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Ichigozaka (いちご坂 Ichigozaka?) is the primary setting in KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode, and the town all of the Cures live in. Ichigozaka is a town located quite close to Ichigoyama, a mountain where the fairies live. Ichigozaka also used to be the home of the legendary pa­tis­si­è­re Cure Lumière.


About 100 years ago, a mysterious man appeared in Ichigozaka, whose name was Noir. Since he was unable to create sweets that contained the power of Kirakiraru, Noir unleashed the power of darkness inside his heart all over the place. However, Lumiere, who possessed Pretty Cure powers stood up against Noir and used the power of Kirakiraru to fight off his evil energy, which turned Ichigozaka into a place of darkness.

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