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Kurai, Appears Again! The Ideal Flower That Blooms Eternally (クライ、ふたたび!永遠に咲く理想のはな Kurai, Futatabi! Eien ni Saku Risō no Hana?) is the 46th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 730th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


As the girls celebrate the New Years, George decides to put his grand scheme into motion and the future once and for all.


Hana dons a wedding dress and sees she is surrounded by beautiful paintings depicting the beauty of hope and the smiles it brought. She gets approached by George and he begins to weep as she smiles, and she asks him about this, leading him to comment that over time these moments fade and they become forgotten, overrun by despair. If only they could make the happier memories remain forever.

Hana awakens around 7:00 am to see she has been crying. She doesn't understand why though.

George cries as Bicine wakes him up to inform him of the recent shift in Asu-power. Because of how much Pretty Cure was able to bring to their city, it seems to have had a big impact on Criasu Corp, and at this rate time will resume moving. He gets up to approach his large, now whitened canvas as Bicine asks him about Listol.

Everyone has changed into their New Years clothing and they enjoy mochi and play with spinning tops. Tanpopo also brings over some special roasted mochi she prepared, while Papple, Daigan, and Charaleet pound rice for fresh mochi for business. Hana and the others arrive to celebrate with everyone and she's overflowing with excitement. The future looks so bright and full of many fun adventures to come, she can't wait.

Bicine has been worried over Listol, who can only look on having been devoid of a heart for some time. He asks him if its worth stopping the future to make the pain go away.

At the Nono Household, the family -joined by Traum and Papple's company- sit down for Osechi beneath the futon. However, when it turns out they ran out of soy sauce, Hana offers to get some in town. Ruru offers to go with her but she assures her its fine, since she was going to meet up with Saaya and Homare anyway, and she wanted to get tickets for Hinase's concert. She admires the snow and runs inside, almost missing the elevator as someone boards it. But to her alarm she discovers George is inside, with some flowers for her. Hana refuses to accept them and tells him for wanting to make others suffer, but he tells her that the ones who stopped time were the ones from it, not he. Their progress continued as they evolved, but because they weren't able to keep up the prickly powerer became too much and spread through the word.

Ruru tucks a content Traum down for some rest, and while he is very happy to have this warmth returned to him, he becomes concerned as Ruru asks about George.

Hana is dismayed as she observes the desolate and broken future surrounding her. She doesn't understand, because she was led to believe it was George who caused it to happen and defeated Pretty Cure- but he tells her that they struggled to save those foolish people, while he chose to end their suffering. No matter how hard they worked the future continued to evolve and their struggle was meaningless.

As Saaya and Homare attempt to locate Hana using the Mirai Pad, they take note that she appears to be nearby but are unable to see her. George asks Hana about her happiness and expresses that he wants to save everyone before they can fall to ruin again. Hana insists that hope will always remain, and he comments that he wasn't expecting them to purify the Criasu Corp employees. However, evil always remains in ones heart. These words cause Hana to feel weakened as she recalls her rough past, when she was isolated at her old school. But she refuses to let that control who she is today, and who she wants to become, because she's a Pretty Cure and she fights to protect everyone. Just then, the elevator returns to the ground floor and opens, allowing Homare and Saaya to come to her defense. George picks up his flowers and decides to leave, and Hana loses conciousness.

Evening approaches and she's taken back to Beauty Harry, where everyone has gotten together to make sure she wasn't harmed. Hana assures them she's fine, but seeing how sad he was caused her great concern. She knows what she wants to protect and she hopes these things will continue as they grow older. The others agree, and with that Homare suggests they have a sleepover. The others agree and they return hom to ask for permission.

The following morning, everything continues as normal. The girls wake up to admire the early morning along with the citizens of the town to get up before sun rise. The girls head out to watch the performance by Hinase and the rest of band- but everyone's joy is cut short when George decides to freeze all time and the Criasu Corp building is brought down, blasting the entire town. Everyone is frozen with the exception of Pretty Cure, and they run outside to the building while observing everything surrounding them, frozen in time. They confront George, who tells them its futile to fight, but the girls refuse to give up, with their Asu-power overflowing and giving them the confidence to keep fighting. George refuses to back down though, summoning several Mou-Oshimaida to fight. The girls transform into Cure Yell, Ange, Etoile, Macherie, and Amour, but regardless of how much battle they do the monsters keep coming, with George strengthening them. He reasons that with Asu-power, there will always be prickly powerer to overcome it, but Yell tells him that her desire to celebrate with everyone and the Asu-power's indestructible courage will always remain.

Just then the Mirai Pad begins to glow, and the girls use this moment to transform into Cheerful Mode in an attempt to purify the monsters. However, George decides to show them reality by transforming Criasu Corp into a large monsterous being. It reaches out for Hugtan and transports her away before Yell can reach her, and George takes off to leave the girls to fight the monster. Yell is injured but she refuses to give up as Bicine and Listol appear to ensure the girls are unable to get passed them.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • George sends the Criasu Corporation's building down on the city and freezes time.
  • Hugtan gets kidnapped by a monster that George summoned.



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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第46話予告 「クライ、ふたたび!永遠に咲く理想のはな」

Episode 46 Preview

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