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Ingami Akira (稲上 晃?) (December 23, 1963-) is a Japanese animator and character designer born in Osaka prefecture.


After graduating from Osaka University of the Arts, he joined Toei Animation in 1986 as a second apprentice. After participating in the collaborative work Muppet Babies with Jim Henson from the United States, he takes the original image of Saint Seiya Evil God Ellis for the first time. He was in charge of character design for the first time in the OVA Red Mailbox on the Toge released in 1990, and later he participated as a main animator in series such as Dragon Ball. After that, he was in charge of character design for Dream Crayon Kingdom, Futari wa Pretty Cure, and Negobozu Asataro, and participated as an animation director for Ojamajo Doremi, Tomorrow's Nadja, and the Pretty Cure franchise.


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