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Ichijo Ranko
一条らんこ Ichijō Ranko
Img ranko
SeasonGo! Princess Pretty Cure
Eye ColorLight brown
Hair ColorLight orange
Home PlaceYumegahama
First AppearanceGPPC12
Japanese Voice ActorYahagi Sayuri

Ichijo Ranko (一条らんこ Ichijō Ranko?) is a minor character in Go! Princess Pretty Cure, a third year student at Noble Academy and is Kirara's spoiled rival. She works as a reporter for the television programme "Sunday GoGo".


Ranko is a cute girl who is older than the girls, but looks much younger. She has long orange hair worn in curled pigtails held by fuchsia bows, straight cut bangs split down the middle, and short forelocks. Her eyes are light brown. 

Besides her uniform, she often wears a white blouse with crimped fabric on her chest and scalloped cuffs. Over this is a pink dress with mauve lining the bottom of the skirt and two buttons on the frilly chest and shoulder section. A frilly white petticoat sticks out under her skirt. She wears dark cherry baby doll shoes with a darker sole and bow on the ankle, paired with frilly white socks.


Ranko is known for being a cute and innocent-looking type until she gets angered or when she goes after something she wants. She can be nasty and a big sore loser, and despises Kirara due to her large popularity. Despite this, she later overcomes her rivalry and befriends Kirara.



Amanogawa Kirara - Ranko dismisses Kirara as an underclassman and views Kirara as her rival, so she always tries to steal Kirara's spotlight. But she later puts down her grudge and befriends Kirara.


  • She shares the same surname with Ichijo Kazuki, a minor character from Fresh Pretty Cure!.
  • Kaido Minami is the only person who has never miscalled her name.
  • Her mascot (which she made a costume out of it) is called "Brave Donut" Rūtodōnatsu-kun (根性ドーナツくん?).
  • Shut once mistook her as a comedian because of her childishness and immaturity that made her dream about being a reporter ridiculous.


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