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HUGs For All! Merry Christmas☆ (みんなでHUGっと!メリークリスマス☆ Min'na de HUGtto! Merī Kurisumasu☆?) is the 45th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 729th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


It's Christmas and Santa has a cold! The Cures and Doctor Traum step in to lend a hand in delivering the presents, but with Gelos determined to defeat the Cures once and for all, will a Christmas miracle be enough to stop her?


The girls are surprised to see Santa appear before them. He appears to be troubled and he sneezes before announcing that Christmas may be canceled. They bring him to Beauty Harry and as Emiru shows Ruru what Christmas is, Santa explains that while tending to his sick reindeer he caught it's cold, and they both need to rest. The girls try to make suggestions but none of them will help him make a quick enough delivery. Suddenly Doctor Traum appears and he leads everyone outside to reveal the mecha reindeer and sleigh he prepared. The girls are delighted as he asks Santa to accept him as a "Santa-in-training". The girls decie to lend a hand in helping, with Hana activating the Mirai Pad to change their attire so that they can help design wrapping paper and wrap the presents.

As this is going on, Gelos attempts to convince George to help her with the answers she seeks. He insists that he can't, and she notes that she doesn't have much time left. Elsewhere, her once dedicated bodyguards -JinJin and Takumi- are selling Christmas cakes but with the cold weather, they worry over her health.

As she prepares a Christmas doll, Ruru is approached by Doctor Traum, who asks if there is anything she would like. She claims there isn't, but if there was, she wouldn't tell him anyway. Traum is hurt by his and he steps outside to find Homare and Harry chatting about the holiday turn of events. They admire his hardwork and efforts, but he confesses that Ruru is why. More than anything he wants to see her smile; unaware that Ruru and Emiru are nearby and can hear them.

Saaya is approache by her mom back at home with an early gift, a lovely pen that she used to use for work. She is sure Saaya will be able to handle doctoring, especially because of her experience as a young actress used to putting herself into other roles. She is also sure she will be a doctor that the patients can become close to.

Saaya returns in the evening to put the glowing red nose on the mecha reindeer, while Emiru, Hana, and Hugtan have changed into Santa clothing to lend a hand on the sleigh. Traum notices that Ruru isn't there, but the girls refuse to tell him what she's up to right now. Ruru is revealed to be back at the Nono household, being taught by Hana's mother how to make curry.

With that the foursome take off, with the addresses they need having been put into the Mirai Pad. The ride is a bit rough but they quickly get to work in delivering presents.

To her disappointment, Ruru fails to make the curry taste well. She doesn't understand why though, since she followed directions precisely. But this leads the family to tell her that like Mrs. Nono she might just need to make the recipe her own when something goes wrong to find the right taste.

Emiru is surprised when their next delivery leads them to Papple, Charaleet, and Daigan. Then they find a distraught child and Hana steps inside with Hugtan to raise her spirits. It turns out that the little girls parents are too busy to spend Christmas with her and she feels very lonely. She calms the little girl and compliments her efforts to help her get back to sleep and Emiru brings in her gift.

As Ruru is taking the Nono's advice, the girls, Santa, and Traum continue to fly around to observe the overflowing Asu-power. Morning eventually arrives and everyone delightfully opens their presents and gets the Christmas party ready. But to their shock Gelos arrives to reveal an invention Traum was working on, and she attempts to attack Ruru when he suddenly dives before her to take the hit, causing him to freeze on the spot. They watch in horror as she proceeds to ingest the prickly powerer within the device, causing her to transform into a Mou-Oshimaida. The girls quickly transform into Pretty Cure and outside they do battle with Gelos, who angrily attacks them while declaring her hatred towards babies and the young. The girls attempt to reason with her but she won't listen, young girls like them can't understand how she feels, and if things must be this way then she doesn't want the future.

Just then, Takumi and JinJin arrive and the trio shield them from her attack as she accuses them of abandoning her. They try to tell her this isn't the truth but she refuses to listen until they tell her that it was her smile that they loved. They still care for Gelos, and they can grow old with her together. Gelos begins to cry as they embrace her, allowing the girls to transform and purify her.

The party resumes as the guest begin to arrive. Emiru and Ruru perform on stage while the trio see Santa off, and to their surprise, Henri and Masato show up to join them.

As it snows outside, Gelos walks alone until Takumi and JinJin show up with an umbrella and some cake for her. She agrees on celebrating the holiday and they head home as Santa flies overhead.

Ruru reveals the curry she made for Traum, and she explains how through this enjoyment they an come together. She wishes him a Merry Christmas and it makes him very happy that she is finally acceptive of him. He offers her a mecha doll as a present, but she refuses it as she doesn't need it. She embraces him and he decides to accept that and her meal, and soon everyone comes together for a group picture.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Gelos absorbs the Prickly Powerer within the time-freezing device and becomes an Oshimaida, but is purified thanks to the Cures.



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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第45話予告 「みんなでHUGっと!メリークリスマス☆」

Episode 45 Preview

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