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The Final Battle! Take Back Everyone's Tomorrow! (最終決戦!みんなの明日を取り戻す! Saishū Kessen! Min'na no Ashita wo Torimodosu!?) is the 47th episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 731st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The Cures have to face off against Listol and Bicine before fighting George. With the help of the ex-Criasu members and Harry, will they be able to defeat them and make it to George?


Bicine and Listol attack the Cures and swiftly manage to overtake them. Listol summon several Mou-Oshimaida, but to the Cures surprise, Papple, Daigan, and Charaleet show up to lend them a hand. Listol tells them off for interfering but this fails to waver their decision to get involved. This bravery inspires the Cures to keep fighting and soon Doctor Traum shows up to help too. As they do battle the group attempt to convince the angry Bicine and Listol that violence isn't the way, and that they can still hope for tomorrow, but this does nothing.

Doctor Traum's robot is defeated, but he refuses to stop the battle. However, this leaves him and the other ex-Criasu members worn out and defenceless. To their alarm, Harry appears to tae the hit, then he removes his restricting chain to transform into his monster form. He attempts to speak to Listol and Bicine, reminding them of their past as a family and how the things in the past cant be erased- but they can keep going for a brighter future. Listol begins to weep as he thinks about their bond and Harry returns to normal with him having calmed down, but Bicine is still angry and feels betrayed by Listol, allowing himself to transform into a Mou-Oshimaida. He takes Listol hostage and chews him and Harry off, but he becomes confused when Listol refuses to beg for his life. He apologizes to Bicine for being a useless brother figure for him, unable to bear the pain he felt this entire time and leaving him alone to suffer. Etoile approaches him as he begins to cry, and the girls transform into Cheerful Mode to purify him once and for all.

In their hamster forms, Harry and Listol embrace Bicine. The girls come together again as several more Mou-Oshimaida appear. The ex-Criasu corp members offer to stay behind and fight them off, but the girls don't know how to get to the large monster since he's so far away. To everyone's surprise, Gelos and her bodyguards appear to help, driving them through the water so that they can get into the now living building. The girls go through a portal and discover Hugtan within a sphere, but before she can get her, George appears and reclaims the sphere. He then summons a cage around Yell, and with his booklet he attempts to convince the girls that their struggle is useless and attempts to freeze them. But when they break free, he uses vines to grab them and surround them with prickly powerer. He hurts the girls by repeatedly zapping them with lightning as he shows an image of the others laying in defeat outside of the building. Yell begins to consider his words and agrees that time can stop, but the girls prevent Yell from agreeing with such a bleak outcome as stopping time, and they manage to free themselves. Despite the pain they put themselves through the Cures keep fighting to try to free Yell, and seeing their dedication to never give up restores her own light, freeing her fro mthe cage after Amour and Macherie break through the barrier George put up before himself.

Seeing the girls so weak, George uses this moment to send the others away. He then transforms the location so that he, Yell, and Hugtan are in a large flower field.


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Episode Preview


HUGっと!プリキュア 第47話予告 「最終決戦!みんなの明日を取り戻す!」

Episode 47 Preview

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