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Infinity Silhouette (無限シルエット Mugen Shiruetto?) is the fusion and final upgrade that all the Cures unlock in Heartcatch Pretty Cure! by combining their hearts and powers as one while defeating Dune.


When everyone lends their power to the Heartcatch Mirage, the Pretty Cures undergo a transformation called Infinity Silhouette. A giant seed or egg-like shell forms around all the Cures and then it cracks. They become a giant woman, much like in the Heartcatch Orchestra. When the giant Pretty Cure opens her eyes, you can see many stars of the universe shining within. She has an invisible shield which can block any attack. This form lets her use her signature move, much like in the Heartcatch Orchestra, Straight Punch.


Infinity Silhouette resembles Cure Blossom, with very long flowing pale pink hair worn in low pigtails that curl on the end, held with pale pink cherry blossoms. She has large dark purple eyes and has a glowing figure, revealing small details of her attire. She wears a short white dress with long white gloves and boots, along with a glowing, flowing cape with a pink and gold heart pinned to the side, surrounded by cherry blossom petals.

Transformation Phrase


宇宙に咲く大輪の花、無限の力と無限の愛を持つ、星の瞳のプリキュア。 ハートキャッチプリキュア無限シルエット!


Uchū ni saku tairin no hana, mugen no chikara to mugen no ai wo motsu, hoshi no hitomi no Purikyua. Hātokyacchi Purikyua, Mugen Shiruetto!


"The grand flower that blossoms throughout the universe! Infinite power... Infinite love... the starry-eyed Pretty Cure... Heartcatch Pretty Cure, Infinity Silhouette!


In space, the four Pretty Cures fuse together into Infinity Silhouette to vanish Dune's hatred and give him love. Dune tries to attack her, but he cannot reach this new Pretty Cure. Then, she strikes back with her Straight Punch, hitting Dune's chest which purifies his heart. After, Dune vanishes, Infinity Silhouette sheds tears for him.

After she split into the four original girls, Hanasaki Tsubomi dreams to go to space again and dreams to become an astronaut, due to her experience as Infinity Silhouette.


  • In order to become Infinity Silhouette, the four Pretty Cures of Heartcatch Pretty Cure! fuse their powers, which results into them becoming one.
  • Infinity Silhouette is probably the largest and strongest Pretty Cure tranformation to be known. Unlike the other Pretty Cures, Infinity Silhouette has the power to defeat the main antagonist with a single fist punch.
  • In the manga of Heartcatch Pretty Cure!, Cure Blossom herself becomes Infinity Silhouette after getting power from other 3 Pretty Cures instead of fusing with others.


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