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Ichijou Ranze (一条蘭世?) is a minor character from HUGtto! Pretty Cure. Ranze is a junior actress, who considers Saaya as her rival.

In the last episode, she as a grownup finally achieves her dream career of becoming a successful actress.



Ranze has sharp orange eyes and shoulder-length, thick wavy hair framing her face. Her bangs are entirely pulled back and held by a green headband.

Normally, she wears attire similiar to a school uniform; a white top with a pale chiffon blazer over it that has pink buttons and collar, a light pink pleat skirt, dark grey tights, and black loafers.


Ranze is well known for her snobbery and self-pride. She usually disregards Saaya and desires to one up her, believing herself to be a better replacement.


During their childhood, Ranze and Saaya starred in a vegetable commercial. While Saaya played the vegetable girl, Ranze was given the role of the leek girl. Since then, Ranze had considered Saaya as her rival and had started to dislike leeks.

Ranze first debuts in episode 7, where she declares Saaya as her rival. During an audition, Ranze attempts to make her nervous by telling everyone else in the room that Saaya is the daughter of Yakushiji Reira, a famous actress, but Hana and Homare, disguised as flight attendants, crash the audition to wish her good luck, causing Ranze's plan to backfire. Continuing to be jealous of Saaya during the audition, she is turned into an Oshimaida by the then-Criasu Corporation member Ruru, though she is saved by the Cures. She is later chosen to be the demon instead of the angel, much to her dismay.


  • Yakushiji Saaya - Ranze has known Saaya since her childhood. She considers herself as Saaya's rival.




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