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Embrace The Sparkling Future (輝く未来を抱きしめて Kagayaku Mirai wo Dakishimete?) is the 49th and the final episode of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and is the 733rd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Time has moved on for the Pretty Cure who had protected the future. Peaceful days are back, but farewells are right around the corner for Hugtan and the rest. And so, the future...


Hana has trim her bangs as Harry and Hugtan arrive for breakfast with the Nono family. Everyone is in high spirits and things seem to carry on as usual as they head to school and take time to relax and enjoy the lovely weather. As this is going on everyone is preparing to return to the future, with Listol and Bicine teasing Doctor Traum while he works on a train mech. He remarks that they have one day left there until they head home.

In silence the girls sit in the empty Beauty Harry, and they decide to make the most of their time together the following day. They go shopping, eat takoyaki, perform on stage, and many other fun activities, but along the way they spot a strange pen-looking object on the ground. Just then, Doctor Traum announces that he's finished; only for a young man to grumpily complain about school work and cause it to transform into a monster from his overwhelming prickly powerer. Everyone retreats and they locate the girls, who transform into Cure Yell, Ange, Etoile, Macherie, and Amour to do battle. Everyone in town cheers them on as they battle the large monster frog; among them is a young girl with pink hair. She feels encouraged to lend them a hand, and when Hugtan attempts to retrieve the strange pen they found, the girl appears to defend her and Yell from attack, now transformed into a Pretty Cure.

Everyone is surprised by the mysterious girl and she introduces herself as Cure Star. Yell thanks her for lending a hand and the girls quickly transform to purify the Mou-Oshimaida. With everyone back to normal, the girl thanks Hugtan and goes to take the pen-like object, which begins to glow and forms an image of Hugtan on it. Suddenly, the girl spots a kappa go by and she excitedly gives chase. Hana hopes that someday they can meet her again.

Returning to where Beauty Harry was, the shop is transformed into a small model and put into Harry's bag. Everyone meets up at the location of Traum's train and they prepare to say farewell. The ex-Criasu members step onto the train and after Ruru comforts Emiru when she begins to cry, and they share an embrace. They share a final laugh as Harry comes to collect Hugtan, and he picks her up. He explains that they will be returning to the future now and Hugtan suggests they all go, causing everyone to become sad again. They try their hardest to smile and watch at Harry, Hugtan, and Ruru step aboard the train. Hugtan keeps asking about Hana and they begin to cry, but they see them off with a smile as magic forms a train track for the mech to deapart. The girls attempt to keep up with the train as Hugtan begins to cry, and Hana assures her that they'll see each other again one day, telling her to stay healthy. Hana tries to keep up with the train, and as they take each others hands she recalls meeting Hugtan for the first time. The train is lifted into the air and Hana cries as it and the tracks disappear in the distance.

Years pass, and by now everyone has been working on their long-time dreams. Hana's classmates have become television comedians, Hinase is a mucisian and Fumito has a good job, complaining about the president of his company; as young Gelos and Charaleet walk by. As JinJin and Takumi catch up. Gelos brings up her desire to start up a company like AA and they begin to wonder what its president is like. Just then Hana appears in the office, where she complains when her flashy introduction fails to land with her employees. She cheers for them to do their best in helping others achieve their dreams when an irate Fumito comes in. He's become her secretary and he told her to take time off but she didn't listen. Just as Hana tries to explain herself, she feels heavy pain in her stomach, revealing she's pregnant.

At the baby birthing center Saaya is on the phone speaking to someone about Hana's arrival. She is very happy as Daigan appears to assure her that everything will be ready.

As this is going on, a long-haired Homare is making her way to the hospital when she bumps into Papple. She apologizes and explains what happened and Papple comments on the joyous occasion.

Elsewhere, Doctor Traum apologizes for interupting Emiru while she was busy with work. He's been waiting for this moment, as has she, and a machine opens up to reveal a child Ruru, an android whose heart and body can grow. Ruru doesn't recognize Emiru as she begins to cry and embraces her, but Emiru is very happy. Just then she turns to find the guitar she and Ruru would play, and she picks it up to play it while she sings to Ruru. To their surprise, Ruru seems to know the words, and she begins to sing with her.

At the hospital, Homare arrives in time to give Hana support, showing her the gold ribbon she won. With her best friends by her side, Hana feels encouraged enough to keep pushing. As she wonders if she could become the person she wanted to be in the past, Kotori is shown to have grown up to become a cheerleading coach, Henri is a designer focusing on skating attire with Masato still by his side, Ranze has become a famous actress, and Hana's grandmother still runs her shop with her friend helping her. Mogumogu has grown older with his feline friend and they hang out with Harry, Listol, and a baby Bicine.

Hana's parents arrive to the hospital, along with her husband as she gives the final push. On a nearby building, Harry sits with Cure Tomorrow as she hears herself crying out in the distance.

Hana begins to cry as the girls congratulate her for doing so well. She presses her daughters nose and announes her name will be Hagumi; who she has nicknamed Hugtan.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Harry, Hugtan, Ruru, Papple, Charaleet, Daigan, and Doctor Traum return to the future after they bid their farewells to the other Cures.
  • The Cures' futures are seen during the second half of the episode, which takes place 11 years into the future.
  • Hana gives birth to a daughter she names Hagumi.
  • Hoshina Hikaru from Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure makes a cameo appearance. Her mascot, Fuwa, also makes an appearance during the baton pass message along with her.


  • The fourth and final teaser trailer for Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure is shown.
  • This episode marks the end of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and marks Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure to take its initial time slot.
  • The opening for the episode is not shown, but the opening song We can!! HUGtto! Pretty Cure plays during the second half of the episode where Hana gives birth.
  • Per tradition, there is a baton pass message between the outgoing and incoming lead Cures.
  • Friends With You is also played during the scene where Emiru visits young Ruru.
  • Future Hana references HUGtto! Future✩Dreamer when she first appears, saying Super hardworking director Yes! (超テンション社長Yes! Chō tenshon shachō Yes!?).


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HUGっと!プリキュア 第49話予告 「輝く未来を抱きしめて」

Episode Finale Preview



Baton Pass with Cure Yell & Cure Star

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