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Hyuuga Saki (日向 咲?) is one of the two main Cures in Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star.

Saki's alter egos are Cure Bloom (キュアブルーム?) and Cure Bright (キュアブライト?), and she is known as the Pretty Cure of Flowers or Moon. Her catchphrase is "I'm in top form!" (絶好調なり!?).

Her Pretty Cure partner is Cure Egret or Cure Windy.



Saki has tanned skin and shoulder length auburn hair with her bangs worn back with a few clips. Her eyes are orange and she has noticeably thick eyebrows. Saki normally wears a pink-striped shirt with a yellow jacket, a crimson skirt, and pink sneakers. During the summer, she wears a yellow T-Shirt with a pink cat and blue heart design, blue shorts and white-pink flip-flops. For softball practice, Saki normally wears a white slugger shirt worn over a red long-sleeved shirt with Y.J.H. printed on it.

As Cure Bloom, Saki's hair becomes orange and grows in length flaring out on the top and bottom, worn with a yellow headband that has a hot pink gem heart. She gains gold heart earrings. She wears a fuchsia dress with purple navel and shorts. The top resembles a blouse with white lining and collar, and pale yellow frills lining the sleeves. At the center is a gold curved heart on a red ribbon, and pale green lace covers the collarbone. The skirt resembles a flower with white and pale yellow layers on each side, a yellow belt with a purple gem on each side, and a fuchsia and white heart in the middle. She gains mauve finger-less gloves and boots with pale pink sole and a pair of ruffled fuchsia leg warmers accented by white and pale yellow details to match her sleeves, along with hot pink gem details.

As Cure Bright, her dress turns pale yellow and gains green lining and detail, the collarbone fabric is now dark pink. Her ribbon turns yellow and the heart is hot pink. Her sleeves change shape and have a trim of white points, while her skirt grows out in length with an individual ruffled chiffon layer beneath it. Her shorts are dark pink and she gains pink finger-less gloves beneath her pale yellow and white sleeves, the gem on them now fuchsia. Her belt is dark pink with a yellow sphere that has a small pink heart on the corner. Her leggings resemble her top with a yellow sphere and heart attached to a dark pink strap inches from the top. Her boots turn gold.

As Cure Rainbow Brighty Bloom, her hair brightens and grows out. Her outfit contains various elements from both her Cure Bloom and Cure Bright forms and she gains small gold wings.


Saki is a cheerful athletic girl and a member of Yuunagi Middle School's girls' softball team. Her family runs the PANPAKA Pan Bakery. She is very energetic and optimistic girl whose hopeful nature often inspires or encourages others. She is bored easily on subjects she isn't interested in. She is selfless and kind but has a short temper at times. While she is good at baking delicious bread, she seems to struggle with making other things.


Mishou Mai is Saki's closest friend. They seem to have met five years prior to the series but didn't really get the chance to talk. As Splash Star begins they become best friends rather quickly and grow closer by helping Flappy and Choppy.

Flappy is Saki's fairy partner. Although they sometimes argue, they still care for each other and Saki is always there to protect and aid Flappy.

Hyuuga Minori is Saki's little sister who she shares a bedroom with. They usually do not bicker or argue and usually get along, but sometimes Minori can be mischievous with or around Saki. Saki can be stern with her if she feels it's necessary, which can cause hurt feelings at their worst. However, Saki still loves her little sister very much and continues their sisterly relationship.

Mishou Kazuya is Mai's older brother, who Saki becomes immediately infatuated with upon their first meeting when she was late for school. She often blushes in front of him. He seems to like her, but as nothing more then his little sister's friend.

Hoshino Kenta is Saki's oldest close friend, they grew up together and have a good relationship. They usually joke and taunt each other. Though Kenta seems to have a short fuse with Saki, he also has a crush on her that she doesn't notice.

Hino Akane - Akane as Cure Sunny appears to be interacting with Bloom as seen here in the pre-credits image of Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 2: Kokoro no Tomodachi.


Hyuuga (日向?): Hyuu (?) translates to sun, and ga (?) translates to facing; toward. The two kanji can also mean sunny place or in the sun when used in normal speech rather than as a surname, in which case they are pronounced hinata. This could be a reference to Saki being compared to a sunflower many times throughout the season, and also in relation to brightness, which is represented by her Cure Bright persona.

Saki (?): Comes from the verb saku (咲く?), meaning for a flower to smile, or to bloom, referring to her alter ego Cure Bloom and her flower-based powers.[1]

Her name means "sun facing toward to bloom."


Reuniting and becoming a Pretty Cure

In episode 1, while Saki was eating her ice cream wafer, Mai showed up suddenly at the Sky Tree. The girls felt as though they had met before when Flappy and Choppy suddenly fell from the sky and confirmed their thoughts. But before they could go further, Minori showed up, so Saki was forced to leave. She returned later to see Mai still there, and it was then that the girls were shown how they met in the past before being attacked. Vowing to protect Flappy and Choppy, they became Cure Bloom and Cure Egret, the new Pretty Cures.

Cure Bloom

"The shining golden flower, Cure Bloom!"
Kagayaku kin no hana, Kyua Burūmu!

Cure Bloom

Cure Bloom (キュアブルーム Kyua Burūmu?) is Saki's alter ego, blessed with the power of the earth. In order to transform, she and Mai need their fairy partners Flappy and Choppy who turns into Mix Communes. Like the previous seasons, they need to hold hands to transform and launch a group attack.

Cure Bloom can engage in physical combat, set up energy shields, fly freely using spiritual power, and is protected by a passive force field. Cure Bloom runs on the ground more often due to her abilities pertaining to the earth. Her spiritual powers take the form of solar light, and Cure Bloom exhibits a golden aura. Cure Bloom bears the Flower symbol from Flappy on the back of her gloves. These symbols are always used for launching a group attack and retained when they attain their second form.

As shown from one of the movies, Cure Bloom's image attack is the Bloom Shield.

Cure Bright

"The full moon in the sky, Cure Bright!"
Tenkū ni michiru tsuki, Kyua Buraito!

Cure Bright

Cure Bright (キュアブライト?) is Cure Bloom's alternative form that she obtains halfway through the series. She gets her spiritual power from the moon, which is collected by Moop and used by Flappy. Cure Bright has a yellow and green outfit. Cure Bright's outfit coloring scheme is significantly different from Cure Bloom's, but the design is quite similar. Saki and Mai arrive at the Dark Fall to rescue Flappy and Choppy, only to find them seriously injured. The spirits Moop and Foop heal them, upgrading them from the Mix Commune Set to the Crystal Commune Set and allowing Saki to become Cure Bright.

Flappy and Choppy still retain their ability to collect spiritual power from the earth and the sky after this upgrade, so the girls can freely choose and switch between the two forms. Their two forms look different and bear different Cure titles, but they are actually two different representations of the same transformation, and the girls can only access two of the four powers available to them in either form. Saki fights more frequently as Cure Bright in the later half of the show, and fights as Cure Bright for three of the four episodes for the final battle.

Cure Rainbow Brighty Bloom

Cure Rainbow Brighty Bloom

Cure Rainbow Brighty Bloom (キュアレインボーブライティブルーム?) is an upgrade Saki gains in Pretty Cure All Stars DX 2: Kibou no Hikari - Rainbow Jewel o Mamore!, which is a combined form of Cure Bloom and Cure Bright. Together with the others' upgrades, the group of seventeen girls form the group Cure Rainbow. [2]



Saki's voice actor, Kimoto Orie, has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include duets with Enomoto Atsuko, who voices Mishou Mai.

Group Songs



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