tournament. But after an accident causes him to break his leg, he begins to despair that his future has been ruined, leaving him more susceptible to the temptation to join Criasu. Can the Cures break him free?


With the upcoming ice skating tournament, Hana really wants to show Henri her full support and works on a costume design for him. But when he shows displeasure in it at school she becomes frustrated, although he reasons that it's because it looks difficult to use. But he doesn't think of it as a bad design at all. He teases her a little when a group of classmates show up with flowers for him, along with Masato, who came to make sure they weren't getting in the way of his preparation.

Homare struggles to focus as she skates on the ice, thinking of Harry and the promise she made with him. Henri notices this and attempts to encourage her, but Homare seems more concerned for him and brings up his altered routine again. Henri begins to feel discomfort but he tries to insist everything is fine, only to remark that this competition may be his last one because the surgeries can only help his ankle so much- which is why its so important that he stay in this one. He asks her not to interfere or try to discourage him.

Hana wants to encourage Henri to do his best but she isn't sure how to go about it, but to her surprise Charaleet shows up. He asks what has her so down, and she explains this dilema to him. Charaleet suggests that anything to show support is good enough, she could give him a fan letter or present, but just showing up with a cheer is also wonderful. He recalls the way she helped to purify him after being taken over by the prickly powerer and how her words of kindness remain with him. Hana becomes flustered by this, but she perks up realizing he's right.

At the skating rink Homare attempts to get in touch with Henri. She doesn't want to lie by not saying anything, but he won't respond to her calls. Henri refuses to listen to reason by this point. Unfortunately, his determination is brought to an abrupt end when an oncoming car collides with the one he is in.

Homare and Masato rush to the hospital to check on Henri and are shocked to discover how hurt he is. His left leg is broken and he's received some injuries. Henri is relieved to know that nobody else got hurt, but his attempts to keep a smile lead Homare and Masato to see how devastated he truly is over not being able to compete. They try to encourage him not to give up but he is led to believe it's pity and he asks that they leave.

Meanwhile, everyone else is waiting for the competition to begin. Henri's fangirls are worried because it's been said he hasn't shown up yet, which the girls find to be strange. Just then, Saaya finds an article reporting Henri's accident.

Seeing them cry causes Henri to feel worse as he thinks about the audience and how sad they must feel too. He wishes it didn't have to end this way as he wonders why he didn't seek treatement sooner, or why he didn't leave home earlier today and how he could have avoided this. The despair begins overtaking him and the Criasu Corp card floats through his window, where Listol reveals himself to have been hiding. He encourages Henri to join them to fight this painful future he has before him. He then takes Henri back to the skating rink to see how much despair this incident has caused, allowing it to fully manipulate him. Listol steals away all of the prickly powerer and encases Henri within it, then he summons a Mou-Oshimaida, giving Henri permission to control the monster. The girls transform into Pretty Cure and make an attempt to free Henri, but Listol insists that it was his choosing and Henri refuses to let them. Harry becomes frustrated and yells at Listol for doing this, but to his shock Listol doesn't appear to even know him.

Yell attempts to speak to Henri after Listol makes an assumption about them, admitting that she doesn't know how to respond. She just knows that she wanted to cheer him on more than anything, and she doesn't like to see him sad. She tries again to reach through to him but Henri attempts to keep her away, but as the Mirai Brace forms for each girl and they fight away the monster, he slowly begins to snap out of his despair. Yell cheers for him and tells him to listen to his heart and ask himself who it is he wants to be. Henri recalls how happy he made people skating as he grew up, and how much fun he had. He asks for one more chance to make others smile again, and with some help from the girls and the power of their Mirai Brace, he manages to break free from the despair surrounding him.

To everyone's surprise, Henri suddenly transforms and becomes Cure Infini. The girls are delighted, along with Masato and Harry. Henri beautifully skates around the ice and awakens everyone with this miracle he has created, and he uses a powerful blast of light with the Cure's strengthened Cheerful Mode to purify the Mou-Oshimaida.

Everything returns to normal and Henri falls to the ground. Masato is able to catch him and he begins to weep, but he encourages Henri to keep trying. Henri can see that Masato is well-meaning and cares about him, and after comforting him they return him to the hospital. Henri explains what encouraged his Cure name earlier, then he explains that he gave it to himself in order to have something he can live up to. So for now he's going to resume his search to decide what it is he wants, although it may take some time. His words seem to cause Saaya some concern, but he goes on to mention how Hana, Saaya, and Homare are Cure who relate to wings. Initially, Hana doesn't believe she fits in with the statement, but he expresses how important her cheers are to others and how it touches their hearts. Hana seems to perk up and realizes that he is right, and this is why she cheers for others. As the girls happily agree, Homare begins to wonder just who it is she wants to be.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Henri gets involved in a traffic accident and breaks his left leg, making him unable to compete in an upcoming competition.
  • As a result of this, he doubts his future, causing him to briefly become a member of the Criasu Corporation.
  • Thanks to the Mirai Brace and the Cures reminding him of his future, Henri breaks free and becomes Cure Infini for the first time.


  • In the opening, Henri is shown in the place of Bicine, referencing him briefly joining Criasu in the episode.


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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第42話予告 「エールの交換!これが私の応援だ!!」

Episode 42 Preview

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