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Shining Star of One's Love. Homare's Start. (輝く星の恋心。ほまれのスタート。 Kagayaku Hoshi no Koigokoro. Homare no Sutāto.?) is the 43rd episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 727th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Homare attempts to focus on the skating tournament but her feelings for Harry and the fact he will leave make it difficult, so she tries to avoid him. But with some encouragement she decides to confront him, will she be able to handle telling him everything?


At Beauty Harry the girls have been working on their support items for Homare. She is very touched by their support, but she becomes very flustered by Harry's teasing and runs off. This confuses everyone, leading Hana, Hugtan, Emiru, and Ruru to approach Papple and ask her if she would have any idea about what is going on. She quickly deduces Homare may be in love with Harry, with Ruru taking note of the subtle changes she picks up around her when he's around. This causes the girls to wonder if she'll be able to focus on skating.

Homare observes her MiraI Crystal when Saaya appears to offer her a shoulder. She considers Homare's attitude to be cute, but Homare stubbornly insists she doesn't love Harry. Saaya then goes on to admit how worried she's been over her lately, and asks if she plans on confessing to Harry. Homare insists that she can't since he has to leave, and she recalls the mysterious girl he was dancing with sometime back. To their alarm, Harry suddenly shows up to ask what they were chatting about, leading Saaya to quickly come up with an excuse to leave. Homare attempts to follow but Harry stops her, genuinely worried. He offers to get her some ice cream after she claims to feel pressured for the competition, leading Homare to tell him off and leave.

Meanwhile, Bicine is growing frustrated over being unable to happily be with Harry. He wants the pain to go away and is becoming desperate.

Hana also finds herself feeling troubled as she attempts to figure out how she can cheer on something such as love. She's alarmed when George suddenly appears, and she prepares to transform should she have to, but he doesn't make an effort to stop her. He compliments her unwavering dedication and the miracles it creates, but he warns her that despair can take them away just the same. He takes off with a familiar sounding comment and Hana is left wondering what his intention was.

Homare practices her skating but as she coninues to think about Harry she falters. Henri -who is now wheelchair bound- has come by for observation and he quickly comes to the conclusion everyone else had. He admits that he didn't expect it, but he encourages Homare that rather then focusing on pleasing everyone else she should be solely thinking about what it is she wants, and skate for herself since she loves it so much.

As evening begins to set Hana steps outside for some air, holding the handerchief George lent her the rainy day they bumped into each other. She recalls what he said as Ruru joins her out of concern, bringing up that she risks catching a cold. Hana agrees and returns inside. Meanwhile, Harry admires the starry sky from inside the shop and comes to an important decision, while a sleep-walking Emiru is encouraged to cheer for Homare.

Homare sits outside when her mom brings a jacket for her, and she quickly deduces that something is on her mind since she usually goes to bed early before important events. She can tell its related to love and she takes a seat with Homare, reasoning that it can be very difficult after Homare mentions it probably wont lead to anything. She says that although there was pain in her relationship with Homare's father and they seperated, she was met with a lot of treasures too, like Homare. Homare appears to feel better, which makes her very happy. She also tells her that if Homare feels pain, her friends will be there to make it go away.

On the day of the event, Emiru and Ruru prepare their support posters and signs for Homare, while Harry is very sleepy. Saaya, Hana, and Hugtan have gone back to visit Homare but Saaya believes it may be best to give her some peace. Homare tells them to cheer for her and promises to do her best, so its important they give her their support. She thanks them and heads off, and Ruru gets a call to bring Harry to another location. Homare heads there after observing her Miral Crystal and they reunite.

Harry is worried because Homare should be preparing, but he uses this time to apologize for teasing her, thinking this is why she was upset before. Homare proceeds to complain over how much they argue, and how he's just a lousy mouse who likes to tease her- but she's come to love him very much. Harry is caught off-guard by her sudden declaration, but Homare accesses that she knows he has to leave, which is why she had to tell him. She begins to cry as Harry explains that because of his own feelings he must sort out for someone, he isn't able to return hers and apologizes. While she is sad, Homare thanks him for being honest and she runs off to finish getting ready. Harry encourages her to do her best.

As Homare heads down a long corridor she finds the girls waiting for her, and she begins to cry again as she embraces Hana, assuring them that it didn't go well. However, she feels much better now, and she will go as far as she can to reach the stars. The girls return to the audience and meet with Harry to cheer for Homare, along with her friends and family. Homare happily realizes that because of her confession she feels at ease now, and she can focus again. Seeing Harry cheer the loudest for her makes her realize that being honest was worth it in the end, and she finishes her performance.

Everyone wildly cheers for her, but the joy is cut off when they take notice of a Mou-Oshimaida. The girls transform and Bicine confronts Harry once more as they fight the monster off. Bicine directly attacks Etoile and blames her for getting in the way, and he attempts to rub her rejection in her face- but Etoile couldn't care less. The girls encourage her, and Etoile informs him that more than anything, she wants the people she loves to have a bright future, so she will continue to support Harry even if his happiness isn't with her. The girls attack the monster and transform to purify it.

Returning to the competition, Homare reveals that she won first place.

As she gets home Saaya begins to overlook something and comes to a decision.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Homare confesses to Harry that she likes him but he turns her down.
  • Homare wins the gold in the ice skating tournament.


  • This episode reveals that Emiru is a sleepwalker.
  • Homare's character song, Once Again, To The Sky Ahead, plays while she is performing her ice skating routine.


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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第43話予告 「輝く星の恋心。ほまれのスタート。」

Episode 43 Preview

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