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On A Journey To My Finalised Dream! Saaya's Great Adventure! (夢と決断の旅へ!さあやの大冒険! Yume to Ketsudan no Tabi e! Saaya no Daibōken!?) is the 44th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 728th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Saaya has been giving her future serious thought while preparing for an upcoming performance with her mother. But when Listol interferes the girls find themselves transported to a fantasy world!


Saaya is called on set as the others come by to observe. Saaya has been cast as a princess and she will be acting with her mother for this, an apparently Hugtan will be participating too. Reira gets called to join them, and she wishes Saaya good luck. Just then, Listol appears and he uses a device to transport everyone into a strange, fantasy world like that of the story. Hana awakens to see she has been cast as a hero, while Emiru is a sorceress, Ruru a black cat -who quickly deduces that this is a VR spaced composited of everyone's feelings- and Homare a martial artist. After Hana realizes she's actually been cast as the Director, Reira reappears and suggests that they start filming, with Ruru confirming tha by finishing the story they should be able to escape.

With that they get started, with Reira picking up Hugtan and being thanked by Saaya. Saaya expresses how much she's come to respect the knight's strength, and how she wants to forge her own path. However, she gets interrupted by Ranze, who is unhappy with being a mere peasant. She challenges Saaya to a duel but she becomes distracted, leading Hana to call a break. Ranze becomes frustrated and calls her out for not being serious, along with her mother, who can tell her mind is elsewhere and believes the entertainment industry would likely dismiss their film with this kind of behavior. While Mana worries over their harshness Saaya achnowledges they had a point, and that she was being disrespectful. However, she's become awkward as of late due to her changing feelings. Before she can speak upon them though, a large, cutesy-looking dragon appears to be chasing Emiru and Ruru. The girls are forced to drop lunch and flee for their lives.

Daigan suddenly appears to lend a hand, but he gets run-over by the dragon. This seems to calm it enough for the girls to play with it though, so Saaya leads him to Doctor Maki, who has also been transported into this VR setting. She helps him out and Saaya feels better when he reminds her of how she purified him, leading Saaya to ask Maki if this has been her dream. Maki explains that originally her plans were to become a surgeon like her parents, but as a resident in study, she made rotations around the hospital and eventually realized how much she enjoyed the birthing-type doctoring best. Saaya admires her bravery to make a decision like that, but Maki insists that it was what her heart told her was right. When the time comes she will discover what it is she wants too. Saaya gives herself some encouragement and returns to filming, where everyone takes note of how much better she's doing. After Hana calls the scene, Saaya confesses to her mother that once they finish this, she will quit acting. These words shock Ranze and Reira, and while the others are worried they stay back to let her talk. She explains to Ranze that she's always liked acting, but she really wants to study medicine. Ranze suggests she do both, but Saaya doesn't believe this would help because she would only be putting half effort into both things, and that wouldn't be fair. Seeing her dedication to her newfound dream, Ranze happily declares Saaya her rival and she promises to become a world famous actress by the time she can call herself a doctor.

Saaya's princess gown becomes a blue variant of the medic outfit worn by Doctor Maki. Reira decides to support Saaya, but she asks that she still work hard for this film. Saaya agrees and Reira heads off, saddened as she thinks about Saaya's departure from their once shared dream. Listol quickly corners her and summons a Mou-Oshimaida from the prickly powerer surrounding her. The monster seals Hugtan within itself and Harry atempts to speak to him, to ask if this is truly what he wants. However, Listol refuses to talk, leading Etoile to come to his rescue. As they prepare to fight, Ange comes to the realization that inside this monster is still her mother, so she asks the girls for help reaching her, and she is transported within the realm inside it. She looks around to see images of her growing up, acting and bonding with her mom and she finds her mom holding Hugtan. She approaches her and begins to cry, along with Reira, who dearly wants to support Saaya but finds it hard, because of how proud she was of her wanting to follow in her footsteps. Saaya explains that up until now she was following her mother, but she saw a new world that she wants to heal through doctoring, the same way her mother can make so many smile through acting. They embrace and in a flash, Ange reappears with Hugtan. They transform to purify the Mou-Oshimaida.

Reira awakens as Listol takes off, and the VR machine explodes, transporting everyone back home. The filming resumes without a hitch, and Saaya and her mother are able to speak earnestly through ad-libbing that the Director approves of, with Reira giving Saaya encouragement. Afterwards, the group leave when Daigan recalls he's running late for a Christmas sale. He takes off, leading the girls to recall Christmas is coming up, but when Ruru asks what Christmas is, Hugtan suddenly spots something falling from the sky: Santa Claus.


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Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Saaya reveals to her mother that she wants to pursue a career in medicine as opposed to acting, which Reira has difficulty accepting at first, but decides to cheer her on after the two speak to each other.



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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第44話予告 「夢と決断の旅へ!さあやの大冒険!」

Episode 44 Preview

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